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Rebirth Of Soul, chap 7Category: fanfic
Tuesday, 11 November 2008
09:26:30 PM (GMT)
RE: I don’t own Bleach

Chap 7: Secrets

	You had woke from your nightmare in a sweat. “That’s the fifth time this
week,” Isis said as she walked into the room to investigate your screams. “Are
you sure you’re okay?” She asked as you sat up in bed.
	“Yeah, I’m fine,” you said as you tried to keep the cover over your right
shoulder,” Would you mind?”
	“Oh, right,” Isis said as she began to blush and started to walk out of the room
as you began to get dressed.
	“They are getting worse. What am I going to do?” You said as you slipped your
uniform on. You’ve been having dreams lately, horrifying dreams of your inner
hollows victims, including your vivid memories of your comrades. The mark on your
shoulder had grown larger, covering your entire shoulder.
	“Are you finished yet?” Isis asked from outside your door.
	“Yeah, come on in” You told her, standing and grabbing your glasses from the
table and your zanpakto from its place leaning on the wall.
	Isis came in, carrying a bowl of cereal, “So are you planning to tell me what’s
wrong yet?” she asked before eating a mouthful of her breakfast.
	“I told you, its fine,” you said. Then you told her, “Don’t worry about
it.” She then looked at you like she was mad, with the spoon sticking out of her
mouth, “What’s wrong?” You said as she slowly walked closer to you, you started
sweating profusely.
	“Are you absolutely sure its nothing?” She asked staring directly into your
	“Uh, yeah, of course” you said as you started to laugh nervously.
	“Are you sure that you’re sure?” She said, inching closer to you.
	“I told you yes,” you said as you leaned in and kissed her on the forehead,
“Now can we drop it?
	“Uh, for now, but you will tell me!” she said, but she was hard to believe since
her face was turning bright red.
	“Of course.” You said as you began to walk towards the door.”I’ve got to go
to my office. I don’t want to anger my captain.
	“Ok, promise me you’ll come back safe if you have a mission, or else I won’t
forgive you” She said, blocking the door.
	“Come on, of course I’ll come back.” you said, believing she was joking.
	“I mean it!” She said, trying to look as serious as possible.
	“OK, then I promise, I will come back safely, or else.” you told her as she
moved slowly out of the way.
	“Kai, wait a minute, “She yelled from behind you, “You’ve forgotten
something!” You then turned around, to see that she was chasing after you. She then
tackled you to the ground and kissed you. “Thats for good luck, “she told you,
smiling brilliantly.
	“Thanks.” Then you started to get up, to see that you were an hour late. “Wait
a minute! I’m sorry, I’ve got to go!” then you took off, running to the doors
of your office.
	“Feeling any better?” Zure, your inner hollow said as he appeared out of
nowhere. He had healed and his arm was now back to normal.
	“Zure! What are you doing here?!” You said, racing towards your office.
	“Well, after you and Isis started going out, I haven’t had much of a reason to
come out. I’ve been getting better since our little scuffle though. Wanna try to
beat me again?” He said, mocking you as you started to reach for your zanpakto.
	“Leave Zure! I’m tired of your face!” You yelled angrily as you slashed at
him, only to have him vanish. “This sucks, why did he have to come back too.” you
said as you sheathed your zanpakto and turned the corner, only to see Captain Toshiro
standing at the door to your office. “Uh, Captain, sorry I’m late.”
	“You have an important mission to do. There has been a hollow sighted, I believe
it is just an ordinary hollow, but two teams I have sent to recover any information
have lost contact. Your mission is to find them, defeat the hollow, and return the
two other teams safely. Because of your good teamwork in the past, I’ve put you on
a team with Isis.” Toshiro said before walking down the street.
	“Wait a moment captain, where are you going? If the hollow has defeated two teams
shouldn’t a higher rank officer go?” You asked.
	“You can deal with it I’m sure. And I’ve got paperwork and my own mission.”
He said as he continued down the street.
	“Aww, this sucks, I was planning on sleeping today.” you said to yourself as you
saw Isis walking up to you.
	“So, looks like we’ve got a mission together.” she said as she drew her sword,
preparing to create a gate to the human world.
	“Yeah, lets go.” you told her as she opened the gate, revealing a cliff
overlooking a river. It was noon and the sun was making the peaceful river sparkle
like a diamond. You looked around, “Where are those two teams?” As you looked
around you saw what appeared to be a black piece of cloth hanging from the edge of
the cliff. “What’s that?” you asked yourself as you walked towards it. When you
got closer you saw that it was the sleeve of a soul reaper uniform. “What
the...”You began.
