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LONGEST QUIZ EVER!Category: quiz
Sunday, 21 September 2008
12:41:19 AM (GMT)
Longest Survey EVER. (:

Here we go. (:
How are you feeling?: Okay
How old are you?: 11 (as of 200
What's your name?: Samantha
Do you like it?: I guess. Do you?
If you could change it, what would it be?: Alexandra
If you were the opposite sex, what would it be?: Alexander or Samuel I guess lol XD
Do you get along with your mom?: Yeah
Do you get along with your dad?: Yeah
Any siblings?: No
Do you get along with them?: No
What's your favorite color?: Green
Food?: Sushi
Band/artist?: Hmm, I have a few
Type of music?: Alternative and Jazz
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No
Do you like being single?: I guess
Are you happy with your life?: yeah
Do you like the band KISS?: I guess
Do you know any songs by them?: yeah
Do you buy water bottles?: yeah
Do you have caution tape in your room?: no
What color is your bedspread?: purple
Sheets?: purple with green dragonflies
Pillowcases?: same as the sheets
Walls?: white
Have you ever done drugs?: no
What have you done?: nothin
Do you drink?: no
What's your favorite drink?: Water
Who's your celebrity crush?: Sonic The Hedgehog's pretty darn cute, lol XD
Do you like them cause they're hott?: Maaaaaybeee XD
Do you want to know mine?: Sure, whatever
I love Johnny Knoxville. Do you?: Who?
Well, you better back off.: Mkay
Nah, I'm just kidding. But really.: Wha? ;_;
Do you have a cell phone?: Yes
What color is it?: silver
Do you have an iPod?: yes
What color is that?: silver
Do you like KFC?: yeah
What does KFC stand for?: Kentucky Fried Chicken, duh
Do you like animals?: yes
Are you allergic to anything?: yes
When's the last time you went to the bathroom?: a few hours ago
Do you like Buckcherry?: what?
Do you like the song 'Sorry' by them?: what?
I do.: that's nice
Do you want to get married?: yes
Do you want kids?: sure, why not?
What boy names do you like?: Alex, Kyle Why?
Girl names?: Alexandra, Morgan
Do you like Mac & Cheese?: yes
How many pillows do you sleep with?: one
Do you listen to music a lot?: yes
Do you use LimeWire?: what?
Do you use iTunes?: yes
What website were you on before this one?: kupika
What's your homepage?: calweb
Yahoo, Google, or Ask?: none
Do you have braces?: yes
Did you ever have braces?: Yes
Do you need braces?: yes
Do you have asthma?: no
Do you use an inhaler?: no
Do you have your own room?: yes
How big is the closet?: good sized
Do you have a garage?: yes
How many cars does your family have?: 2
Do you drive?: no, I'm 11, lol XD
Have you ever stolen a street sign?: no
Do you like Metro Station?: yes
What's your favorite song by them?: Dunno
Do you like the song 'Shake It' by them?: yes
Do you like giraffes?: yes
What is your favorite animal at the zoo?: Dunno
What kind of computer do you have?: SONY, Windows XP
Do you have AIM?: WHat?
Would you ever put your screen name on here?: No
Do you look good in sunglasses?: No
What about hats?: Berets
Do you like Woodale?: What?
Have you ever heard of Woodale?: no
Will you listen to 'Keep Driving' by Woodale for me?: maybe
Did you watch the first season of Tila Tequila?: no
Did you want Bobby or Dani to win?: dani?
Did you watch the second season?: no
Did you want Bo or Kristy to win?: Bo?
Do you even know what I'm talking about?: no
How many lamps are in the room you're in?: one
What did you do on the last 4th of July?: watched the fireworks go KABOOM
Do you have posters in your room?: yes
Is it hot out?: no
Do you like Pink Floyd?: i guess
Why?: cause
Do you like Motley Crue?: what?
Guns N' Roses?: i guess
W.A.S.P?: ?
