Love Gone Bad? Written Between Me And Owlsrule24 (I'm the 1 that
writes with lots of dots)...
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Love Gone Bad? Written Between Me And Owlsrule24 (I'm the 1 that
writes with lots of dots)...
Category: Senarios
Sunday, 2 November 2008
12:44:52 PM (GMT)
just pretend all this happend...

crying... standing on the sidewalk... hair blowing in the wind... car drives by...

I get shot... falls down in the grass... in front of ur house...

u continue with some actions that u and brandon do...

omg... if that happened i would run outside *pretend we look anime* i would run out
side and gasp the little thing that looks like a teardrop would appear on my
forehead... i turn into my gothic form and run to get brandun. brandon walks outside
and kisses you. on the street. he brings you back 2 life.

*gasps for air* tries to stand up... falls back down... "so weak" I say "call an
ambulance" I say as a pass out in Brandon's arms...

brandon calls anime ambulence... sky darkens ambulence finally showz up. brandun is
forced to stay off.

brandon drops down to the grass and starts crying... u go to the garage and get the
car... u pull him in and follow the ambulence to the hospital... we r now in the
ER... brandon sits next to me... he's crying... rubbing my forehead...

brandon cries bends down and starts opperating..... 3 hours later..... "wha?" you
blink..... then fall again...... i work my magic witch iz very low when im sad... it
helps you eat and pass out gain.

I've been in a comma for 3 days... I finally wake up... I'm crying... I can only say
1 word... Brandon... I keep calling... Brandon... No 1 is in the room... I get up
run out of my room... I fall down the stairs...

we r at home. an old lady patient see's you. she calls ppl. and screams. brandun
rushes 2 the hospital. he looks 4 you he finds you and holds you.

All I say is Brandon and cry... ppl rush to me... carry me away... u and brandon try
to follow but they keep u away... a terrible tragedy has struck us...

itz bloody mary. she lures you toward her and you obey her in a deep trance...
mumbling about bloody mary killing brandon.

   O O

l8r on at the hospital, I'm up and better, I am about the go downstairs to leave
with u and brandon... u r infront of me... we are on the stairs... I push u... then
I stand there and cry... Brandon runs down to help u... he looks up at me... his
look is full of anger, sorrow, and a wonder of y...

i gasp... i cant breathe... i die. brandon cries. he locks his eyes into urs. i waz
his sister. he hadn't even married you yet. he is shocked.

I run down the stairs and out the hospital crying... I ran all the way to yalls
house... I hid under ur bed sobbing... I think to myself... I don't want to live
this way... Brandon comes home...

i get burried by brandons window. and he smells something burning he runs to find
it. he gasps!

I'm in the bathroom... In the tub... I've set the tub on fire... with me in it...

ahhh! brandon screams! though he didnt like what you did he jumps in to save you!
and he catches fire but he gets it off cuz he dropped and rolled wit you. he takes
you to the nut-house...

"Brandon" I say "Brandon, I'm sorry, why did u save me? I wanna die, I don't wanna
cause u anymore pain" crying...

no. you wont. brandon whispers. you guyz fall in luv again and kiss. frch kiss on
the floor for hours. he broke the spell. my owl transforms into me. you've saved me!
we're together in an allience for-ever. we r family... and you get married. i get
married to a cute unknown boy... we live in our parents mansion, and we live the
rich sweet life.

Last edited: 2 November 2008

‹Alyssa: Ice skating is life (:› says:   2 November 2008   247456  
i am confused? what happend
‹loves to lick you all!!› says :   2 November 2008   942645  
LOL, just a random senario


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