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Weirdest Dream Ever You Gotta Read It!!!!!!!!Category: Dreams
Thursday, 14 August 2008
12:21:59 PM (GMT)
OMG!  Guess what?!  I had the creepiest dream ever!  I remember every bit of it. 
First it was the greatest day of my life.  Then after 7:00 things got creepier. 
I’ve told you about Andrew.  Right?  If I haven’t… he was a great 4th grade
friend, that I liked.  Ok back to the dream.  I have had this dream before but it was
about me.  Andrew had been over at my house.  I don’t know why.  But so were some
of my other classmates.  But they don’t come in till’ the end.  So this creepy
old woman came into my house.  I was in my bedroom with Andrew.  I was talking to
him.  I was about to tell him my secret (that I liked him) when this lady walked into
my room.  She was a poison killer.  He came to kill Andrew.  But I didn’t recognize
her from before.  So I didn’t know she was here to kill Andrew.  Andrew didn’t
know because it had never happened to him.  So she told us to come downstairs.  So we
did and by that time it was about 8:15.  So I forgot I was going to tell him my
secret.  So I didn’t we were just talking.  Then my classmates came up.  Then I
remember I was going to tell him.  Then the lady poisoned him by offering him a
drink.  Then she told everyone to get out.  Then I recognized her.  She went by Lady
Poison.  The poison would take a while to work.  So I tried to keep Lady Poison
downstairs so I could poison her.  There was no stopping Andrew from dying because he
had already drank it.  I lived because I ran away when she offered it to me.  But
Andrew had lost his memory when he was offered it.  I told him I liked him but he
didn’t remember me.  Then I almost kissed him but, then I realized if I did I would
get poisoned.  So I hugged him and he remembered everything.  He asked if I could
help him.  I said “no Andrew, I can’t.  You have already drunken it.”  Then he
said his last goodbye.  And I told him I’d be right back.  I rushed upstairs and so
fast I couldn’t breath.  So my mom was sleeping.  I woke her up by shaking her.  I
gave her actions.  First I said Andrew.  I pointed down.  I choked.  My mom said
“Andrew ummmm downstairs ummmm can’t breath?”  I nodded yes and we rushed
downstairs…. I picked up Andrew and he was still breathing.  We live close to the
E.R. so we rushed him to the E.R.  He lived and they got the poison out of him.  They
asked how he got it in him.  Then he said that he didn’t know.  He said “All I
remember is that my girlfriend and her mom helped me get here.  And then I thought to
myself “girlfriend?”  Then he leaned over and kissed me.  = D  I still wish that
ending was real.  Not the beginning D =     D = And some weird things have been
happening.  Weird huh? D =
Last edited: 25 November 2008

cute_girl_1999 says:   14 August 2008   911537  
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   14 August 2008   231214  

I had a dream about the boy i like he had a picture of me on his cpu.
I was at his house playing on you tube. Somehow......
THen i asked him why everytime I looked on the computer my picture was
on hsi screen. He said, "Because your alwasy like this when you take a
picture of me!" Then, he hugged me.

He also kissed my cheek, and was about to kiss me. Then, I woke up.
MorningSunshineBreeze says :   16 August 2008   124357  


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