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Saturday, 31 May 2008
09:25:34 AM (GMT)
So.. I've been on kupika a lot more recently. I seem to go through periods where I
spend large amounts of time on here, and then periods where I wonder if I've left it
behind. I think this period of activity was brought on by my shiny new profile, which
people seem to like, and I like it when people like my profile, so that's nice.

Some interesting things have been going on IRL recently. Yesterday marked the one
week anniversary of my last day of school ever, and the week before that I left
school. I did it in the style that I've always used when interacting with my
yeargroup: reluctant and half-hearted participation. I long ago accepted that I'm not
really a part of my yeargroup, and so--even though I probably could have become part
had I made the effort--I've acted accordingly. I'm not in the year photo, I didn't
dress up for the last day, and I'm not in the Fathebook group.

This week's been pretty interesting. I've done no revision so far, which is to be
expected really, and I've also done a lot of lounging around, and I've also developed
a bit of illness, the reason why is the major event I'm going to talk about.

A close friend and lover who I met off of kupika, MojoHuma to be exact, and
myself, decided that it was time for our Third meeting. We've a bit of a romantic
tendency for certain things, things outside of the normal behaviours, but we rarely
exercise these desires because we've got the whole societal-conditioning holding us
down. I suggested we do one of those things together, and came up with the idea of
meeting in Salisbury (where Stonehenge is, it's a rather quiet rural town) and
spending the night just... wherever, not in a B&B or Hotel or nuffink planned.

It was an idea that caught her too, so we decided it would happen and then it did,
last Wednesday/Thursday. Rather unfortunately the rain (in the form of volume for me
and leaking for her) kept us up the night before, so we were already pretty sleep
deprived by the time our trains/coaches arrived. We wandered around Salisbury a bit,
bought some things, before returning to the train station and spending until probably
around 11:30PM there. By this time we were feeling quite cold, though thankfully it
had stopped raining, so we decided to risk the yellowCoated station staff who were
eyeing us oddly, and stay in the warm of the waiting room.

Turns out this was a mistake, as one kicked us out a few minutes after. Lesson one:
supposedly public indoors areas are not really public at all.

We walked around for a while, attempting to find a place to be for the night (we did
not intend to sleep), all the while getting more and more worked up by our situation.
This was something entirely foreign to us, being effectively homeless, and having to
work out where to exist when all indoors places were closed and it was getting
increasingly cold. We avoided drunkards for a while, wandering from place to place
(coach station, underground car-park, 24 hour toilets, streets), and eventually
decided that a bench near some toilets and a deserted car park, under the darkness of
a large tree, would serve as the best place to stay.

And that's where we stayed, with a thin blanket and eachother for warmth, trying to
remain unnoticeable to the few people who walked by (they stopped coming around 2AM),
and hearing the laughs of the taxi drivers who seemed to congregate and talk at the
other end of the car park waiting for calls. We were on edge for quite a while, but
then we kissed and listened to some goon show for a bit, and that calmed us down. I
won't go in to what other affections happened on that bench, but suffice to say we
stopped when the taxi drivers came back.

Around 4AM it got as bright as an overcast day, seriously, it was unnerving because
it felt like 8AM but.. it wasn't. A short time after some thick mist fell and this
made it a lot colder, plus we hit our allnighter wall at that point (meaning our core
temperature dropped and it was a lot harder to stay awake). We managed to stay warm
with her blanket and eachother until around 6, with a few minutes of sleep sneaking
in too. It really was very cold. Anyway, at 6 it started to spot with rain so we
decided to make a move. Nowhere really was open, aside from Tescos, and I suggested
we go back to the train station to see if the cafe there was open (and, more
importantly, warm). We got there, and it was. The warmth felt very nice after a night
of cold mist, so we ate a few pastries and drank some caffeinated beverages for a

Went for another walk to *Bux, got another caffeinated beverage, and then returned to
the Tronstetaione. We waited there pretty much until I had to leave, aside from
getting some chips (great chip shop they have there, btw), being very sleepy. We both
had episodes of sleep madness and couldn't remember exactly what was happening, but
they ended. Then... my train came, and we said our goodbyes, and I left. Train
journey was horrible because I had to make a huge amount of effort to stay awake and
my digestion system was complaining after the torment I had put it through the past
two days. Eventually though, it ended, and then I relaxed and waited around for a bus
that went where I needed to go.

Took me about an hour and a half, and then this bus pulled up, and.. gave me and all
the other passengers free transport. The guy seemed really cool, long hair and a bit
grungey-looking, and kept waving at random people he knew out of the bus. I wasn't
quite sure if he was just saying to pay at the end, so I asked him as I got off, and
he said "No worries", so.. yeah... no idea how that happened, but it was pretty
awesome nonetheless. It said community transport on the bus, so I presume it was
intended to be free too (rather than the guy just getting fired or something). I feel
inspired to resume my driving lessons and do the same thing.

And that was my adventure!


Jahannam says:   31 May 2008   996547  
"I won't go in to what other affections happened on that bench, but
to say we stopped when the taxi drivers came back."

:O! The shock! The scandal! 

Anyway, seems like that was an interesting experience. The cold sounds
really unpleasant though. Could you imagine doing that all the time?
neoeno says :   31 May 2008   881551  
Oh.. you just reminded me of the reason I wrote this entry XD

The experience was valuable partially because it illustrated very
clearly that our (my) society cares more about private property than
the plight of people who really don't have a place to stay, and that
at night it's even a deviant (perhaps criminal) act not to be inside

As a psychogeographical exercise, it also shows that finding a shelter
to exist that isn't primarily aimed at you buying stuff is very
difficult if not impossible. There is barely any place that you can be
with friends without you being encouraged to spend money, and that
isn't owned by you.

But yeah XD I wouldn't want to do that all the time... especially not
in the winter. God... doing that in the winter would be horrible...
and some people have to :


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