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Love Is In Her Eyes [[storii]]Category: [[storii]] xD
Monday, 22 December 2008
02:38:44 PM (GMT)

"C'mon know you want to!!" My best friend Lilac screamed from below. I
look down and gulped. "C'mon! MOVE IT!!!" The big fat black girl yelled in my ear.
"CANNONBALL!!!!!" I yelled, facing my fears. Screaming my head off, I jumped off the
high-diving board. I landed in the crisp, cold, cerluean pool water, satisfied. "I
did it!!! Li! I did it!!!" I swam to Lilac, and pulled her close. "Victoria! I'm so
proud of you!!!" She hugged me back. WE stepped out of the pool and hurried over to
our pool chairs. Lilac wrapped her blue and purple sarong around her and reclined in
her green zebra print lawn/beach/pool chair. I look at her, seeing her yellow string
bikini through the wrap. I looked down at my own black and red tankini, thinking,
"How childish." Leaning over, I grabbed the suntan lotion from under her
chair. "In 3 more weeks, we'll start 10th grade!" Lilac screeched. "I know! I can't
wait." I muttered, not excited as she was. Out of the both of us, Lilac was the
popular one, while I was the loner. Lilac was my only friend. When I first moved to
Sunny Hills, Miami, Florida from Salem, Massachuchets, I was very scared. Girls were
blonde and peppy, while I was inky-black and emo. Lilac had gorgeous violet-green
eyes, a slender, curvy figure, and gorgeous white-blonde hair. I on the other hand,
had gray-smoky eyes, athletic figure and inky black hair. Her style was totally
hip-hop, preppy, classy, and I was emo, punky, goth-y. 

"Is it just me, or you aren't excited?" Lilac looked at me, removing her
pink-earphones from her ears. She pushed PAUSE on her iPod. "I am excited.
It's just, high school this year will be...different. New classes, new styles, new
everything!" I practically yelled. "Don't worry! One thing will be the same----me and
you will be best friends." Lilac smiled and kissed my cheek. I suddenly got
butterflies in my stomach. Why was I acting like this? Lilac kissed people all the
time and waved it off like it was no big deal. Lilac kissed me on the cheek all the
time last year. Why was I acting 

I hate hormones. 


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