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HP: The Half Blood Prince replaced by Twilight. DD:Category: (general)
Monday, 3 November 2008
09:31:58 PM (GMT)
Damn it. Why, all my goodness, why?! I can't believe HP: The Half Blood Prince is
gonna be replaced by Twilight. I felt so shaky after I heard about it last week, but
I didn't have enough cheek to write about it. When Emma (bff in real life) and I
heard about it, we went on a rant about this whole thing. I thought it was literally
unfair. Personally, I think Twilight is a good book but er-cough-cough it's got = No
plot, Mary-Suey characters and exaggeration on Edward much. 

I'm really sorry if I'm offending anyone (Most likely Booey and Zoe) but I can't take
it. I've been an HP fan ever since I was eight, and my twenty-year old cousin and all
his friends back at the Philippines are waiting for HBP to come out..Now, the
producers are making it a "summer movie". Who cares? It'll make more money anyways.
Why did they have to move it for an eight-month gap? 

Really. I don't see why people are crazy about it. Half of the fans (mostly girls)
think it's fantastically romantic. I thought otherwise.

My comments on Twilight (@ yahoo) picked as best answer:

xD I completely agree with whoever said that Twilight is way over the top.
It's a drabble of medium-like fanfictions. Unfortunately, many people that reads the
Twilight series don't know that meaning of words such as "Mary-Sue"s. Bella is a very
much like a Mary-Sue and Edward is a guy Mary-Sue.

However, I like the fact that it's set in modern-day and it's well detailed. But,
truth be told, Bella and Edward being mary-sues for life is completely distracting.
If Stephanie Meyer just made Edward seem a bit more like a real person, and Bella
like a real teenage girl who's in love with somebody, it'll probably be perfect.

But the romance in this book is completely off. Loving someone because they're
"godlike" in everything isn't loving. Loving someone because they're totally and
completely "edible" isn't loving. That's just sickly wrong and gross so-called


Well, poorly written in some ways and well-written in other ways. All in all, I think
that Stephanie Meyer should go to a Twilight Hater forum and find out what she needs
to improve, because this whole "Twilight loving community" is totally not helping

Twilight might have been a better book if only she made it more realistic,
acknowledging real myths without crossing the line a bit too much just like HP. Plus,
how can a vampire have godly scented breath when they drink BLOOD?
That's one of those poor and crappy things I hate about Twilight. 

Others comments I made were:

xD Same here. It's creepy and the theories Stephanie Meyer made was just crappy. Oh,
and for the record, I have hit the age of romance and the romance there is totally
Who loves somebody because they're beautiful and doesn't even explain why they love
them inside? Furthermore, it's not just LIKE. It's LOVE.
And who loves somebody just because they smell good and taste extremely edible?
Scary. .o.
I was just gonna ask the same question, and also- your question is not stupid. I
think that if you go to fanfiction.net and find the average-written fanfictions
there, you can see what Twilight really is. There are even authors in fanfiction.net
who writes extremely better than Stephanie Meyer- and since the people they write
about is made by somebody else, it's more difficult. And, the authors I'm talking
about are all between the age of thirteen and seventeen.

It showed me that my writing can be improved wisely. Twilight though, seems like it
has no plot. They made both Bella and Edward too Mary-Sue-ish. It's scary to think
that one of my friends like it. Personally, I think the romance in Twilight is
overrated and exaggerated. How?

Well, no one, not even a vampire (especially not a vampire) can have god-like speed,
god-like beauty, a god-like voice and oh- GOD-LIKE BREATH. That just grosses me out.

Plus, Bella is supposedly "plain". So, can any of those 11-12 year old totally
Twilight fans explain to me why Tyler, Jacob, and Mike likes her. Exceptions on
Edward, of course. One of them creepily answered that Jacob was her best friend so he
was bound to fall in love with her.
God. I had a guy best friend before I moved and he wasn't IN LOVE with me.

I personally don't like or dislike Twilight. Compared to Harry Potter, it does seem
amateur written. I don't see any plot right from the first book. When Eclipse and New
Moon came out, I bought it just to see if any improvements are found. None.

I think all it shows is you should love someone by how they talk, they look, and how
they're always SHINING. When I first read it, I recognized it so much as one of those
middle-good fanfictions I've read. Actually, people who like romance like these
should go to fanfiction.net, and they'll find authors younger but better than
Stephanie Meyer.

Conspiring says:   3 November 2008   587982  
I agree. Meyer's fanfiction just happened to stumble onto Publishing Boulevard. I LOVE HARRY POTTER. ;^; No Mary Sues and no Gary Stus.
‹goodfornothing› says:   3 November 2008   292237  
I agree on some points and disagree with others.

I agree that Edward, Bella, and most other characters are extreme Mary
Sues. I do believe that Stephanie Meyer was trying to live a dream she
had as a teenager through a story that could make money.
I also agree that it's odd for all the boys to fall for Bella if she's
"plain." From how they make it out, she's anything but plain.
Bella's reasons for loving Edward are annoying, as well. Hello?
Personality meaning nothing, much?
Lastly, the last book, Breaking Dawn, infuriated me to no end in the
way that I thought it seemed to be made totally for the fans, with a
ridiculously happy-go-lucky ending. Cough. Not real.

On the other hand, I disagree that the writing, at least in the first
book, is bad. 
In my opinion the detail and precision in Twilight was so flowing and
golden that I reread pages again and again just to get the image
I also think that the romance between them is perfectly acceptable. It
is a fantasy, after all, and I don't see anyone complaining
about the fact that Harry, Ron, and Hermione all marry with their
second love interest at the end of book seven. I hope I didn't just
spoil it.

Don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter more than I love food. Which
is saying something. And Twilight definitely doesn't amount.
Twilight's a good book, too.
And that last paragraph just summarized everything, basically xD
Bootheghost says:   4 November 2008   895334  
I totally agree that Bella is a Mary Sue and Edward is a Gary Stu. I
totally believe that S'Meyer abuses her adjectives and goes on about
Edward to much. The plots are a bit crazy and Breaking Dawn totally
killed everything. Basically, I only read the Twilight series because
I adore Carlisle Cullen more than words. (Jasper and Esme are okay,
but the rest of them drive me up the walls. >.<>:]
Bootheghost says:   4 November 2008   316112  
Eek, my ccomment got killed! Continuation--->

But, it's a fantasy and (Twilight, at least) is still a good book.

And personally I'm glad that Harry Potter got axed until the Summer.

Because I hate Harry Potter more than anything.

Twilight is amazing compared to Harry Potter. :P

‹Miharu-chan› says:   4 November 2008   289223  
@HarryismyHero: Hm..I agree. But, I think Twilight was written quite
- something like what a GATE thirteen year old student can write. I
thought it was pretty average for Harry to like Ginny, since Ron had
been showing signs that he liked Hermione since the fourth book. I
thought it was pretty clever of J.K. Rowling to make a plot, make the
characters seemingly interesting while not being exaggerating too

@Booey: I ish respecting your opinions. I, though think HP rox waaay
more than Twilight. 
Conspiring says:   10 November 2008   396343  
I found out that Twilight only sold 17 million copies, whilst Harry
Potter sold 400 million. :]
‹Miharu-chan› says :   10 November 2008   822587  
Go Harry Potter~
It rocks waaay better than Twilight.


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