	“Kai! Help!” Isis yelled as you drew you sword and ran towards hr voice.
	Suddenly a fog blew in, shrouding the entire cliff. “Isis! Where are you?” You
cried out. Then you felt something grab you by the leg. “What the...” You started
before seeing that it was Isis, who had been thrown to the ground by a hollow.
“Isis! Are you ok?” You asked frantically.
	“Kai...I love you...” she said faintly before falling unconscious.
	“Isis! No! Wake up!” you said as you suddenly became filled with hatred and
	“What’s wrong soul reaper? Did I hurt your little friend?” the hollow said
before laughing maniacally. “I’m so sorry. Here, you can join her!” the hollow
said before he launched a cero blast from his mouth. When the blast exploded and the
dust cleared you were nowhere to be seen.
	“You have made a horrible mistake!” You yelled from the other side of the cliff.
You placed Isis softly on the grass, kissing her on the forehead. “I’ll be back
soon.” you whispered in her ear.
	“Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?” the hollow sneered from its perch
on the cliff. Now you could get a good look at the hollow, it had reptilian skin,
leathery wings, and a mask shaped like the face of a dragon. “Take this!” the
hollow yelled before launching hundreds of cero blasts.
	“That was nothing.” you said after the dust had cleared, revealing that you had
blocked all of the blasts with your zanpakto. “Now it’s my turn!” You yelled as
you jumped across the cliff, preparing the slice the hollow in two with the other
side of your Ryotsuki.
	“Not so fast!” the hollow said as he jumped out of the way ,launching another
cero blast at you before you could dodge.
	When the smoke cleared you were standing in a crater made by your attack. You
pointed your sword at him and said in an angry whisper, “Roar Ryotsuki!” Your
zanpakto the changed into it’s shikai, a two sided spear with two reverse edged
swords on either end. One had the power to burn anything to ashes while the other
froze anything it touched. You slashed at him again and again, only to have him
jumping out of the way, leaving craters of ash and ice in your path.
	“Are you getting tired yet, soul reaper?” the hollow jeered. Then he cried out,
“Cero Apocalypse!” Suddenly thousands of cero blasts shot out of his mouth,
destroying a whole section of the cliff. “That took care of him!” the hollow said
as he turned towards Isis, “Time for a snack.”
	“That won’t be enough you filthy hollow!” You cried out from the smoke.
“Bankai! Cut open the black sky, Ryotsyukomi!” You cried out as your shikai was
replaced by your bankai, a long katana with two flying, bladed wheels that moved
independently. “You are doomed!” you told the hollow as you slowly walked towards
	“What the! That was my strongest attack! How could you survive?!” the hollow
panicked, launching cero blasts at you.
	“Haven’t you realized by now? You can not win this fight!” You yelled as you
sliced the hollows mask in two.
	“No, how could it be!” the hollow cried out as it began to disappear.
	You quickly ran to help Isis. “Isis, are you ok?” you asked her, tears slowly
rolling down your cheeks when she didn’t respond. Then you saw her hand begin to
move, “Isis? Are you awake?” you asked.
	“Yeah, I’m ok.” you said weakly as she reached up and wiped your tears away.
	“Isis, can you stand? Do you need me to carry you?” you asked, trying to help
her up.
	“No, I’m ok. I’m just a little dizzy.” She said as she stood up and
stumbled, falling until you caught her.
	“Are you sure?” you asked.
	“Yeah, I’m fine.” she replied. We should look for those other teams.” She
reminded you.
	“That reminds me, that hollow didn’t seem like he was able to fight two teams
without them being able to get away.” you told her as you both looked for any clue
as to where the other soul reapers might have gone.
	“Really? I can’t find a trace of them, it’s weird, it’s like they just
disappeared into thin air...” She said.
	“Its so weird. I can’t even find a shred of cloth, or anything else that even
shows that they were here...” you began.
	“I know.” Isis began. Suddenly you both got the feeling of a horrible spiritual
pressure, neither of you had felt something this terrible before.
	“You feel that?” you asked Isis as you tried to find the source.
	“Yeah.” Isis said as both of you drew your zanpakto.
	You looked over at the edge of the cliff and saw something you have only heard of in
legends, a huge Vasto Lorde Menos! The menos you had fought before was only a
Gilligan class, but this one was ten times as powerful, Its spiritual pressure was
greater than any of the captains of the 13 court guard squads!”Isis! Leave, now!”
you commanded her.
