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Tokio Road Chapter 2. Part 2Category: (general)
Sunday, 27 April 2008
09:20:28 PM (GMT)

"Come on out, Shan'ni. You won't be alone anymore, alright?" Shan'ni shifted inside
of the cupboard, making the vanity shake a bit. "No, I'll be fine. You can go…back to
sleep. I'll be fine." Another moment of silence, only the patter of rain to be heard
on the windowsill. "You say that, Shan'ni. But you mean different." Whoever it was
bent down, and opened the door a bit, revealing his face. Shan'ni looked up to him.
"Kino…" He gave a smile, and held his hand out to her. She began to reach for it, but
then another bolt of lightening cracked in the sky. Shan'ni quickly pulled her hand
back, and shut the cupboard door again. "I can't…" She whispered from inside the
vanity. She heard Kino's fingers grasp the handle, but he didn't open it. She heard
him sigh, and say regrettably, "As you wish, my princess." She then heard his foot
steps heading for the door. As they did, there was another crack of lightening, this
one more loud and frightening than any other. "KINO!-" Right at that moment, Shan'ni
burst out of the cupboard, and ran as quickly as she could over to Kino. She caught
him by the back of his shirt, stopping him from leaving…leaving her alone. Kino's
eyes widened as he was stopped dead at Shan'ni's doorway. As he began to turn back,
Shan'ni slowly loosened her grip on his shirt. When he looked at her, she shut her
eyes tightly, and started to fall onto her knees, hugging herself tightly. Kino just
simply stood before her, motionless. "Shan'ni, are you afraid of the-" Another loud
crack sounded off, and the room lit up. Shan'ni gasped, and sprung up, throwing
herself into Kino, griping him tightly. He waited a moment, and then placed his hand
on Shan'ni's back, the other on her head, holding her to him. They stood together for
a moment, but then Shan'ni whispered, "Don't leave me alone…" He felt her fingers
clasp his shirt. "I won't, Shan'ni…I won't."  
	"Shan'ni, time to wake up!" Kumi called as he skipped down the hallway, followed by
Sai. Kumi turned back to him. "We'll surprise her, okay?" Kumi giggled as he gripped
the handle, and started to open the door to Shan'ni's room. But when he opened it, he
had nothing to say. And neither did Sai. "Hey, what are you two looking at?" Toemi
and Koemi soon joined them. But there they stood motionless and speechless. "Hmm?-"
And then came Kauru, but his reaction was not surprise, just silent. There in the
room, leaning against Shan'ni's bed, sat Kino and Shan'ni leaning against each other,
fast asleep. Shan'ni had on a blindfold and earmuffs. Everyone at the doorway
exchanged glances, and decided to do what they do. Toemi and Koemi got each side of
them, blow horns in hand. "Wake up!" They blew them at the same time, making Shan'ni
and Kino jump into being awake, screaming at the top of their lungs. "What kind of
sick game is this, Kino?" The twins stood laughing in front of them. Kino looked
frantically around. "What, what are you talking about, where am I?!" His eyes rolled
everywhere and he couldn't crawl a straight line. "Delusional. I mean this!" Toemi
held Shan'ni by her shoulders right in front of Kino's face, referring to the
blindfold and earmuffs. "He's one of those secretive perverts who keep the girls all
to themselves in dark rooms, making sure they don’t know a thing." Koemi whispered
devilishly in Toemi's ear. Toemi whispered back, "How disgusting…" They seemed to
laughing under their breathe. But as soon as Kino regained focus from having a blow
horn blasted in his ear, they started rolling on the floor laughing. Kino looked over
at Shan'ni, who was crawling on the floor, feeling around, trying to see, then back
at the twins, and started to whimper. "It's not like that, I tell you!" The twins got
into cramped positions, "That's what they all say, you dirty pervert, you!" They
began laughing again, while Kino began strangling them and shaking them by their
throats. Meanwhile, Shan'ni made her way to the other side of the room, still
crawling on the ground. "Umm, anyone, help…I can't see." She was about to bump into a
wall, but someone stopped her. Sai had come over, and lifted her up off of the ground
by her sides. He held her in his arms loosely, with that plain face on. Shan'ni
started feeling him on his face and shoulders. "Sai, is that you?" He carefully
removed the blindfold and earmuffs off of her. She looked up at him, with an
innocent, puzzled look. He spoke with a dull tone. "You asked for help?" Shan'ni
twiddled her fingers, and then smiled at him. "Yes, thank you." He nodded at her,
then brought her back to the middle of the room, and set her down. "Hey, Shan'ni…"
Kauru called out from behind her. She turned around. "Hmm?-" He fixed his glasses.
