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Everything about me stolen from NintendoDSCategory: quizz
Thursday, 18 September 2008
01:10:08 AM (GMT)
[.001.] First name: Samantha
[.002.] Last name: Nicole
[.003.] Nickname (s): Sam, Sami, Mosspath
[.004.] Gender: female
[.005.] Birthday: July 12
[.007.] Place of birth: a hospital 
[.009.] Hair color:  brown
[.010.] Eye color: brown
[.011.] Race: white, japanese(Don't look like it), French
[.012.] Nationality: english
[.013.] Do you have braces: Retainer and maybe braces soon
[.014.] Is your hair short: medium length
[.015.] Languages spoken: english,learning japanese and french
[.016.] Current location: home
[.017.] Zodiac sign: cancer
[.018.] Siblings: none!
[.019.] Do you wear glasses or contacts: nope.
[.020.] Bad habits: I drool in my sleep SOMETIMES
[.021.] Piercing(s) you have: none
[.022.] Piercing(s) you want: none
[.023.] Tattoos you have: none
[.024.] Tattoos you want: A fox or a kitty or a flower XD
[.025.] Today's date: September 16, 2008
[.026.] The time: 9:54p.m.
[.027.] Ready for a bunch more questions: Wheee!


[.028.] mother's name: 
[.029.] father's name: 
[.030.] step-parent's names : none.
[.031.] brother(s)'s name(s): none.
[.032.] sister(s)'s name(s): none.
[.033.] favorite aunt: None
[.034.] favorite uncle: None
[.035.] favorite grandparent: all of them.
[.036.] worst relative: My aunt Crystal
[.037.] best relative: some
[.038.] do you get along with your parents: very well actually
[.039.] does anyone in your family understand you?: My cousin


[.040.] do you have any pets: yah.
[.041.] what are their names: Hazel And Cami
[.042.] what kind of animals are they: Cat and Dachshund/Beagle mix


[.043.] are you still in school: yep.
[.044.] if so, what school: I dunno what it's called (long name)
[.045.] future school(s): jr.high, high, college
[.046.] did you ever drop out: nah.
[.048.] favorite grade: This year! I have lotsa friends and the best teacher EVER!

[049.] least favorite grade: 5th Worst teacher ever. But that year, I became close
with my now bestest buddies
[.050.] favorite subject: Writing (It's so fun and easy!)
[.051.] least favorite subject: Math
[.052.] do/did you buy lunch or bring it: Both
[.053.] play any sports on the school's team: nope.
[.054.] favorite teacher: This one
[.055.] least favorite teacher: My 5th grade teacher
[.056.] favorite dance: dunno 
[.057.] favorite memory: a lot.
[.058.] least favorite dance: none.
[.059.] least favorite memory: a lot.
[.060.] most humiliating moment: Don't really wanna share it...


[.061.] number: 7
[.062.] clothing store: macy's, sanrio, avid reader
[.063.] shoes: vans and converses
[.064.] thing: Nature and Drawing
[.065.] tv show: Invader Zim, Spongebob, Haunting

[.066.] sport: running
[.067.] vegetable: Carrot
[.068.]fruit: White peach
[.069.] movie: Dunno
[.073.] bubble shakes: Yes?
[.074.] gum: Bubble yum
[.075.] fish: coi
[.076.] candy: Ghirradelli and Starbursts
[.077.] ice cream flavor: Mit Chip
[.078.] colors: Pink, Blue, Green
[.079.] season: I love them all!
[.080.] holiday: christmas and birthday

5 questions are missing : Why?

[.085.] cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats!
[.086.] thing in your room: My bed? lol
[.087.] place to be: The forest or home
[.089.] sandwich: Chicken Salad
[.090.] junk food: Hm...
[.091.] overall food: Asian foods
[.092.] food store: Rayley's
[.094.] fast food: Mc.Doodle's (McDonald's)
[.095.] restaurant: Kamon and Jade Fountain
[.096.] shape: Star
[.097.] time of day: Late night
[.098.] pizza topping: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
[.099.] way of getting caffeinated: Pepsi
[.100.] boys name: Milo
[.101.] girls name: Emily
[.102.] mall: Westfield and Arden Fair
[.103.] thing to do when you visit your "homeland": Um, I been here for my whole
[.105.] board game: I don't really play board games
[.106.] card game: GO FISH! That's all I know how to play!
[.107.] car: Slug Bug
[.108.] music videos: Shake It- Metro Station, Leave Out All The Rest- Linkin Park

