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Friday, 2 January 2009
03:19:49 PM (GMT)
January 2, 2009 BABY Clare SHIT. I broke my record. I'M SORRY I DIDN'T POST ON WEDNESDAY. It totally slipped my mind while I was getting drunk doing nothing all day. A lot has happened to me so far in this new year. And you're all going to hear how I stepped into 2009 on a good foot!! I don't know how many of you know this girl Nyasia I was friends with? She was depressed last year, and in the middle of her depression, dubbed me her "never-been-my-friend-anyway". As in, the past ten years of our lives had been nothing. SO. I pretty much cried every night from that day on to the summer. Then she came back to school and pretended nothing had gone wrong and I went back to being friends with her again. Then, yesterday, me, Nyasia, and our two other friends Lily and Julia [We called ourselves the Fantastic Four <3] went to hang out and ate lunch [rather, Lily ate] at a Thai restaurant called Lemongrass. That was when the fiasco started. We wanted to do this Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants thing like the Sisterhood do to stay together over the summer, but different, because the four of us didn't go to school together anymore. So I bought this charm bracelet that we would rotate, currently Nyasia had it. And Lily and I were like, "we should make the rules" and shit. And Nyasia was acting, like, fucking high or something? She's like "DO YOU GUYS HEAR THAT. I can't see anything. I think they have water damage in here. HA HAHAHAHAH AH AHA." Then Julia was like "Ny, be serious please?" And Lily was like "yeah" and Ny was liek "HUM DEE DEE HUM DEE DUM" and I was like doodling on the sheet we were writing the rules on. Then Ny takes off the bracelet and drops it in Lily's food, like WHAT THE FUCK, and says "whatever, I'm out of this circle" And I grab the bracelet like NO MY BABY ;_; I don't give a shit that Ny just took it off but I spent fucking 150$ on that thing, I'm not going to let it get all oily and shit. So then Ny storms out and Lil and Ju and I talk about her, Ju's like "WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING", Lil's like "well, what's up with her?" And I'm like "what a fucktard." Then Ny runs back in like 20 minutes later and literally hisses at us "I'm ten times the friend ANY of you will EVER be." Then there's this silence, and then I look Ny right in the face and say, "right Ny, what have you done for us that makes you a better friend than us?" --Here I mentally pat myself in the back xD-- And Ny pauses and you can tell I've totally stumped her, then she says "If one of you had left, I would have run after you." Riiiiiight. Would have, could have, should have. Who knows, in the theoretical? Then I say, "Ny, last year when you were depressed we DID run after you. We were worrying about you and calling you and texting you and we were even planning a fucking care package to leave at your door." Here Lily backs me up with her "yeah" and "uh huh" Then Ny says "You didn't even try, I bet I was at home sobbing while you were at school laughing and smiling, maybe not because of me but you were still having fun." While I'm thinking: no shit, we have lives outside you, Ny! Then Ny basically says none of us are good enough for her and we're not friends anymore,etc etc. This time when she leaves Julia, ever the loyal one, runs after her and tells us later that she found her sitting on a bench, and pulled out a cigarette and lit it just when Julia came up. Which she OBVIOUSLY did to seem bad-ass or whatever the fuck. Now Julia's like "don't you feel responsible? She's DEPRESSED!!" Lily: "I unno. I'm kinda in the middle. Me: "Honestly, fuck her. She's making it out like she's the center of our universe. Did you hear her? She wants us to care about her her only her. This is a losing situation for me and it's not healthy for me either. I'm SO over her." And guess what? I am, I am finally over Nyasia, who did nothing but hurt hurt hurt me. :D

saralyn247 says:   2 January 2009   168568  
<3 I'm proud of you, Clare. MAH GIRL~

I'm glad you're over her. :D
‹goodfornothing› says:   2 January 2009   312662  
:D~ Thanks <3

o__O Didn't realize that it was so long xD
‹kaylee<3› says :   3 January 2009   572472  
I just read that whole thing. xD
I proud you JOO! ;3

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