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Friends on kupika. >:]Category: (general)
Monday, 12 May 2008
10:51:48 PM (GMT)
Kayso I'm pretty damn bored.
So I'm going to tell you my closest frands on Kupika.
Not in any particular order,although I did remember Olivia first. x]

xExotic : Wow.Amazingly pimpalicious.Her and I go on Stickam on Saturdays and
make fun of the freakos on there.And to watch Danny of course. <3 It's kind of a
tradition.She also lives not too far away from me...that's rad.But
yeah,Olivia+Courtney=Taking over the world.

brainwashed : Kylie.My little gangsterly mofo.She makes me laugh with each and
every one of her messages.We both have interesting(and incredibly strange) stories
about our schools that we share.Oh and we both have imaginary friends Skyler and
Larry.They are our pimps.

ProfessorRawr : Morgan McTard.It's actually McNabb,but come on,McTard sounds
like a handicapped hamburger. <3 Best friend in real life,probably won't
change,ever.We hang out all the time and be VERY WEIRD.Trust me...we are
whack.Especially at sleepovers.We like to dance.Handicappedly.

Zexion : We have so much in common,srsly.We call eachother twins.And we both
like to glomp.And pwn eachother with glomps.And we're both incredibly rad,k?

KatElecktrikk3384 : I've only known her for a little while,and she's frickin'
RADICAL. <3 We're going to invent portable straighteners one of these days. :]

madman : This is AN (American Nick).He and I are very cool.And don't worry.He
calls me CC (Canadian Courtney).Personally,I think my nickname is more catchy,eh. xD

DerickDelusional : Met him on facebook in December or January,and we've been
close since.He's cool,I'm cool.We both enjoy...well...kicking ass. :\

fall_out_gurl : Yo,Kyoko.Shweet chick right here.Amazing taste in music,and
lovely profile.That's not why were friends though.We're friends because well...we
both share the fact that we're rad. xDD Btw,Kyoko,how have you been,haven't talked to
you in a while. (You're probably not even reading this,ROFL.)

FourStringKid : Great.Us and our dictionary. x]] Lovely.Or should I say
wizardious. xDDD Very good taste in music also. <3

Red_Crayon : Oh god...the good times.With Bob&Gatz.I love this kid.Love her.
xDD Hilarious.

Random_Lauren_XD : Very fun.We both hate the taste of McDonald's.Well
sometimes.She's great though,and her hair is so damn adorable. xDD

iWAFFLE : Oh dayum,this beetch is poppin'. xDD Sorry,that was our street
talk.Yeah.His grandma made me pudding.And he's cool too.Just like good ol'
grandma.And he pwned me in the battle of "No Life" x] It s'okay son,I'll pwn you

Calion : Likes my moustache. xDD Pretty cool,although he doesn't dance.I
KNOW.My reaction too.I mean,who doesn't dance? xDD But he's still rad.Radradrad.

karolinacake : Very great.I just LOVE her oekaki's.And we both like Charmin
Ultra Soft.It's the shizz.Like her. :] <3

gimmeyourpurse : Omfg,awesome d00d.Our nipples are hawt.And one day,we'll hire
men to come and feed our nipples grapes.That might sound totally weird to someone
who's just reading this...but yes.It be true.

XxDegrassi_WhorexX : Reeeeeeeeally good at busting fakes/stupid
people/retards.Really funny,and rad. <3

And that's all I could think of right now.
And seriously,I don't wanna be an ass,so if I forgot you,leave it in the comments,and
I shall add you.
Last edited: 12 May 2008

‹CupcakesAndCandy› says:   12 May 2008   446286  
AWESOME. I'm on here. 8D I feel so special. -tries not to laugh- And. Totally. We ARE going to make portable straightners. >D Its our mission.
‹Musician_Of_God› says:   12 May 2008   427113  
XD TWINNEH!!!! *glomp* XD
brainwashed says:   12 May 2008   683268  
now skylah
wont stop calling me
his hoe
gangsterly mofo?
oh how i love that 
xExotic says:   12 May 2008   384492  
Oh yay :D
I was remembered first.
Courtney is da bomb.
‹derickDEADBEAT,› says:   13 May 2008   414552  
kicking ass....oh yeahhhh XD
Random_Lauren_XD says:   13 May 2008   984341  
wowee :D
am on this list 
*cheesy grin*
thank you

karolinacake says:   13 May 2008   637682  
heee hee :]]]]
i wuuuuuuv yooooooz

and dude, like portable straightners have already been invented ahah
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fall_out_gurl says:   13 May 2008   521889  
I totally read thiss.

Yer amazin'.

I read every post you make.

'Sups Courtneyyy?
NinjaDino says:   13 May 2008   819621  
Portable straightenersssss.
Gotta get me summa that.

Nothing really.How about chuu.
madman says:   13 May 2008   515519  
HEY CC! =DDD eh?
Red_Crayon says:   23 May 2008   293773  
:O I'm on there! No wai! Ily2. :DD
NinjaDino says :   23 May 2008   154681  
<3 Yay.


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