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My life....Category: (general)
Thursday, 22 January 2009
09:40:55 AM (GMT)
my life has been verry simple and kinda boring, but here it go's.

let's start from a baby.... 
well for most of my infant life my real father was not around 
except for the weakends when he wanted to take me and my older sister finshing
or to see my gran ma.  me my mom and my older sister lived with my grand parent's.
then when I was about 7 my mom met my
step dad (Hank) , they fell in love or something like that and he moved in at my
grand parent's. well about a year after that they decided that they wanted to have a
place of there owan so we all could start are live's we soon packed up
are stuff and started
making arangment's to move. well shortly after they fond a little trailer  that they
where abel to aford, it was not in the greatest area or aney of that, but it was a
place to call are owan, soon after we started moving are stuff into are new (home) we
where finaly moved in then a few days after it was valentine's day... that morning my
mother woke me and my older sister up with tears in her eye's... my grand mother had
passed away in her sleep early that morning, we all got in to the car and wean't over
to my grandparent's old house...I could not understand why my mom was  crying at the
time so I fell asleep on the way there. when my mother woke me up she was still cring
I got out of the car and my hole family was out side huging ecather and crying... I
had never seen my uncel's or ant's cry befor that day... and it scared me... soon
after I wean't in the house where some one had mistakenly left the bedroom door open
and there she was looking so tired and old... dead I did not no at the time, so I
tried to go in the room but my ant's quickly pulled me buy my arm away from the door
and told me..... grandma is dead she's not coming back.... but she is in a better
place now she is happy. soon the herse came to take her to the funeral home.... away.
after that I started to cry I still did not understand at the time why they had to
take her away. shortly after moving in to the trailer I made some new friend's, one
was nicky my first boy friends (turned out to be gay) and best friend's.another was
mickel... another one of my first boy friend's and best friend's. I was a bit of a
tom girl in my younger years.pony tail's, overal's and all. I wean't to forest hills
elemantary, then shaw, then I attended Van Buren middel school or VB. I had not
failed agrade since Kindagarden and first grade deu to my learning disability. school
wean't buy verry quickly in my younger day's. I was in cross garde and bus patrole. I
lived in the trailor for 8 1/2 year's. then in 6th grade I came out of my shaile. I
confesed  I had alwase liked girl's but soon learned that I was Bi. alot of people
accused of being Gothick, punk, emo and a hold buntch of other crap just becaus of
the fact that I weare black and my hair was bied black. then about haf way throu the
school year I meat Anthony. I was 13 at the time and he was 14, I had never had a
real crush like that before and I fell for him hard and fast!!!!. when one day I
finaly worked up the nerve to ask him (and a hole bunch of other scelect friend's)to
walk home with me... (yea I know it should have been the other way around). and he
said yes, so me Anthony my older sister Amanda and  boy friend Dj and these two
spanish people brother and sister I cant rember there name started walking... after
everyone was gone except for us (my sis her bf Dj me and anthony) we headed to my
house.... on the way there Anthony asked me for a kiss and my fase as red as a tamato
admited that I had never really kissed aney one =). soon after I had my first kiss on
the rail road track's heading toward's my house. soon after my sister looked at us
and asked if we where going out. we both looked at ecather and anserd IDK. well after
that my sister looked at us and said yes you are. we both laughed and I happily
aggred. shorty after he gave me a ring that his older sister had given him. (witch a
shortly lost  ). after that we spent alot of are time togather. he was with the
state at the time and had been talen away from his mom, so he was alwase runing away
and gitting in troubel for seeing me. about a yaer and a haf later he bought me a
blue plastick ring from wal mart and asked me to marry him =). it was for for the
first 2 year's, then it slowly fell apart.... we still talk and I will alwase love
that boy IDK most good thing's never last.... nine year's down the road here I am my
grand father moved a few year's back.
Last edited: 2 February 2009

‹Ally-Is-Beast(:› says :   1 February 2009   957265  
Aww how sweet with you & Anthony


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