"Since you're now living with us, our cooks would like you to explain your taste in
food to them." Three cooks in all white stood in the hallway, smiling. Shan'ni looked
at Kauru weirdly. "My sense of taste?-" Kauru sighed. "Precisely, now please step
into the hallway and have a talk with them. They have questions for you." Shan'ni put
her finger to her chin and started to think out loud. "Well, I do have a taste for-"
The chefs suddenly began to lead her out of the room into the hallway, and the door
slammed shut. Kauru turned back to the group, which seemed to be in complete chaos.
Kino was strangling the twins while they laughed it up and made fun of him, Kumi ran
around the room in some of Shan'ni's clothes pretending to be her, while Sai tried to
stop him. "She's gone…" Kauru turned around to see everyone stop dead from what they
were doing. There was awkward silence for at least a minute, until Kino started to
regain his cool and get up from strangling the twins and started to stroll around the
room, then sat his self at the window. "It's still raining…" He said blankly, a
somewhat upset look on his face. Although the lightening had ceased, he still had
thoughts of his experience with Shan'ni over and over. Like a movie in his head that
was such a big hit, that it kept being played continuously. Until last night, she
always dealt with it alone…always. He thought. I've seen a side of her I thought I'd
never see…
	"Come on, Shan'ni, let's go sit down." After keeping her in his arms for a while,
Kino started to lead Shan'ni to the end of her bed, sitting her against it with him
self. She seemed to be hiding her face from him. She doesn't want me to see her
cry…He thought as he started to push the hair away from her face. As he did, Shan'ni
softly put her hand on his when his hand reached her cheek. Then she looked up at
him, her blue eyes like a sparkling ocean when the sun hit it just right. Kino was
mesmerized in them as he sat next to Shan'ni, looking at her softly. But the moment
was broken with another crack of lightening, almost making Shan'ni's hair stand up.
Kino calmed her a bit by putting his arm around her shoulder, but then he thought of
something. "Hey, Shan'ni…" She looked up at him. He smiled. "I have an idea, come
with me." Kino began to get up, and Shan'ni watched him. He held his hand out to her,
she took it, and he helped her up off of the floor. They started to walk to the
doorway. "Kino…where are we-" He quickly turned around and put his finger on her
lips. "Shh, we don't want to wake anyone." He removed his finger, and Shan'ni kept
silent as he opened the door. A boom of thunder sounded off, followed by a bolt of
lightening. Shan'ni got scared again and took hold of the back of Kino's pajama
t-shirt. Kino stopped for a minute, looking over his shoulder to see short little
Shan'ni stuck to his back. He laughed under his breathe, then started to walk down
the hallway a bit, Shan'ni tagging along holding his shirt the whole way, her
innocent face buried into Kino. In a moment, they arrived in the front of another
door. "We'll just be in here for a second." When she heard the click of the doorknob
opening, Shan'ni looked at the side of Kino, and she knew where they were going.
"Your room….?" Kino started to step in, but Shan'ni stayed put, letting go of his
shirt. He looked back at her, surprised to see her detach herself. She stood still
with her hands together hanging in front of her, seeming to be blushing. "You can
come in, Shan'ni." Kino put his hand on the back of his head. Shan'ni shook her head.
"N-no, I'll wait here." She smiled innocently. Kino just smiled and turned into his
room to retrieve what he said he would. Shan'ni stood at the foot of his doorway,
looking into Kino's such of a dark room; she couldn't even make out where he was. Her
bare feet twitched around a bit, and her head turned every which way to make sure no
one was waking up. She heard ruffling in Kino's room, and the occasional whisper,
"I'll be right there…" Then, wanting to check out her surroundings more, Shan'ni
turned away from Kino's room for a second. "Got it," Shan'ni almost jumped when she
heard a sudden voice out of all the silence, and a hand on her shoulder. She turned
around quickly, only to see Kino smiling like a dork holding up a blind fold and
earmuffs. Shan'ni looked at him odd at first. "A blind fold and earmuffs…" Before she
got to think on the subject, Kino took her hand, and led her back to her bedroom.
