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Wednesday, 11 June 2008
10:33:24 PM (GMT)
wow i talking with my eldest brother junior (genaro)
and we somehow got into a conversation about science and he told me some crazy stuff
for instance the multiple unverses:

apparently there are multiple worlds between ou r world and  others where the reality
is different for each of us
we could be druggees in one or milionaires in others and each time we make a choice
we have created another universe or dimension if you would and the reality is
different in the other world because you took a different action or choice that
changed it.

Here a story true:
a few years ago a man showed up at a store and bought a computer this man was in the
years before 2000 and he began talking with some peaple about the future and he told
themm that the war in Iraq was gonna happen and he predicted global warming was gonna
be a issue and that a company in ausrtia was going to soon announce their project on
creating a time travel machine and that he himself had tested the final project...
and when asked that if he was from the future why did he come back to buy a computer
he responded saying that there were problems with technology as well in the future.
Afterwards the man dissapeared off the face of the planet their were no records on
him at all nobody could find a photo of him or where he lived he was nobody.

and then 2000 passed by and the world didnt end guess what happened the war on iraq
happened, austria announced their project and global warming became a big deal. but
the man also predicted some things that didnt happen wanna know why.... because by
coming back in time and tellinmg peaple these things he had created a new dimension
with a different reality and probably a different future even though some events did

also aliens:
apparently aliens are real.. well no duh cuz if we went to another planet we would be
called aliens but no.
here are some theories my brother talked about. 

GOD IS NOT REAL: the truth is god is a made up story created by peaple who where
either high or drunk.

And that maybe their is a figure wathcing over us but it would be in a science lab. 

THE CREATION: the possibily is that humans at one point in time were able to create a
universe but did not know it.... because the creation of a universe or world may
occur in a lab but the place would be to small to contain it and the world would
dissapear instantly from our universe. 

the world being anywhere in our universes it could be andramoda or our universe but
anything that can happen will happen.

DarkKnight says:   12 June 2008   915126  
that is quite alot of info
DarkKnight says:   12 June 2008   364132  
ok guys u there yet
Saix says:   12 June 2008   886553  
yes im here but wheres peter
DarkKnight says:   12 June 2008   844749  
idk i thought he said to talk on  his diary so where the hell is he
Saix says:   12 June 2008   629223  
let us kill him
Saix says :   12 June 2008   845435  
im getting tired of waiting


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