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~Forbidden Love; Chapter 6~Category: Stories
Thursday, 1 January 2009
10:02:53 PM (GMT)
Please read the previous entries based on this story before reading this. Thank you .:FORBIDDEN LOVE; CHAPTER 6:. I put my alarm clock to 11.55p.m. so I could wake up a few minutes minutes earlier. I fell asleep. "Ding!" I heard my alarm go. I woke up. "Yes!" my mind thought. I quickly rushed out of bed and put on some nice clothes before quietly walking downstairs to the garden. I head two people talking. I listened carefully. "Listen pal, don't you dare take Chiaki away from me!" I heard a voice say. It was William's voice. Oh shit What is he doing here? "I didn't take Chiaki away from you!" I heard another voice say. "Oh no, it's Ren's voice!" I thought. I'm SO dead. "Then, why did you kiss her in the afternoon and in school?" William asked angrily. "Look, she kissed me in school and in the afternoon was because.....I love her" Ren said. He loves me? "What?!? There's no way that can happen. Don't you know, servants can NEVER be in a relationship with their mistress? What are you, an idiot?" William scornfully said. I couldn't believe the tone of voice William was speaking in. He was always so gentle and kind to me. Was he only gentle and kind to me? I saw William raising his hand. He was about to slap Ren. His hand was in a flinging motion. "Stop it!" I ran out. The slap that was supposed to be Ren's came to me. "Chiaki?" William and Ren asked. "Why are you fighting?" I asked angrily. I felt great pain on my left cheek where William had accidentally slapped me. I fell to the ground. "Chiaki....are you alright?" William asked before kneeling down to put his hand against my cheek. I slapped his hand away. "Go away! Don't touch me!" I screamed at him. "Chiaki......." William said in shock. "Ren!" I said before tears flowed down my face. I ran to Ren and hugged him tightly. "Chiaki?" he asked. "Don't let go" I said before crying. He smiled at me. "Don't worry. I won't" he said to me. I smiled while crying. Ren....don't let go..I want you to stay beside me forever......... I want you, I need you, I.......I love you. William clutched his fist before storming away. "Let's take you back inside" Ren said to me. "No, I want to stay here for a bit" I said to him. "Sure" he said to me. He walked me to a nearby bench. "Chiaki, are you alright?" he asked me. "Yeah, I'm fine" I replied. "Say, would you like to help me?" he asked me. "What?" I asked. "Put the earring you gave me in my ear" he replied. "I can?" I asked. "Sure" he said before smiling. He passed me the earring I gave him earlier before taking of his. I sat a little closer and carefully put the earring through the hole. "There" I said. "Thank you" he said before kissing me on the cheek. I blushed. "Chiaki....I have to tell you something" he said to me. "Me too" I replied. "I.....I love you" we both said at the same time. We laughed. "So, that means, we can go out?" he asked. "No, not go out. Become boyfriend and girlfriend" I said. "So soon?" he asked. "Yes. Starting tomorrow" I said. "Well, we'll try in the morning but, for now. I think I should take you up to bed" he said to me. "Yeah. I'm feeling cold" I replied. He walked me to the house and to my room. "Good night, princess" he said before walking away. "Good night, my prince" I replied before walking into my room. I closed my room door before lying down on my bed. I happily thought of us together before falling asleep. .:END;FORBIDDEN LOVE;CHAPTER 6:. Shirley Hong
Last edited: 2 January 2009

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