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Thursday, 1 January 2009
03:32:21 AM (GMT)
This is a mixture of things that irk me.


Point one. Many musicians, singer and actors/actresses are bad role models for kids.

Take Jamie Lynn Spears. She is/was an actress for the hit Nickelodeon show Zoey 101.
Then, she got pregnant at the age of 16.

That may not be a problem here in New Zealand, but statutory rape laws state that the
law for consensual sex is 18 in the USA.

She had her baby, and had her photo in every FREAKING magazine from the time it was
announced to a month after the birth. Then we hear that she is pregnant AGAIN.

The hell?!

The boyfriend (Casey Aldridge) should have got slapped with some statutory rape
charge at least? Stupid guy! Come on, at least if not for the first, then for the
second one, man!

 EDIT: Unfortunately, the rumors that she got pregnant again was actually not true.

Sorry Casey Aldridge. THIS TIME.

But since we were on the subject of the Spears, Britney. Jamie Lynn's older sis.

Her kids and her antics have made bloody LEGENDARY child service cases, probably only
eclipsed by the once-great Michael Jackson and his son that he dangled over a

Which is bad. To say the least.

One thing could have kept Britney from being in the frying pan and going into the

Kevin Federline.

She shouldn't have married that stupid back up dancer.

Miley Cyrus and her stupid semi-nude pictures, they weren't very helpful for her
Disney oriented career. Or her statutory raping boyfriend. It's a law there, people.
Don't say that they aren't doing it. Going into a room AT NIGHT and coming out later
(sneakily) and saying they are 'just friends' is like saying Stevie Wonder is a world
class dart player.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens, the stupid girl.

The internet is good for stealing photos of NAKED celebrities. And on the off day
that THEY ARE REAL it makes the pictures all the more sweeter.

Especially to the hundreds of millions of kids with those photos you purportedly sent
to Zac. Bad move, Vanessa, Bad move.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? They want a soccer team made up of every third world
country. And Africa.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Between Scientology and his
demonic/evil ill behaved daughter Suri, Tom Cruise has
single-handedly made his religion and life both a laughingstock and a disgrace. Katie
Holmes is more of a sympathetic character.

They are really the only 'bad seeds' of Hollywood. Or at least the ones I know of.


Point two. When they choose to go in a different direction with their music, don't
start crying to your pillow, OK?

It's not the end of the world that the Beatles became drug addled and stupid and one
married a Japanese woman and was also assassinated.

That wasn't their fault. Their move. 

And also, people.

Don't go all emo when you hear others playing the song you've been listening to for
the last 3 months/years/decades and they're all like "I LOVE THIS SONG THIS IS NEW

Don't say that the people are getting on the band wagon, its not that bad that they
have just gotten into the music you have.

It's as much use as trying to keep heroin from Ray Charles in the 60's.

If you had the soundtrack when they were nobodies, cookie for you.

But don't go crazy at someone who has gotten into the music, ok?
Last edited: 11 January 2009

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