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Monday, 22 December 2008
10:14:54 PM (GMT)
Why are people so mean? ):

Ok, so I'm on facebook, which is pretty normal, considering I'm usually on XD. I go
on honesty box, and guess what people say?

Her/Him:youre a fucking freak. you look lke you dress yourslef in the dark

Me:Thats totally the look i was going for.
I totally love how you say this on Honesty Box anonymously, rather than in real life
to my face. (:

Her/Him:why would i say it to your face ? so you could spaz at me ? like the freak
you are.

and wow. good job, you WANT to look like an idiot.

Me:Looking like an idiot is suprisingly fun.

And whats wrong with bieng a freak? I am a freak, sure, but at least i have the guts
to tell people what i think of them to their face. If you have a problem with me,
tell me. Dont hide behind an anonymous fb app. >x<

Her/Him:  "Looking like an idiot is surprisingly fun."

Wow. You're single, aren't you ?
Just to let you know... its' gonna stay that way for a longggg time.

And hmm, it sounds like you're kind of being a hypocrite here. If you're all about
'telling things to your face', then why do you even HAVE this app ? huh ?

Me:I say unbitchy things. (:

W.e I really don't want a guy oogling behind me. Is there a point having a bf while
in middle school?

Do you have any other come backs besides ones that are completely unrealated?

For those of you who done know, Honesty Box it totally anonymous. So i have no idea
who the hell this is.

There were more, yes, but it would take forever typing them all up. 

I know i sound like a whiny baby, i know i probably shouldnt weigh other people down
with my problems, but thats why i like Kupika. Its a place to state your worries,
your fears, and your sadnesses and get them known, and commented on. Then promptly
forgotten. <3 ya kupika!

‹*Expired*› says:   23 December 2008   823825  
Just so you know,I would never say anything like that!
Sure,I say stuff on the web that I wouldn't say in reality but no
stuff like that!
'Sides,looking like an idiot is fun.
Insanity_MuffinPie says:   23 December 2008   629357  
Its porb NOT you (=
I think you secretly enjoy watching me come to school better coloured
than a rainbow XD
‹*Expired*› says:   27 December 2008   957266  
I get to say stuff like,Did a rainbow puke on you?
Or stuff like that.XD
Kirti says:   5 January 2009   112536  
that guy is mean! I doubt you were any freakier then me. Do you want
to know what I wore today? my green christmas ornament earings with my
rainbow scarf and pink&black hand knitted fingerless gloves. Along
with my hair- which is currently purple and pink.

and people said I looked nice! One persons freak is another persons
Insanity_MuffinPie says:   6 January 2009   941259  
I was wearing a wifebeater, a tanktop, a t-shirt [ Layered (X ]
A jean skirt, black leggings,and rainbow toesocks
no shoes


I love freaks 
‹*Expired*› says :   21 January 2009   962894  
Lol,you love toesocks.

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