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Murder In Dark Manor [Chapter Three]Category: Story
Sunday, 22 June 2008
11:47:38 AM (GMT)
Was the scream Katy, or was I just imagining it was her? Feeling suddenly cold, I
swivelled my body round and scanned the room quickly with my eyes, to check Katy
hadn't magically reappeared or something. No such luck.
"Mum?" I stepped closer to her. She was still slumped down in the corner, looking
very pale. "Are you OK?"
"T-that...thing..." whispered Mum, shaking. I'd never seen her like this before. Her
eyes flickered as if they were lights. I rose and turned towards the door. It was
closed, but there were shadows outside. I made my way over to the door, trying to
peer through the gap, but I couldn't see anything. Bravely, I twisted the knob and
swung it open. There was the man who had let us in, and another woman.
"Iz everything...OK?" asked the man. He sounded mysterious and not a bit concerned.
It was freaky. The woman wasn't much better, either. She was smirking.
"Do you know where my friend is?" I asked them, trying to swallow, but I was still in
shock so I couldn't.
"No," said the woman. "Why? Has she gone...missing?"
Her eyes glittered suspiciously as she said that last word, but I didn't really think
anything of it. "You're obviously in a bit of a state..." she said. "Why don't you
come downstairs, have some tea?" Her face spread into a smile.
I didn't like the look of her, but I had no idea what she would do if I refused. I
followed them warily down the stairs. I didn't trust anything in this house, not
after what had just happened. Why had the woman looked all weird when she asked if
she was missing? Did she know something about it? Did she plan it?
They led me into a mouldy kitchen, which smelt unpleasantly of spices and damp mixed
together. The dark green wallpaper was covered in damp spots and mould was growing
all over the rotten ceiling. Even the timber holding the ceiling up looked like it
couldn't stand the weight much longer, and was cracking in the middle. The man and
woman didn't look the slightest bit interested about it, though. There was a huge
stove by the window, on which a black pot (rather like a cauldron) was bubbling on.
The edges were high and I couldn't see what was inside. A thought occurred to me -
was she a witch? No, she couldn't be. This was the real world, not a silly halloween
The woman, who was wearing a long black robe, glided over to a teapot and poured some
into a cup, handing it to me without even asking if I wanted any.
"Urm, thanks..."
I peered down at the mouldy cup she'd shoved into my sweaty hands. It looked like tea
and I think it smelt like tea, but I wouldn't trust her. I pretended to drink it and
then placed it on the rotting table.
She went over to the bubbling pot, her long black robe sweeping across the floor as
she walked. She reached over for a long wooden spoon and started stirring the pot
faster and faster, laughing weirdly.
"It is nearly ready?" asked the man, who was now seated at the table, laughing in the
same way as the woman.
A scream.
"What was that?" I said suddenly, as soon as I heard it.
A smile spread across the man's face. "Oh nothing...probably just the wind, right
dear?" he turned to the woman, who was also smiling. I didn't like the way they were
talking and laughing now.
"Yes, no need to worry..." the woman slowly picked up something from the table. A
knife! I turned and screamed, trying to run for the door, but the man blocked it.
"No need to worry," said the woman, as she closed in on me and I sunk to my knees.
"Everything will be just fine..."

Rachelledy144 says:   22 June 2008   648365  
Dragonfly01 says :   26 June 2008   891685  
I love your story! I also love how you put everything in such detail,
it makes it so easy to imagine!
If I were in a place like that i'd be scared as hell, but there's
never be a boring second 'eh?


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