	“No, I won’t let you fight him on your own!” she told you. "Bankai! Cover the
earth in roses, Sakuraryuu" She yelled as her rose red sword grew twice as long and
slit into two blades. She then used the power of her zanpakto to create two vines
that stretched from the hilt of her swords and grew into wings on her back. “This
will be our fight, I won’t leave you alone again!” She yelled as she flew up to
attack the Horrendous creature. The Vasto Lorde menos was twice as tall as the menos
you had fought before, wearing a huge mask that covered his entire head. 
	“Bankai! Cut Open the black sky, Ryotsyukomi!” You cried out as your zanpakto
changed form its sealed state to its bankai. You jumped up in the air, and when you
came back down you carved a thick gash in the hollows leg, only to have its wound
heal by the time you landed. “Think that’s all I’ve got!” You yelled as you
continually slashed at the gigantic hollow, freezing then burning it, but to no
avail. Isis was having no better luck.
	“We need to think of a plan!” Isis yelled from the sky, her petals that she
summoned with her zanpakto weren’t even cutting fast enough to leave a scratch for
more than two seconds.
	“I know, lets try to get away and regroup over there, where the craters are from
my fight with the other hollow!” you told her as you began to retreat.
	You had both got away for the time being, but you knew you could not get away for
long. “Isis, I need you to stay here, It’s too dangerous.” You told her.
	“I told you before, I won’t let you fight that thing alone!” She told you.
	“I won’t let you fight, its too dangerous. You could die!” you said as you
checked for the hollow, it was still standing in one spot.
	“I know, that’s why I won’t let you fight alone! If I could die so could you,
we would have a much better chance if we fought together! If you are so scared of me
dying you’ll just have to protect me!” she yelled before jumping out of the
crater and running towards the hollow.
	“No! Wait!” you yelled at her, but she wasn’t listening. You saw that the
hollow was about to attack her, you suddenly jumped in front of her, blocking the
attack with your own body. “Isis! Leave, now!” you yelled as you felt that you
were losing control. “This can’t be happening! Not now, not with Isis!” You
thought to yourself before you blacked out.
	“Now its my turn!” you heard an evil, familiar voice say as you awoke in the
pitch black room, You saw Ryotsuki, the spirit of your zanpakto, and your hollow,
	Meanwhile, Your body was being controlled by Zure. “You, you should leave, I
don’t need to kill you make Kai angry, It might be bad for my health.” He sneered
at Isis, who couldn’t believe her eyes, a white, wooden mask had began to grow over
your face, and your uniform had changed colors, becoming white. “I’ll deal with
this hollow.” Zure said in your voice, pointing towards the menos, and drawing his
zanpakto, Yureiryo.
	“But how...” Isis managed to get out before Zure sliced the hollows hand into
two pieces with his zanpakto that was as long as his body, with a gray blade, a skull
on the hilt, and a demonic wing-shaped hilt.
	The hollow instantly regenerated, but Zure was already attacking again, slicing open
his arm and chest before the hollow could regenerate. When Zure got to the hollows
mask, before he could attack, the menos launched a cero blast, sending him flying
across the canyon.
	“That hurt.” Zure complained as he climbed out of the crater the blast had made.
Zure stood and, slicing at the air, launched his own cero blast at the hollow. The
black ray of energy looked like lightning cutting the sky in two. When the menos was
hit by the attack he fell over, landing on his back. “Murder them all, Yureiryo!”
He cried out, as his zanpakto changed into his shikai, it grew twice as long and
split into two double-edged blades. He then jumped across the canyon to attack the
	While Zure was fighting the menos you were lost in your soul, you were still
injured, and when Zure used his power you grew weaker. “What can I do?” You asked
yourself. You drew Ryotsuki, but you didn’t have enough power to even use your
shikai.”Crap, what am I gonna do!” you yelled before falling to your knees.
“Isis, I’m sorry, I’ve failed.” you told yourself.
	“You fool!” The spirit of your zanpakto, the giant black dragon with a crescent
moon on its head named Ryotsuki, yelled at you. “How could you ever use any of my
power! If you give up this easily you don’t deserve to control your hollow!”
	“But...” you began.
	“What but? You are weak and useless, you don’t deserve my power! If you could
control him before, you can control him again! Yet all you do is give up!”
	“You’re right.” you said as you stood. “Thanks Ryotsuki, I would have never
made it without you.” you told him, smiling as you picked your sword off of the
ground. “Roar Ryotsuki!” you cried out, summoning your shikai.
	“Ahh, so you finally want that rematch?” Zure sneered at you. “Well I guess I
can fight you and that other hollow at the same time. This fight shouldn’t last
that long anyway!” he yelled as he charged at you.
