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Naruto Survey!Category: (general)
Thursday, 21 August 2008
02:32:50 PM (GMT)
Erm...I think I already took this. But I kind of got a LOT more into Naruto since
then, so yeah. I just decided to take it again, for the heck of it...

who are your favorite characters? or character?: 
Orochimaru, Hidan, and Kabuto!

Sakura, Sasuke, and somewhat, Naruto!

wadda ya think of gaara?: 
Just needs a hug!

what do ya think of sasuke?: 
I want him to jump off a building. And die. NOW.

wat du u think of orochimaru?: 

rock lee?: 
Oh my gosh...SPANDEX.

Sweet, awesome...I want his hair.

should sakura die?: 

should sasuke die?: 
A little less painfully than Sakura.

who should die?: 
All the good guys...besides Rock Lee. And maybe the Sand Nin can survive...

who is the scariest character?: 
Gaara scares the living daylights out of me.. but then he turns all goody-goody, so
not as much anymore. Oh, and Zetsu freaks me out...


do u think sasuke's hair looks like a cockatoos head?: 
Not really. More of a duck butt-ish thing...

how do u think gaara carries that billion pound gourd?: 
...It's his kind of thing, I guess.

wats ur favorite pairing?: 
Me X Orochimaru, Me X Hidan, Me X Kabuto...

Sakura X Sasuke. IT'S JUST STUPID.

which pairing makes u want to kill someone?: 
Straight as arrows, baby!

wat do u think of lemon fan-fics?: 
I try to avoid them if possible.

what do u think of yaoi fan-fics?: 
I don't really care for them that much.

Twenty two!!!!...I think....

tell me how u feel about orochimaru's tongue: 
It's extremely amazingly awesome...

who do u think orochimaru is most like?: 

is sasuke gay? hey that rymes: 

is shino a drug dealer?: 
...I never thought of that before. YES!

have u seen any naruto movies?: 
Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

i love you:  
If you are Orochimaru, Kabuto, or Hidan, then yay!

who has the coolest looking shippuden outfit?: 
The Akatsuki, duh!

the least coolest?: 
Sakura. EURGH.

hate or love deidara?: 
Love as a brothah!

why do u think sakura wears those gloves??: 
Because she's trying to go all 'Tifa' on us during Shippuden...

whats the first thing you notice about tsunade?: 
The dotty-thing on her forehead...

did u lose all respect for kankurou when u saw his new make-up?: 
It's NOT makeup. Grr.

did gaara get hotter? or is it just me?: 
Yep! His temperature went up about 2 degrees since he lost the Sand Armor!

do u think it's funny that EVERYONE looks the same except for naruto & ppl: 
Not really. Anime is normal, yeah.

what would u do if u found deidara's arm?: 
Try to find Deidara and help him reattatch it.

sasori's puppet is purty ugly ain't it?: 
Not...well, kind of, but I could deal with it.

should naruto have become a chunin?: 

How did you discover Naruto?: 
In-ter-net. Got it memorized?

Do you reccomend Naruto to other people?: 

Are you happy you discovered Naruto?: 

Are you obsessed with Naruto?: 

Are you insanely obsessed with Naruto?: 

WHEN did you first discover Naruto?: 
A loooong time ago.

Do you download Naruto manga?:

Do you download Naruto anime?: 
If I did, I wouldn't tell ya! No, I don't. 

Do you think you have the right to do that?: 
I dunno...

What do you say when people tell you it's wrong to download it?: 

Where did you first download Naruto manga from?: 
I don't!

Where did you first download Naruto anime from?: 
I don't!

Which character do you think is most misunderstood?: 
Orochimaru! Duh! He needs more supporters.

Which character is most under-rated?: 
Dunno. Can't choose from the many.

Which character has the worst past?: 
Probably Gaara.

What do you think of Ino and Sakura's rivalry?: 
Plain stupid. Two preps fighting over a prep..

Does it anger you to see Sakura reject Lee?: 
Yah! Rock Lee's actually not that preppy! *Rock Lee of the Mounties!*

Do you even like Lee?: 
I'd definetly tolerate him!

Do you hate Sasuke?: 
With an undying passion! Although I'd tolerate him if Orochimaru told me to...

Do you hate Yashamaru?: 
Who doesn't?!

Do you think all Gaara needs is just a hug and a good night's sleep?: 
Plus a cookie? Yes.

Can anyone honestly say they hate Naruto?: 
As a person, yes. As an anime, NO!

Do you think Shikamaru deserved to become a chuunin?: 
Probably. He's one of the sane ones...

Do you think anyone else deserved to become a chuunin?: 
The Sand Nin did!

Do you think Shino could've made chuunin if he had the chance to fight?: 

Does Shino's bugs creep you out?: 
Not really. It's more what he keeps under the coat... *coughdealercough*

What do you think of Kankurou's outfit?: 
Awwwww. KITTY!

What do you think of Sasuke's jumpsuit?: 

Should Naruto ditch the orange jumpsuit?: 
No way. It'd be impossible to tell who he is without the orange!

Should Lee get a different haircut and outfit?: 
Nowai! I like the bowl cut! 

