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Wednesday, 25 June 2008
11:25:27 AM (GMT)
On a weekday)
What time do you wake up? ummm. in summer 12ish :]
Do you hit the snooze button? heckkkkk yah. 
Do you shower in the morning or evening? both, sometimes just evening.
What body part do you wash first?My blondeeeeee strands. :] aka hair.
Do you condition everyday? truueee. :]
Do you brush your teeth in the shower? uhh noo.? who does.?
Do you wash your face everyday?Ummmmm in the showerrrr.
What time does your school start? 8:30 but its summer. heck yes.
How do you get to school? ummm car?
Who's the first person you see at school? umm mr.trueblood lol.
How many times do you stop at your locker? never. thats gayyy
How many books are in your locker? I dunnooo?
Who's your favorite teacher? Mr. Hadleeyyyy :]] woot.
What's your favorite class? umm not sureee. gym comes close
What's your hardest class? math. ugh
Who do you see after school first? olivvvvviiiiaaa. :]
How do you get home? bus. I hate the bus
What do you do first when you get home? get bottled watteer. or get ready for
practice or a soccer game.
When do you usually do your homework? the morning its due. i procrastinate :] 
What homework do you usually have? math, social studies
Do you do any of your homework in school? nahh
Which class? none.
Do you check your myspace when you get home? always
What are your parents doing when you get home from school? workinngggg.
Who greets you when you get home? my meow meow. kitty kat. :]
For dinner, is it home made or take out? dependdds
How often do you have fast food? 2 or 3 times a week.
What time do you go to bed? usually 2ish. texting :]
Do you fall asleep easily? uh after txting non stop for like 8 hours heck yah
Do you fall asleep with the TV on? sometimes
What's your night time routine? come in from outside..showerrr. brush teeettth, get
water. change put phone charger in wall. start texting :]
Do you usually dream? not most of the time
In color or black and white? i dk
Good or bad dreams? both 

How many comments do you have? liikeee 400 ?
Friends? 4 pages.
Who's first on your top? Tanner. <3
How many comments do you get in a day? um idk>?
Why did you make a myspace?prob because it was popular lol
Do you go on it everyday? yepp

How many bras do you own? Idk?. enough lol
Lipstick or lipgloss? lipgloss babee
Have you ever been a cheerleader? still am. loud and proud :]
Does your boyfriend kiss your forehead? uhmm a couple of them did
Why does everyone find that cute? well idk.
Do you even have a boyfriend? yep
Do you like high heel? flats deff.
Do you like dresses? umm summer dresses are a must
Do you have really short layers? nahh
Do you have really big sunglasses? who doesnt>?
Do you have a really big purse? heckkk yah
Skinny or flarred jeans? skinny 

Who sits to your right in 4th class? summer dollface.:]
What's your favorite beverage? Dontt know. Gatorade ?
Do you love your school? negitive
What don't you love about your school? ummm the principal
What did you dream about last night? nothing
Can you cut your own hair? neveeeeeeeeeer
When's the next time you'll clean your room? b4 camp prob. but its clean :]
Do you love your brothers/sisters? yeppp
Do you have any piercings or tattoos? my ears. doll
Do you like rap? um not really sometimes
What's your middle name? nun of ur beesss wax :]
Do you have all of your grandparents? no . 
Great grandparents? no
What are you doing after this? orthodontist :]

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