Do you wear deoderant?: maaaaaaaaaybe
What's the last thing you ate?: quesadilla
Drank?: soda
How many windows are in your house?: 9
Do you have a pool?: no
When's the last time you went swimming?: summer
Have you heard of the band Foxy Shazam?: no
Do you shop at Hot Topic?: yes
Pac Sun?: no
Charlotte Russe?: no
American Eagle?: no
Abercrombie & Fitch?: no
Do you find anyone annoying?: yes
What's your favorite movie?: don't have one
Have you ever seen I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry?: no
The Happening?: yes
White Chicks?: no
Who's your best friend?: Sooooomeone
How old is your mom?: Fourty somethin
Dad?: fourty somethin
Do you like Barrack Obama?: no
Do you wear perfume/cologne?: no
Did you like the movie Alvin And The Chipmunks?: yes
Do you think it should be called Simon And The Chipmunks instead?: no
What's your least favorite color?: i don't have one
Do you like the band Sick Puppies?: who?
Do you like the smell of baby powder?: yes
Do you have a fanny pack?: yes
Do you know who Mick Mars is?: no
Do you play sports?: running
Do you watch sports?: no
What's your favorite basketball team?: kings
Baseball?: ?
Football?: ?
Do you find Bill Maher scary?: who?
Do you like One Republic?: kinda
Pepsi or Coke?: pepsi
Have you ever seen the ocean?: yes
Is there any bodies of water near your house?: yes
Do you use Lysol?: no
Do you like chewing gum?: yes
Do you like minty or fruity gum?: fruity tooty
Are you bored?: kinda
What grade are you in?: 6th
How many CDs do you own?: 13 or so
Do you have trash in your bedroom?: who doesn't?
Is your bedroom dirty?: yeah XD
What are you listening to right now?: Green Day
What's on the t.v?: Auto Racing
Have you ever been to England?: no
Do you watch cartoons?: yes
Do you like getting shots?: mouth shots yes
Shorts or jeans?: shorts
Do you ever wear hats?: yes
Are you allowed to wear hats in school?: no
What about hoodies?: yes
Do you like the school dress code?: no
Do you like the taste of medicine?: no
Do you like shopping?: yes
Where are you?: home
Stand up.: no
Do 6 jumping jacks.: no
Did you?: no
Why?: I didn't want to. I'm tired.
When is your birthday?: july
Are you a good speller?: yes
What's your favorite class in school?: PE
Do you like this survey?: yes
Why?: cuz
Is it unique?: yes
Can you tell I'm running out of ideas?: well, I can now cuz you told me, lol XD
Have you heard the song 'Tonight' by FM Static?: yes
Do you read a lot?: yes
Do you believe in horoscopes?: yes
Have you ever farted in school and blamed it on someone else?: :/
Do you use the bathroom in public places or try to hold it?: either way
Do you shower daily?: yes
Don't be afraid to be honest on that question.: okay
Do you ever listen to the same song over and over and over again?: ALWAYS
Do you like Miley Cyrus?: no
I don't.: good
What's a song you don't want anyone to know you like?: There are none. I'll express myself freely
What's your ringtone?: Detective Music
Do you have sheets on your bed?: Yes
Do you paint your nails?: eeeewwww no
Toenails?: eeeeeeeewwwwwwww no
Are you a man?: no
Do you like colorful clothing?: yes
Do you like zebra print?: no
Do you like Andy Warhol?: what?
What do you think of when I say pickle?: a pickle
Shoes.: Converses
Angelina Jolie.: ?
Start.: Mokey races
Jesus.: jesus?
Do you like this survey now?: kindaaaaaaaaa
Do you like sausage?: yes
Are you German?: yes
What are you scared of?: I'm claustrophobic and coulrophobic and I have a phobia of getting locked in places
Do you like David Cook?: i guess
Did you want him to win American Idol?: idc
Why?: ???
I voted for him 8923749 times.: why?
I know.: u know what?
What kind of shoes do you wear?: converses, vans, new balances
Do you have converse?: yes
Vans?: yes
Phat Pharms?: no
Jordan's?: no
Have you seen Scary Movie 3?: yes
Best one right?: yeah ;D
Who's Chauncy Billups?: I don't know
Who's Bret Favre?: IDK
Vanilla or chocolate?: choco
Tape or glue?: super glue!
Do you smile a lot?: no
Can you believe we're on the 215th question?: Holy Crapula! :O
Do you have short or long hair?: medium length
Do you want a new hairstyle?: no

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