	You jumped out of the way and he slashed at you with his other blade, cutting a
sleeve of your uniform off. “You missed!” you told him as you landed on your
	“Oh yeah?” he said as he continued the attack.
	You then noticed a trail of blood trickling down your arm, “You nicked me! You
won’t do it again!” you cried out as you blocked each of his attacks. “Take
this!” you yelled as you slashed one of his swords, freezing it solid, and then
smashing it to bits.
	“That’s not fair.” said Zure sarcastically. “Oh well, I get to show you my
new trick now! Bankai! Yureiakuma, steal their souls!” he cried out. Suddenly his
zanpakto started to change form, growing to the size of a katana with a large
shuriken attached to the hilt with a black, flaming chain. “Take this!” he yelled
as he threw the shuriken at you, slicing your uniform.
	“When did you get your bankai? I thought you could only gain power from those you
killed, and you didn’t have one before!” you said, jumping away from the huge
throwing star.
	“That’s true, but you forget, when you grow stronger, so do I! And when you feel
great emotions like anger, hatred, or even, though I hate to say it, love our power
nearly doubles!” He said as he started to laugh maniacally. “How ironic hat the
girl you risked you life for is the reason you will lose this fight!” Zure told you
as he slashed at you before you could block or dodge. 
	“Don’t ever say that about Isis!” you said, holding his sword in your hand.
You held his sword, with blood trickling down your arm, so tightly that it began to
crack. “Do you hear me! Never mention her name with your dirty mouth!” You
screamed before breaking his sword into millions of pieces.
	“What the! How?!” Zure said clutching his broken sword.
	“Now It is time for you to die!” you said as you raised your sword.
	“Do you really think you can kill me? Do you think the girl could really love a
killer?” Zure yelled before you sliced him in half, making you hesitate. “And If
you kill me, I’ll kill the girl!” Zure threatened.
	“What! How dare you threaten her!” you yelled at him.
	“Let me show you!” he yelled as he covered your eyes with his hands, allowing
you to see what he sees. You saw that he had Isis by the neck, with his zanpakto’s
edge on her throat.
	“Kai, what’s wrong with you? Let me go!” Isis cried, tears running down her
	“Isis, no!” you said as you suddenly felt anger rising from within you.
	“Ah, much better. Now this will be fun!” Zure yelled, jumping away from you.
	“You will die now if you don’t release her!” You yelled at Zure.
	“Hmm...I don’t think so, I have a feeling you would kill me anyway.” Zure said
as he turned the hilt to his broken zanpakto around so he could use the shuriken on
the other side. “So I guess that only leaves you the option of dying now, or
delaying t!” The hollow laughed as he attacked.
	Meanwhile, Isis was struggling to get free. “Kai, what’s wrong with you! Why are
you doing this?” Isis said as she wept. She could not reach her zanpakto, it was
knocked to the ground when Zure attacked her. Suddenly she saw that the Vasto Lorde
Menos was on its feet after Zure thought he had knocked it out. It turned towards
them and launched a cero blast, blowing her and Zure away.
	In the fight between you and Zure, you saw that his shoulder was bleeding, meaning
that he was hurt, you knew this meant that Isis had gotten away, and you ran around
Zure, creating a circle of fire, then you held the other blade over the fire,
creating vapor that blinded the both of you ,but you knew Zure was confused and stood
in the middle of the steam. “Now I will kill you!” you yelled. You ran up and
slashed the hollow, burning him into two.
	When you woke up you saw Isis crying over you. Your mask had fallen off and You’re
zanpakto had turned back to normal. “Isis, I’m so sorry...” you told her, to
weak to stand.
	“What was wrong with you!” she said as she slapped you, “Why didn’t you tell
me what was wrong?”
	“I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to worry.” you said apologetically. You
suddenly saw the Hollow that had saved her life before was now moving to take it. You
quickly tossed Isis to the side and rolled on top of her, shielding her from the
blast. “Isis, run, I’ll handle the hollow this time.” you told her, drawing
Ryotsuki. “I don’t want you to get hurt again.” you told her. You knew you
didn’t have enough power on your own, you cried out “Ryotsuki, lend me your
power!” Suddenly your spirit

‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says:   12 November 2008   753132  
i didnt even read it but.... THUMBZ UP! =D
Drago says:   12 November 2008   243161  
thanks, it took about 2 weeks to write...
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› says:   16 November 2008   884551  
I love you story. it's perfect. and nice title ^_->
Drago says :   16 November 2008   948362  
thanks Suki-chan.


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