[.109.] swear word: SHIT BALL! ;P
[.110.] musical: Sweeney Todd
[.111.] month: The one with the days of the week
[.112.] cartoon character: Fireheart, NintendoDS's Fan character

[.113.] radio station: I listen to CD's and I find out about songs on youtube
[.114.] song: Drops Of Jupiter and Highway Blues
[.115.] letter: A
[.116.] rock or rap: rock
[.117.] rock or pop: pop 
[.118.] rock or r&b: rock
[.119.] rap or r&b: r&b.
[.120.] rap or pop: pop.
[.121.] rap or r&b: you already asked :/.
[.122.] rap or metal: metal
[.124.] pop or metal: pop.
[.125.] r&b or metal: metal
[.126.] linkin park or limp bizkit: Linkin Park, Chester Bennington has a really pure
voice ^^

[.127.] tool or korn: korn
[.154.] selena or jennifer lopez: Neither
[.155.] love or lust: love
[.156.] winter or summer: both fab.
[.157.] spring or fall: both
[.158.] shakira or britney: shakira
[.159.] garbage or no doubt: no doubt
[.160.] friends or seinfeld: friends
[.161.] diamond or pearl: diamond
[.162.] being HOT or COLD: being cold.
[.163.] buffy or angel: buffy 
[.164.] dawson's creek or gilmore girls: neither
[.165.] football or basketball: basketball
[.166.] summer Olympics or winter Olympics: IDC
[.167.] skiing or snowboarding: neither
[.168.] bath or shower, morning or night: bathe at night, and shower at morning
[.169.] black or white: black
[.170.] orange or red: red
[.171.] yellow or green: green
[.172.] purple or pink: pink
[.173.] new look or H&M: say what?
[.175.] inside or outside: both equal.
[.176.] weed or alcohol: neither but alcohol
[.177.] cell phone or pager: cell phone
[.178.] pen or pencil: both
[.179.] powerpuff girls or charlie's angels: powerpuff girls.
[.180.] scooby doo or din dino: scooby doo XD.
[.181.] old school pink ranger or old school yellow ranger: wth? neither ? :S.
[.182.] lizzie mcguire or that's so raven: lizzie
[.183.] tattoos or piercings: tattoos
[.184.] pink or red: red?

Private life

[.186.] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: nope.
[.187.] do you have a crush: yeah
[.188.] do you love anyone right now: I don't know... :/
[.189.] have you ever been in love: no
[.190.] number of girls/boys you've kissed: None
[.192.] how many hearts of have you broken: I dunno

[.193.] how many people broke your heart?: 1
[.194.] best quote to sum up love:  +  =  
[.195.] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: wonderful ;D.
[.196.] first thing you notice about the opposite sex: face 
[.197.] best weight for the opposite sex: average or skinny (I'm pretty skinny)
[.198.] best first date location: Picnic
[.199.] best first kiss location: dunno
[.200.] do you go by looks or personality: both.
[.201.] ever kiss a friend: no
[.202.] are you still friends: with who?
[.203.] do you smoke: nah.
[.204.] do you smoke weed: nah.
[.205.] ever trip on acid: nah
[.206.] how about a little: no god!
[.207.] crack, heroin, anything else: Nope

[.208.] if you could change your appearance, how could you change it?: Make my face
more prettier and I'd be happy!

[.210.] can ex's be friends: depends
[.211.] internal conflicts: ?
[.212.] how many pillows do you sleep with: 1
[.213.] are you a virgin: :/
[.214.] if no, when was the last time you got some: e_o

Would You Ever

[.215.] bungee jump: no
[.216.] sky dive: no
[.217.] swim with dolphins: I already did! 

[.218.] scuba dive: heck yeah!
[.221.] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: depends...
[.222.] kill yourself: no.
[.223.] race around your neighborhood: HECK YES! :D
[.224.] drink pee: only if I was dying of thirst and that was the only thing around
[.225.] lie for personal gain: idk
[.226.] lie to your parents: yes
[.227.] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: depends
[.228.] be an exotic dancer: no
[.229.] walk out of a restaurant without paying: no.
[.230.] streak: no :P!

