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another heroCategory: character creation
Monday, 21 April 2008
05:15:26 AM (GMT)

i dont know if anyone actually bothers reading these character creation diaries...
but so far i have recieved 1 (one) single entry for artix

thanks for your entry shayla, its really apreciated


maybe artix just isnt your character...

alright then... first, a little rant in regulair format... then the character
introduction in bold format... and finally, the character discription in
italic format

i give you, Din the Dragongelf

the only surviving Dragongelf in my stories

at this point in time he is an ancient creature... roughly 8 milion years old (earth

also, i feel the need to stress that my characters are all MY creations... if you
steal my character i will sue you... i have original notes on my characters which
have been dated back several years...

if your that desperate for a character im perfectly willing to think up a
character for you or maybe even sell/lend/whatever one of my own characters... but DO
NOT use my characters WITHOUT my permission!

so help me god, i will HUNT YOU DOWN AND DISMANTLE YOU if you do... and thats
before the long tiresome lawsuit that your going to lose because of the
overwhelming evidence... i will milk you for all your worth so that i wont have to
work another day in my life! D=<


my next character!

Din the Dragongelf (Gelf Hero)

starting with a little intro story. skip through the bold part if your not
interested... the discription will be in italic

The Dragongelf trio, once the pride of the Gelf empire. Izual, Shalkith and Din
were unmatched in power, skill and finesse for so long. they were the awnser to the
worst of the worst, the Lucifer class Destroyers from the Shivan overmind. the
massive warships that could destroy a solar system in the blink of an eye. they ran
rampant throughout the galaxy for about 3 megacycles. then, the Shapers, at that time
the dominant species in the galaxy, created their ultimate weapon.

far away from the core systems, hidden behind the gaseous nebulae that expanded
across the Sirius and Aldebaran systems, lay a small 4-planet cluster with a single
star. this system, now known as Klendatu, housed one of the biggest Shaper military
projects of all times, project Sigma-Aqualae, the Dragongelf.

Din, the youngest of the three, was created as the master of elements. he was
intended to bring forth the power of a supernova upon the shivan invaders. his
primary element, therefor, had to be fire.

Din exceeded all expectations. he mastered his primary element faster than most
elementals. he then proceeded to learn the other 3 basic elements in record time.
before his training at the Klendatu planets was over, he had mastered the art of
combining elements and he even experimented with the advancements of the basic
elements (fire->lightning, water->ice, earth->metal and air->sound). he was beyond

the first time Din saw action was a magnificent sight to behold. imagine, facing the
full force of a Shivan invasion fleet set out to invade a solar system within hours.
as they aproached, the Shapers released the airlock. Din took a deep breath, the last
breath of oxygenrich air he would get for the coming hours. as the doors slowly
opened he stood ready. he waited a full second. he counted the fighters, bombers,
carriers and cruisers of his enemy.

51 fighters, 19 bombers, 7 carriers and 3 cruisers. a total of 80 ships.

Din spread his wings and set off into the void.

The doors shut behind him and the Shaper TEC-ship jumped to the nearest star. Din was

Just him and a fleet of hostile Shivan warships.

Din, the Dragongelf is a demonic looking creature. while gentle in nature, he is
one of the most powerfull creatures ever to have been alive.

he has massive, dark-grey horns in a half-circle around his head. his face looks like
a demonic skull with large dark teeth and even larger fangs showing. his massive body
has cracks through the thick, black scales where you can see deep red lines of bright
fire running freely. his back has a crack running along the spine on which a gentle
fire burns. this fire shows Din's mood. behind his shoulders are his wings. massive,
black/red bat-like wings each with a giant silver claw.

Din wields several weapons in combat, though he usually fights with his claws and
elemental powers. the weapons he wields are elemental creations except for one, his
sword. his sword is a massive curved blade. any normal creature would need to use
both hands to effectively use this weapon, Din, due to his size and sheer power,
wields it effortlessly in one hand. the blade, Flamebellow, is said to have been
created in a dying sun.

alright, lets make the list...

-demonic creature
-twice the size of a human, at least
-black, red, dark grey and firey colors
-2 arms, 2 legs, 2 wings and a tail

be creative and make a fearsome creature. this has been my main character for a few
years now. make me proud 

and with that, i leave it in the hands of the artist.

Laurefae says:   21 April 2008   536687  
haha!!! another challenge!! I shall draw this as well! ooooh! a tail
even, sounds like fun^^
Laurefae says:   21 April 2008   726552  
oh, by the way...don't expect something amazing, ok? This character
is, like....amazingly creative and specific and really hard. But i'll
do my best just for you
Genieinabottle says :   21 April 2008   622231  
very cool lol


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