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BandAid on my broken heart (Bored Severus Snape storah <33333 :D ) #2!Category: (general)
Thursday, 20 March 2008
02:41:51 PM (GMT)
“Well Cecelia, we’re at Hogwarts, you have to wait with the first years! Haha,
good luck with that one.” Fred and George said and walked off into the dining

After a long boring speech done by the headmaster, Cecelia’s eyes wandered around
the room, scanning all of the teachers. She saw one was quite fidgety and didn’t
know why and there was a man standing next to him, glaring at everything living, even
some of the inanimate objects. What did they do to him anyhoo? The first year
students went by fast and she looked at this kid with platinum blonde hair sitting on
the stool. Before it even TOUCHED his head he was called to Slytherin. Cecelia sort
of giggled at that. Her eyes wandered the room and she saw Fred and George jumping up
and down, trying to get her attention. Once they saw that she was looking they
started mouthing the words to ‘Wind beneath my wings” to her and she simply
giggled. She looked ahead of her and saw that only one student remained besides her.
They were placed in Hufflepuff.

“Cecelia Silver Rose.” She called and Cecelia walked up to the chair. She took
note on how the hat is the one to decide what house you go into. She sat down and the
hat was placed on her pin straight black hair. It began to talk..

“Hmmm.. I see I see.. Very strong inner soul.. Excessively smart I see this.. Very
brave too.. Your loyalty is high..” The sorting hat went on with things, he was
obviously having a hard time deciding where to put the girl.

“JUST SORT HER TO GRYFFINDOR!!” Fred and George yelled getting loads of laughs.

“She’s not Gryffindor material.” The hat stated and their mouths dropped.

“But she’s our friend, doesn’t that count as anything?” George said with a

“.. Let it be.. SLYTHERIN!” The hat yelled and everyone saw the shocked and
horrified look on her face.

“No!” Fred and George yelled as she walked over slowly putting on her tie. She
sat next to the first years and the boy with the blonde hair stuck out his hand.

“Hello, my name is Draco Malfoy.” He said and Cecelia nodded and shook his hand.

“Cecelia Silver Rose.” She said and he smirked at her. “What is it?”

“Oh nothing. I just found out you have amazing teeth.” He said and she turned the
other way with a slight blush. The angst man walked over and introduced himself to
the newcomers. 

“I am Professor Snape, your potions master.” He told them and Cecelia smiled
widely. She loved making potions.

“I am the head of Slytherin, if you serve detention it will be with me,
understand?” He asked and everyone nodded and Draco just smirked.

“Oh my god!” Cyan yelled running over to Cecelia and hugging her. “You made it
to Slytherin!”  She cried happily and Cecelia smiled. Maybe Slytherin wouldn’t be
so bad after all.

[The next day]

“Come on! Wake your laziness up! Time for Potions!” Cyan said while jumping on
her bed. 

She jumped feeling fear rush through her body and fell to the floor. Cyan giggled and
Cecelia calmed down realizing she was not in any danger. 

They got ready and walked down to the potions classroom. Cyan and Cecelia were two of
the first people there. Then the room started to slowly pour in with students. Fred
and George sat next to them. Fred sat near Cyan and George near Cecelia. They talked
for a while until they heard the door slam and Professor Snape walk in and slam a
book on his desk looking at the classroom.

“No one say a word. Now who can tell me what plant is traditionally associated with
the afterlife and underworld?” Snape asked. A very few amount of hands went up and
Cecelia’s went up uncertain. 

“Yes, you.” He said pointing to Cecelia. “Ms. Rose.” He added and she bit her
lower lip.

“The root of asphodel?” She said but questioned herself and he smirked.

“Very good. 5 points to Slytherin.” He said and Cyan gave her a high five. “Now
you are to look at the board and try to make this potion. No cheating. You get to
work in pairs or small groups of two.” He said and Cecelia nodded then turned at
him confused.

“But isn’t that the same thing?” She asked and he looked at her with his lips
slightly curved up.

