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Breaking To Say.......Category: (general)
Friday, 15 August 2008
09:26:49 AM (GMT)
Breaking Dawn.................hhm........What to say...............???

Well, I can say this. 

I am one of those people who obbsess over the Twilight series. But I gotta say,
Breaking Dawn was the worst out of the four books. It was MUCH to fanfiction-y. It
sounded like something I would write really. My friends all say that Bella is a
mary-sue whore and I kinda agree with them now. Edward is too giving and then willing
to kill his daughter? FREAK! Although I am-excuse me-was Team Edward, after
re-reading Breaking Dawn-I have fallen to Team Jacob. Although, I still say Bella and
Edward belong to gether. I just like Jacob more now. Jacob doesn't deserve Bella.

Hm........I guess there really isn't much more to say..............

‹goodfornothing› says:   15 August 2008   556616  
I'm still Team Edward, but you are absolutely right. I didn't like it
either, but couldn't figure out why... you pretty much just put the
words right into my mouth ^^
anime_lover_808 says:   15 August 2008   312545  
I'm a twilight freak to. I'm just starting on breaking dawn and I
might post a new comment after I'm done
reading.............................BYE!!!!! :D
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   15 August 2008   544893  
at least some people agree with me
xXx_baby_face_xXx says:   15 August 2008   173355  
i agree with you ok
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   16 August 2008   428711  
I agree. Bella was a little on the sluttish side.

Then Edward, would never kill his daughter!!!!
And Bella with the 'superpower' to already be a decade old vampire? 
I didn;t like it as much as the other books, but it was good.
And a vampire/human child?
When Jacob dies.....What will Renesmee do? saying there all meant for
each other!
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   16 August 2008   334316  
more agree-rs! and one half agreeer!
Bootheghost says:   17 August 2008   429174  
I definitely agree. Though, I'm neither Team Edward or Team Jacob.
I'm Team Carlisle. <3
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   17 August 2008   129926  
OMC! Carlisle!
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   17 August 2008   334315  
I loved the book. 
But I am team edward, jacob, alice, (now) carlisle, emmet, jasper,
quil, embry but NEVER Rosalie
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   19 August 2008   475446  
Yeah, i hated rose after this book. and i had started to like her in
Deki_Yami says:   19 August 2008   641147  
You have a point though. I started to like Jacob more in this book
Edward has merely become Bella's "Man Toy" (if ya know what I mean
*wink* ) haha!
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   19 August 2008   823273  
yes, kira. i know exactly what you mean.
LemonadeHeart says:   24 August 2008   872592  
I'm Team Seth!
HolaLola says:   26 August 2008   982572  
Breaking Dawn wasn't so bad, but it was definatly the worst. SHE

i wished Stephenie Meyer saved more for another book.
I'm still team Edward but Jake was much better in this book although
he was annoying before he imprinted. i was all "get used to it, she
didn't pick u"

also, the book was too soap opera-ish
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   26 August 2008   811246  
i like the soap opera part. it was indeed.
Bloody_Valentine_0331 says:   5 January 2009   749573  
when I finished the book..i closed it, stared at the cover and said:
What the heck was that!? It was wayyyyyy too much like some sort of
fanfic my friend would write!
callie11 says:   5 January 2009   986615  
Whoa. We both agree on one thing at least. We both like Jacob better,
even though we still think that Bella and Edward are better off
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says :   5 January 2009   711267  
Yeah, but i've started to like breaking dawn again. I've re-read it
like, 4 times.


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