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Sunday, 28 September 2008
08:02:27 PM (GMT)
I lied, tis the last chapter, then ther's another part, *cough* Runaway*cough*

   I walked up to Erin adn she looked at me. I knew she hadn't seen what had
happened, so I left it that way. As we walked away, I couldn't see anything but the
fury in Saphere's eyes.
 I woke up in the infirmatory. I heard talking and I stood up.
 "Hey." Erin said.
 "I know I'll here what happened to you soon enough, so Why don't I fill you in. I
kept fighting, I didn't get themm all beacause they jsut ran away. I'm Basically
fine, just a few flesh wounds. How's Your arm?"
  I just then relaized my arm was in a sling. "Good, I guess."
  "The others will want to talk to you." I nodded and walked out the little mini room
to go into the next, where I saw Davdi chewing his lip as he looked at Seirra, who
was laying in the bed. I sat in one of the chairs and looked up at David, who looked
down at me, and gave a weak smile. For some reason he seemed different.
  "So, you ok?" I asked my first best friend.
  "I am, Seirra..." He launched into hsi story   
                                                                   ((David's Point Of
View [pov]))
      Well, we were doing what you said, I mean, not too many were coming for us, but
enough were to keep us busy. Then Bryce came. Did I ever say how much  hate
that kid? Well i am now. Well we had got all of them away, when Seirra was getting
thirsty, There were a few rabbits, so I let her hunt. She drank the blood, but of
course, Bryce sees that one. He shouts and, can you believ this?!- takes out two
things. 1, a gun. 2. A CROSS?! Yea, anyway. He SHOOTS her, then takes the cross and
holds it out to her. He motions for me to come towards him, and I do. I Glare at him,
and he relaizes what I AM, then shoots me. Amazing thing is, I feel none of this
(unlike Seirra who si on the ground screaming in pain with a puddle of blood
surrounding her) I got up to him and take that cross and shove it in hsi neck... It
was pretty cool. And gory, but cool. He's choking on hsi own blood, can't breath
becasue he has a cross in his throat, and hes asking for someone to help him, and
becasue I felt like it... I take the cross out so know he's bleeding even more! Yes,
bad David, btu ti was quite amusing. I pick up Seirra and walk her to the
infirmatory. On the walk it sinks in. I didn't feel the gun shot. It obviosuly would
ahve killed me, but Here I am standing alive right now. I Have entered the second of
three stages of Vampirism. Which means that I can't die, and will stop getting older,
of course Seirra will hate this, mostly becasue I'm stronger then her now. But yeah,
the leader of the covent is really surprsied, apparently it's never happened this
early to anyone at all.
       Let's see... Well, I was protecting Brandy, but she's not special, she can do
it herself, so I ran to find my buds, my Double W buds, LOL, WereWolves, you know? No
you don't, Oh well. Well I do that, but GUESS WHAT??? Miss perfect went insane!
Somethin was up, casue she was attacking Rick and Ly-Ann, so, I'm fending off the
dead peeps, and they're fighting Saphron, which seriously, WHAT HAPPENED? I dunno, SO
I'm fighting like, really hard. But PHSYCO over there is minimizing our efforts,
STUIPD GIRL! ANYWAY< So the dead are all leaving, and were all fighting the
unstopable, but NOOOO.... she won't die, or get knocked out. Then, memebr how she has
Rick's gift? Yeah, TOTALLY RUDE! Kay, so apparnetly some stuiped ghosty decided to
saty and fight, so thats all me, and Ly-Ann falls, Rick gives her his hand and they
look at each other and smile, But no, ruin a really romantic moment, Saphron! SHE
TURNS THEM INTO A STATUE! So yea, we have a stoned Rick and Ly-Ann out back, K, I SO
((bakc to Normal))
    I couldn't believe it, so I ran to find a window, and sure enough, there it is,
the large statue of the two of them standing there, Ly-Ann half standing, half
   "Aubrey.. are they... are they..."
   "I can save them."
   "No One ever asked me what my gift was."
   "Oh... WHat was it?"
   "I can reverse other people's gifts, but this one might take a while. Find Phsyco.
Oh, and Ly-Ann was saying to me to get everyone outa here. Like now. Like have 'em
runaway. So yea, enjoy yourself. I'm Staying here." 
   I nodded and looked out the window. Wondering what had truly happened today.

Pheonix234 says:   28 September 2008   983914  
great story
whitwhit says:   28 September 2008   654734  
alsome story
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   29 September 2008   746218  
I know, like this is really cool. I liked David's story........


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