A "Getting to Know You" Survey The Basics (_abc_ stolen shoplifted
from little_pink)
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A "Getting to Know You" Survey The Basics (_abc_ stolen shoplifted
from little_pink)
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Monday, 22 September 2008
11:31:07 PM (GMT)
A "Getting to Know You" Survey The Basics (_abc_ stolen shoplifted from

Name:: Keina..
Birthdate:: April 28th..
Birthplace:: SC..
Current Location:: GA for the most part..
Eye Color:: Brown..
Hair Color:: Brownish black..hate it..
Height:: 5'6"...
Are you taken?: No..
Are you a virgin?: Yes..
How many & what kind of pets do you have?: None..wait...I think we still have one
Cats: We used to..
What's your job?: CD Loader at the radio station..
What's your Dream Job?: I don't know yet..
Who is your best friend?: Guy = Shavis or Jimmie or Brian   Girl = My mom and
What instruments do you play?: Flute..
What are your hobbies?: Singing, listening to music, writing songs, handstands, cart
What are your goals?: To get through my first year of college..
Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump?: No..
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?: Fantasy I guess and others...for
magazines- Cosmopolitan...
How would do describe yourself?: Oh wow.....um....not quiet...that's a hard
question...i've changed...
What is a topic you wish you knew more about?: Guys..
What do you daydream about?: i don't have time to daydream anymore..
What are your religious/spiritual beliefs?: I believe there is something...just in
not a god or anything..

List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:
One:: My body period..
Two:: The color of my hair..
Three:: I don't know..

Either Or

Shy or Outgoing?: Outgoing...
Spender or Saver?: Saver..
Truth or Dare?: Ohh...maybe Dare..
Books or Movies?: Books..
Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?: Romantic..
Cats or Dogs?: Dogs...
Mountain or Beach?: Mountain..
Sweet or Salty?: Sweet..

Do You...

Smoke?: No..
Drink?: I wish..
Get annoyed easily?: It depends..
Like to travel?: Yes.
Like to drive fast?: Eh..
Sing well?: I've been told so..
Want kids?: 3-5
-----What would you name a boy?: Aiden..
-----What would you name a girl?: Marlena..

Have You Ever...

Performed on stage?  Yes..many times..
Been in a car accident?: No..
Been out of the country?   Yes..
Where?: Germany and Austria..

What Is..
The last CD you bought?: I don't remember..
The last movie you saw in the theater?: Hot Fuzz..
The last movie you rented?: I haven't personally rented any..
Your greatest fear?: I don't know...just being left out of things..
Your greatest strength?: I don't know..
Your greatest weakness?: I don't know...
Your happiest memory?: Spending time with roommate and suitemate.. 

Your Favorite...

Movie:: Pocahontas and Titanic..
TV Show:: Don't have one..
Actor:: None..
Actress:: Dakota Fanning..
Food:: Macaroni and cheese..
Drink:: Sprite Zero..
Color:: Black and crimson...
Scent:: Sweet pea or cucumber melon..
Season: Summer and winter..

_abc_ shouts :   24 September 2008   127958  
Thieves should be in jail

Gee you like macaroni/cheese too


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