Do you think Gaara is evil?: 
Not really...kinda...ish.

Do you think Orochimaru is a closet-pedophile?: 

Why do you think Kakashi is late so much?: 
He's kind of emoish and visits the shrine all the time...or he just doesn't care ^.^

Do you think Itachi's nails are pretty?: 
Duh! Nail polish all the way!

Do you think Haku had pretty nails?: 
I actually missed that...I'll have to check that out.

Did you originally think Haku was a girl?: 
I knew he was a dude, but still....

Did you originally think Yashamaru was a girl?: 

Which character is the best looking?: 
Tie between Orochimaru and Hidan. Although Sakon and Ukon are pretty super-modely...

Which character is the worst looking?: 
Jiraiya, definetly!

What was your first impression of Lee?: 

What was your first impression of Gai?:	
...I hid under my bed.

Do you think Sakura is useless?: 
Purty much.

Which female kicks the most a--?: 
Temari and Karin, most definetly.

Who should become the 6th Hokage?: 
OROCHIMARU. If that's impossible, then Kabuto. Or Gaara could take over Kunohagakure
and make himself grand dictator, for all I care!

What pairing makes the least amount of sense?: 
Again, Orochimaru X Kabuto. I really don't get this. At all.

What do you think about Naruto yaoi/yuri?:
I don't write it, but I don't really dislike people who do.

Do you read/write Naruto fanfiction?: 
Duh, I read and write it!

Do you look at/draw Naruto fanart?: 

What is your favorite fanfiction genre for Naruto?: 
Romantic Comedy. Great to read, but makes ya think.

What do you think of all the 'Naruto gets stuck in sexy no jutsu' fics?: 
No, thanks.

what do you think of all the Naruto Mary-Sue fics?: 

Does it bother you that Gaara is so Ooc in most romance fics?: 
Not all the time, though. He's not ALWAYS OOC.

Do you think Naruto is secretly depressed and/or suicidal?: 

Do you think Naruto is secretly a genius and just hides it?: 
Nowai again.

Do you think Sasuke actually has warm fuzzy feelings for anyone?: 
Possibly, yeah.

Do you think the 4th Hokage was Naruto's father?: 
Anything is possible!

Do you think Shikamaru and Chouji are more then just friends?: 
No. Just no. Not Chouji, Shika, anything but Chouji!

Do you WANT them to be more then just friends?:	
No freakin' way!

Is Neji obsessed with birds or what?: 
Hahah! Maybe!

Is Kakashi really that obsessed with looking underneath the underneath?: 

Does Sasuke secretly lust after Naruto?: 

Is Kakashi secretly lusting after one or more of his students?: 

Is Kakashi secretly lusting over Iruka?: 

Do you pair up characters fully aware that these are 12 year old kids?: 
Duh. Well...kind of. Orochimaru X Me isn't THAT disturbing...

Or do you make them older just so you won't have that on your conscience?: 
Conscience? I HAVE NONE.

Do you like A/U Naruto fics?: 
Kind of, yeah.

Do you like OC's in Naruto fics?: 
Yes, if they're pro-sound-nin-or-Akatsuki. And not Mary-Sues. 

Do you read NCS Naruto fics?: 
...Erm, what?

Do you read NCS Naruto fics but adamantly deny it?: 

Do you read M-Preg Naruto fics?: 

What type of Naruto fans are the most annoying?: 
The Mary-Sue-Oh-My-Gawsh-Sasuke kind.

Do you mix your canon Naruto knowlege with your fanfic Naruto knowledge?: 
Rarely, yeah.

Do you get mad at people who like a pairing you hate?: 
Not really. I just try to tolerate it.

If so, aren't you ashamed of yourself?:	
No way!

What's a good Naruto website?: 


And one more?: 

What's a good Naruto fanfiction?: 
"So I Married A Murderer..."

And another?: 

What's a good Naruto fanart?: 
Yakushi-Kabuto on Deviantart!

And another?: 
Erm, I don't know any!

What do you think about Asuma?:
Eurgh. He's okay, I guess.

Wasn't he awesome when he saved Shikamaru that time?: 
Not really...

He showed us his mad skillz didn't he?:
Nopes, sorry.

Sasuke looked really cool when his curse seal first activated, right?: 
No way!

What do you think of Orochimaru's tongue?: 
Didn't I say I support Orochimaru, and his powers?

Does it disturb you?: 
No way! I think it's cool!

Does it haunt your dreams at night?: 
Haunt? Not right.

Do you think Orochimaru is a sexy beast?: 

Do you think I'm crazy for asking that?: 
Not remotely.

If you could be any Naruto character, who would you be?: 
Erm...Me. An OC. Sound nin or Akatsuki. You choose.

What jutsu would you want?: 
Kimimaro's powers! 

Do you think if a girl used sexy no jutsu she would turn into a man?: 

Say something random about Naruto or a random Naruto quote!: 
I believe that Orochimaru will rule the world, along with Kristoph Gavin, Matt
Engarde, Sosuke Aizen, and possibly Mello from Death Note.

Did you enjoy this survey?: 

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