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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 6Category: (general)
Saturday, 10 January 2009
04:59:18 PM (GMT)
The nurse knock on the door again. Cindy moan from the loudness and cover her eyes
from the bathroom light. Cory took a screw driver and un screw the door knob. When
the door know drop on the other side Cindy moan from the sound and she curl in a
ball. Cory picked her up and put her on the bed. Cindy saw a needle in the nurse
pocket. She went to reach for it but the nurse grabbed her hand and she strap
Cindy’s arms down.

Cindy yelled kill me over and over again. The nurse slap her. Cindy stop yelling and
turn her head away. Cory told the nurse leave and go get a new nurse. Mindy hugged
Cindy.  Mindy un strap Cindy’s bad arm. Another nurse came in and said sorry and
she went to Cindy and she notice the cast was broken. She paged the Doctor. The
doctor came. She and the nurse wheeled Cindy out of the room. Cory sat next to
Tamika. He fell asleep.

Cindy came back she looked much better. She was smiling and Mindy was happy. Cory
woke up a hour later he walked to Cindy. Cindy was awake and she was smiling. They
kiss and the nurse came in with food. Cindy ate. She been using the bathroom. She
didn’t have to wear a diaper anymore. She started talking but softly and she
started laughing.  She got to home and Mindy moved in with them. 

They repeated 11th grade. Every thing was going great to a bad thing happen. Tamika
wasing acting her self. She walked slowly and she never slept. One day at school they
where all eating there lunch then Tamika pulled out a knife and told her friends to
step away from the table. Cindy of  course didn’t listen she step on the table next
to Tamika and she grab the knife and Cindy’s purse and told Cory to catch. Cindy
was mad so she punch Cindy.  Cindy fell backwards and Jacob caught her and place her
on the ground. Cory left to the office with Tamikas stuff. 

Tamika  was shocked and she ran out of the café and she went home and lock her self
in her room.  Her friend continue school for the rest off the day. When they got home
Cory went to Tamika’ room he sat next to her on the bed and she pointed at the
trash bag on the floor he looked at it and he saw it was sharp stuff he got up and
put it in his parents closet. He went to his room.

His parents came home and cooked dinner. Cory, Mindy, and Jacob was the only ones who
ate that night. Cindy was in her room sulking. Tamkia was in her room she found rope
and she tied to a hook nail in the ceiling. She cilmb on the chair and put the rope
around her neck. She was going to step off the chair when Cory came in with a plate
of food. He rush to put the food down and he ran to Tamika and he untied her neck. He
put her on the bed and he notice she was scared and crying. He let her hug him and
she said she was sorry. He took Tamika’s hand and brought her to Mindy’s room. He
told Mindy what happen and if she can sleep with her and Mindy said yes.

He hand Mindy her plate of food and he went off to Cindy’s room. He saw Cindy was
on her bed with her headphones on.. He sat on the bed and put the food on her belly.
He took her headphones out of her ear and he pulled her close to him. Cindy kiss him
and she ate. While she was eating she put half her bread in Cory’s mouth and
giggled. He laugh as he chew. When Cindy was done Cory went downstairs to put it in
the dishwasher. He went back upstairs and turn the hall light off. He went into
Cindy’s room and shut her light off and crawled in bed with her. 

They fell asleep together then  during the night Tamika and Mindy came in and crawl
in bed with Cory and Cindy. They both fell asleep. Jacob came in after a while and
went into the middle of Cory and Cindy and fell asleep. They all wanted to be close
to each other so they slept there all night. Tamika had her arms around Cindy,
Mindy’s arms was around Jacob and Jacob had his arms around Cory.

When the parents woke up the next morning  they saw all them in the bed together.
They laugh softly and took a picture,

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   10 January 2009   448873  
awww...so sad 
But, then so scary :O
Then, happy 
‹Emma Bear› says:   10 January 2009   937755  
Yes very then yes very scary and yes happy very happy and thank you
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   11 January 2009   962381  
ya what she said. l0lz great story!
‹Emma Bear› says :   11 January 2009   938579  


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