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Film Idea: ReclaimationCategory: Film ideas for all! Not a fluffy idea though...!
Monday, 12 January 2009
07:08:01 PM (GMT)
Randomly posting a film idea for you guys to enjoy (and for me to come back and
refer to in future)!

Title: Reclaimation
Rating: Yeah, I know, these are decided by the film boards, but I'd give what
I've got in my head a 15, maybe an 18 rating.

How to explain things...? Two sisters develop supernatural powers (no explaination
why so far). The younger sister develops the skill to create things, and to impose
created worlds on people; to put them into a reality created by herself. The elder
sister develops the skill to destroy things, to literally remove things from
existance on a whim. The younger sister is very happy, very cheerful - she loves her
new talent, and starts off using her skill to benefit the world around her. The elder
sister is quite cynical about her power, and is more reserved - she experiments with
her power at first, but ultimately distrusts the skill and her temper. I should point
out that the elder sister is around 18-19, the younger 16-17, maybe a few years older
for either girl.

Anyway, they start off with good intentions, but they slowly become corrupt. The
younger sister creates things to terrify and harm those she deems 'suitable' for
punishment; the elder uses her skills to do much the same, but in a distinctly more
sinister way. Eventually they both become completely corrupt, and become hired
killers of a sort. Here's where the distinction between 15-18 rating lies - the next
part of the tale sees the sisters take on a client, using their combined skills to
kidnap a man (roughly the age of the elder sister, maybe a few years older), torture
and eventually kill him. This'd be shown on screen, but the rating lies in whether
the full extent of how I've seen the scene in my head would be included or not.
Needless to say, the full version isn't pretty, isn't nice...

Continuing on! The sisters wind up living together/are already living together. One
day the elder is sitting contentedly in a room when all of a sudden she finds herself
in a large field of tall grass. She realises this is her sister's doing, and tries to
force herself out of the world using her skills but is unable to, leaving her with
nothing to do but wait. Eventually she is freed from the 'prison world', and the
younger sister reasons that the elder had annoyed her, and put her into a world as a
punishment. The elder is immediately concerned, and begins to practice her skill to
avoid any similar scenarios.

After some more plot which I don't know yet, the elder once more finds herself wound
up in a world created by her younger sister, but this time it is more expansive and
powerful, trapping her within it. The elder explores and comes up against figures who
try to kill her; the elder escapes and continues exploring. She eventually comes
across the murdered man, but living again. He offers to act as a guide in this world.
Whilst sceptical, the elder agrees, and he leads her to a cliff by a field identical
to the one the younger had forced her into however long ago. There she meets an
innocent form of her sister. The spectral girl explains that the world is a creation
of the younger's mind, and was forced on the elder after making a deal with some
shady-types to obtain more power; they said if she killed the elder, she'd gain her
power and become unstoppable. The spectral girl is destroyed by the figures who
emerge from the cliff-face, so the elder and the man make their way through the world
to reach the core, where the elder may shatter the false reality and deal with her
sister. The elder winds up fighting a demonic malgamation of the younger's fears,
before shattering the world and escaping.

...The ending is unknown as of yet. I'd like someway for the sisters to lose their
powers, or for the elder to reclaim the footing in the sibling relationship, but I
really don't know what'd happen... Maybe some form of death would be fitting...?

What's with the title?: The big theme of the plot is the manipulation of
power, and the theme of reclaiming things. The sisters are always looking to reclaim
power in some way from the other, at first they reclaim the world for the 'better
people', they 'reclaim' life at every turn... Reclaimation sorta makes sense.


Soooo.... thoughts, anyone? FYI, this came into my head earlier today. No, I'm not
sure where it came from either...

Oroborus21 says :   12 January 2009   148914  
pretty interesting, i will have more meaningful commentary later.
probalby want to share a bit i learned from a screenwriting class i
tookafter i review my notes.

remember that drama drives a good story, especially with
sounds like a lot of the conflict here or details is in the cerebral
and mind...and that might get lost when you try to put it into a
screenplay...lost for a good reason because turmoil in the mind is
hard to depict...

 so always try and focus on the action and drama and let that tell the


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