People You Know

[.231.] best friend: my pets
[.232.] known longest: My neighbor/friend
[.233.] who drives you insane after a while: Hmm...
[.234.] can be superman: superman
[.235.] can play the guitar by ear: My cuz
[.236.] can play the piano by ear: me
[.237.] slowest: M frand Heaven
[.239.] craziest: All of us
[.240.] loudest: Heaven
[.241.] shyest: Joy
[.243.] can always make you laugh: anyone in the world 
[.244.] best eyes: hm...
[.246.] most athletic: Me! Cuz I'm kool!
[.247.] sex symbol: hahahaha!
[.248.] hot tempered: dunno.
[.249.] most impatient: Heaven again
[.250.] shortest: Bella
[.251.] tallest: Hmm...
[.252.] talented: none of us
[.253.] best singer: hm dunno.
[.255.] nicest: all of them.
[.256.] best personality: all of them.
[.257.] online the most: Me once more!

Have You Ever
[.258.] flashed someone: hehe no.
[.259.] told the person you liked how you felt: mmm yeah :|.
[.260.] been to michigan: nope.
[.261.] gotten really REALLY wasted: no.
[.262.] gone to jail or juvi: no.
[.263.] skateboarded: tried to X].
[.264.] skinny dipped: no
[.265.] stolen anything: maybe...
[.266.] fallen asleep in the movie theatre: nope :P.
[.267.] went to go shopping, only to find you had no money on you: Only 50 times

[.268.] hit someone in the head with a snowball: Not in a long time but yes... then
I got yelled at
[.289.] been flashed? nope thank god :P!
[.270.] cooked (well): yah.
[.271.] kissed someone of the same sex: nope/
[.272.] failed a class:  no 
[.274.] gone on vacation without adult supervision: no .
[.273.] been to a concert: not yet.
[.274.] been to another country: nope
[.275.] talked back to an adult: Of course! Hasn't everyone!
[.276.] got pulled over: nope.
[.277.] got in an accicent: nope.
[.278.] burned a cd: Like 20
[.279.] given money to a homeless person: a penny
[.280.] lost money: yes.
[.281.] cried to get out of trouble: no
[.282.] kissed a friend's brother or sister: no!
[.283.] kissed a brother or sister's friend: no dont have any !
[.284.] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it
anyways?: no.

What Did You Do

[.285.] your last birthday: went to the ocean
[.286.] yesterday: Went to school
[.287.] last weekend: I forget
[.288.] christmas: Got presents
[.289.] thanksgiving: ate turkey
[.290.] new year's: Went to a party 
[.291.] easter: ate chocolate bunnies
[.292.] valentine's day: Sent out cards that were all pesonalized for my buddies,
stared at people


[.293.] thoughts when waking up: It was just a dream...

[.294.] kiss (ever): No one special
[.295.] kiss (with significant other): no
[.296.] screen name: Mosspath
[.297.] self purchased album: A lot
[.298.] enemy/bully: Brentin
[.299.] big trip: Japan or New York
[.300.] word: doodley
[.301.] toy: Toy piglet (Classic piglet)

Right now

[.302.] what are you eating: Nothing
[.303.] what are you drinking: Nothing
[.304.] what are you wearing: School uniform
[.305.] any shoes on: nah.
[.306.] hair: down.
[.307.] listening: Linkin Park
[.308.] talking to anyone: Myself 
[.309.] sleepy yet: kinda
Just Answer It

[.310.] are you a vegetarian: nope.
[.311.] do you like cows: yes 
[.312.] are you a bitch: when i am i am
[.313.] are you artistic: Yes
[.314.] do you write poetry: Yes
[.315.] are you a fast runner: yes
[.316.] can you ski: never been skiing
[.317.] are you british: No
[.318.] do you want to spear britney: Yeah right. And I live in a 70 story house
under the sea!
[.319.] did you ever give barbie a haircut: Yeah

[.320.] would you eat mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: I always do!
[.321.] do you think disney creators were on acid when they made alice in
wonderland: yes. The chesire cat scares me.

[.322.] are you straight: yep.
[.323.] are you stupid, insane, and another physically handicapped:

[.324.] are you fat: no
[.325.] are you skinny: YEAH! :D Better than being fat!
[.326.] are you short: yep
[.327.] do you own a hot pink shirt: uh hu! (yes)

The Last

[.328.] website you visited: kupika
[.329.] movie seen: last holiday
[.330.] time you sang out loud: In the shower
[.331.] thing you downloaded onto your computer: pictures
[.332.] person you talked to: Myself 
[.333.] person you fed: My kitty
[.334.] person you cried to: myself 
[.335.] person you called: Ruby
[.336.] person who called you: my mom

Well that was fun XD.

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