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Prelude...Category: Enchantress of My Sweetest Nightmare
Thursday, 14 August 2008
11:33:30 PM (GMT)
((Note to readers: Yes, I realize I have not actually gotten everyone's mini stories
up on here, but dont worry, I have them.  If you still want to read yours, MESSAGE
me, please. I've just got a load of unnecessary stuff going on at my house. Don't
worry, it's nothing serious. Just...drama. Anyway, this is what I have so far. Not
much, but yeah. So read, comment if you wish, and most importantly...enjoy.))


  I am sitting...thinking. The cars hums in the eerie silence of the night. I am in
the backseat, my blessed burden lying across my lap. It hurts to breathe, but I force
the air through my lungs anyway. Inhale...exhale. I am glad that my black bandana is
still covering my mouth and nose. The thin material was somewhat soothing, and it
muffled my shallow breathing. Inhale--I wince as a whip of pain lashes chest. I
quietly clear my throat to ease the pain. I sigh as a small vice in the corner of my
mind begins to whisper to me.
  You need rest, little one...Close your eyes, let the world around you
just...fade away...Rest, little
  I look in the rear view mirror and look at the driver. I notice the wet tears
brimming his all-too innocent eyes. A shallow wave of guilt washes over me. I had
pulled him into this mess...We had been friends, who had known nothing about the
events to come. I am sure now that, if we had known about what had just happened,
that it was going to happen, we would have never even bothered to become friends. Not
only had I entangled my own life and his into a distraught web of lies and deciet, I
had been unable to do anything for my burden. She twitches in her sleep. The slight
movement causes me to tense; my muscles lock, my jaw clenches, my stomach knots. 
  How had it come to this?, I think, relaxing myself unwillingly.
  For a short, sweet moment, I wish that I was back to my childhood. Four children
running through a park, toward the woods. They giggle and run and frolick, as if
everything is perfectly normal, perfectly...perfect. I can smell the fresh
summer grass, feel the dew on the long green blades. The sun is bright and
warm. More giggling, the swishing of a summer dress--
  "Stop it."
  My memories are shattered like glass as the sharp command pierced my thoughts.
"Stop what?" I ask, my voice smaller than it had been just a few hours ago.
  It had only been hours since--
  "I know what you're thinking, Todd. Stop it," he said in a gruff voice. This
was not like him. He was more of a...soothing person, not demanding. He sounded
angry, but the break in his voice told me otherwise.
  "But Max, I--"
  "I don't--" His tensed hands relax against the steering wheel. He takes a
deep breath and exhales slowly. "I don't care, Todd. No matter what you think, this
is not your fault." he said in a more gentle tone. He looked at me in the rear view
mirror. The look he gave me made him look older than he really was. Much
  I feel the weight on my lap shift. I look down.
  Her eyes flash open. They roll around frantically, wildly. She looks like a caged
mare, frightened and scared. The she looks at me...and she smiles. 
  "Todd...Oh, Todd." She weakly lifts her hand to tangle her fingers in my
hair. "You came for me..."
  Her voice is harsh, raspy. Like a haggard woman who lived off of rocks and sand to
eat and drink. Her radiant blue eyes stun me into silence. I feel my Adam's Apple bob
once as I swallow past the lump in my throat. As the cars passes under a series of
street lamps, I see the actual damage. Bruised eye. Swollen cheek and lips. A small
gasp, just under her pointed chin. A tornado of emotions hits me. At the last second,
a hot tear slids down my cheek. More tears follow, as do my silent sobs. She begins
to murmur softly to me, stroking my hair still.
  "Shh...Todd, it's alright--"
  "Alright?" I echo in a broken voice. I sound like I did in eigth grade, when I
finally hit puberty. "Vanessa...we're anything but alright!"
  She drops her hand away from my hair. Her eyes close gently. "Todd, I'm...I'm
  "Don't, Vanessa. It's not your fault, it's mine--"
  In the front seat, Max growled.
  Nessa and I sit quietly. Her breathing slows to an even pace.  I watch her as she
sleeps, her body now relaxed. My eyes wander to my hand, which is cradling hers. I
notice that I am still wearing my brass knuckles. More in shame than anything, I turn
and loom out the car window. The worls seems to be flying by faster than it actually
is. Colors whirr past...blending, almost, into a collage of colors and images. I
gently lay my head against the window and sigh. My eyelids begin to drift down. I let
them close. As I do, my limbs become heavy lead. Numb. My mind wanders back to what
my past...before all of this...One last sigh...then the eager darkness swallowed me

((I'll post more asap!))

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