When they reached the inside, Kino instructed to lean against the edge of her bed
again. She did what she was told, and sat down, followed by Kino. Smiling with
Shan'ni close beside him, he began to put on the earmuffs. Shan'ni looked up at him,
confused. She was about to speak, but Kino just put a finger up to his lips,
signaling for quiet. Then he whispered, "We don't want anyone else waking up, do we?"
Shan'ni blushed, feeling bad that she woke up Kino. But he just winked and laughed a
bit. "Now here we go…" He gently began to apply the blind fold around Shan'ni's eyes,
tying in carefully in the back. Just to test it out, Kino let it stay quiet for a
minute, waiting for a bolt of lighting to sound off. And it did. Getting ready for
Shan'ni to hug him, he went to put his arm around her. But Shan'ni made no such
movement. Kino pulled back, awkwardly putting his hand behind his head. Then, Shan'ni
turned to him; a soft smile is all he could see. Kino laughed a bit again. "Heh, I
guess is worked, huh prin-" He stopped his words, and looked down to his right side.
Shan'ni lay against him, her light breathing signaling her slumber. "Shan'ni…?"
Silence. Feeling Shan'ni's light body against his, Kino smiled, and leaned against
her as well, falling into a dreamy sleep.
*End of Flashback*
"Kino?-" Kumi tugged lightly on his pajama pants. Kino opened his eyes, but did not
look down to him. The group stood behind him, waiting for Kino's response. He turned
to them. "Well, my friends, we have much to do today." The boys looked confused. But
Kino made it clear in a blunt response. "We're going to Shan'ni's brother's funeral."
Toemi put on a slightly surprised face. He still thought about that night. But he had
to find an excuse for his shocked expression. "Ah…but do you think Shan'ni will be
able to take it?" He looked the other way while putting his hand on the back of his
neck, his look that of worry. His brother put a hand on his shoulder. Then, Kino,
glancing to the door, made a statement. "I know she can…" He began to walk towards
the door to exit, but was stopped by Kumi's outcry. "But I don't want Shan'ni to get
sick again!" Kino just looked over his shoulder, his eyes hidden behind his long
brown hair. He said nothing. Kumi was about to cry, but Sai bent down and put his
large hand on Kumi's shoulder. Kino spoke again. "She'll be fine, I tell you. I'll
make sure of it." He paused. "Now get dressed…" Leaving his group of friends in
silence, Kino exited the room, and shut the door. There was silence for a moment as
he leaned against the door, closing his eyes and sighing. "What if I lied?" 
Kino walked slowly and unwillingly into the dining area. Shan'ni sat at the rather
large kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal, gazing far out the room tall window. The
rain pattered against the window sill, making a quiet melody to fill the moment. Kino
decided to make his presence known. "Ah…Shan'ni-" She quickly turned her head to him,
putting her spoon in the bowl. She still sat in the same position; head in her hand,
body leaning to the side, elbow on the table. Her expression was neutral. Kino almost
began to speak again, but he stopped as Shan'ni stood up from the table, pushed her
chair in, and began to walk over to him. Her bare feet make a light smacking sound
against the marble tiled floor; her long, flowing, lavender dress slightly swayed
with her every movement. And as she approached Kino, her small body stopping before
him, she made a statement that made you think she could read minds. She looked him
right in the eye, almost as if their spirits met in unison, if only for a moment. All
until she spoke the words, "I'm scared too, Kino." Kino's words caught in his throat,
and he looked at Shan'ni in surprise. Realizing after a moment that he had no
response, Shan'ni put a serious face on, closed her eyes lightly, and walked past
him. By the time Kino decided to look back, Shan'ni had already closed her bedroom
door, and the suite fell silent. "I'm such an idiot…" Smacking himself in the head,
Kino ran back to Shan'ni's door.

[P.S. There will be a third part ;3 I have to finish it xD]
Last edited: 27 April 2008

‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says:   4 May 2008   441941  
write more coz its so good!  omg im becoming a fan! XD
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says :   4 May 2008   536375  
Yay for fans XDD


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