“Good to see someone’s paying attention.” He said and sat at his desk and
started to grade papers.

“Cecelia you’re my partner.” George told her and she looked at him with a

“Good to know I have say in this.” She said and he nodded and she began putting
things into the small cauldron that was placed in front of them.

“Uh, do you think its supposed to look like this?” George asked and Cecelia
glared at him.

“You put to much of that brown stuff in!” She exclaimed and he blushed.

“Well I thought you’d tell me when to stop.” He told her and she smiled

“I don’t know a thing about potions.” She said and George looked at her in
amazement. “I just found out I was going to a magic school like, what? 2 weeks
ago.” She said and George nodded.

“Yeah your right.” He said and she laughed.

“Ok, times up. Let me see what messes you created.” Snape said emotionlessly when
he finished grading some papers.

“I thought you said you liked potions!” George whispered harshly in Cecelia’s
ear as they waited for the Professor to come look at their blob.

“I do, I never said I was good at it!” Cecelia whispered back smiling at everyone

“Oh god, we’re gonna--” George started but was cut off by Snape.

“How in the world did you guys get this?” Snape asked picking up the vile of

“Ew, I think I saw it move.” Cecelia whimpered in George’s shoulder.

“I thought you’d do better Ms. Rose.” Snape said with a disappointed look and
Cecelia pointed to George.

“Hey look at who my partner is.” She said and George pretended to look offended.

 “Why thank you!” He yelled at her in a hurt voice.

“Both of you two will re-do this in detention. This time separately since your
incapable of working together!” Snape hissed and they both winced at the venom of
his words.

“Yes Professor Snape.” They said in unison then looking at Fred who joined them
in saying it.

“Why’d you say it? Yours came out bloody perfect!” George said and Fred

“I didn’t want you and Cecelia to have a twin moment without me.” He replied,
grinning like a moron.

“Nice..” George said with a smirk and Cecelia smacked her forehead.

“Oh god, why must we make it up. I could live with failing.” She said and Snape
turned to her.

“Your to smart to fail, I won’t allow it.” He answered her, not even looking at
her but someone else’s potion.

“Come to think of it, you two are the only ones who DIDN’T get the potion
right!” Fred teased and Cyan pointed to herself.

“You only passed because of me my dear.” She told him and he gave her a simpering

“Yeah I know!” He shouted happily.

“Mr. Weasly and Ms. Rose, you two will be staying after in detention.” He told
them and George’s mouth dropped.

“I got detention on the first day!?” He then turned to Fred with a smirk and high
fived. “All right I’m bad!” He said and Snape looked at him blankly.

“No, as soon as you get the potion right, you will be free to leave. Please finish
it quickly.” Snape said and Fred laughed as he pointed at his twin.

“Ohhh! He just DISSED you!” Fred exclaimed with a grin.

“Nice..” Cyan said with a smirk. Cecelia looked around the classroom and noticed,
everyone DID get the potion right. 

[A few classes later]

“God I hate study hall.” Fred whispered to Cecelia. The only reason he really
hated it was because he wasn’t with his brother. Just him, Cecelia, even Draco
Malfoy was across the room with Crabe and Goyle.

“We have Harry.” Cecelia said pointing to Harry sleeping.

“Marvelous.” Fred said with a smirk and they were yelled at by the study hall

“Oh darn, I forgot my Herbology book.” Cecelia said looking on her desk.

“Where?” Fred asked and Cecelia thought then looked at him with a frown.

“Professor Snape’s room.” She said and got up leaving Fred with a disgusted

“Excuse me, I left one of my book’s in a different room. May I please go get
it?” Cecelia asked and the teacher looked at her and sighed.

“Fine..” She said and Cecelia bowed slightly.

“Thank you.” She said and walked out of the room.  The halls were really creepy
looking especially as the night grew closer. The torches on the walls were becoming
her only source of light and it got worse when she got to the dungeons. She knocked
on the Potions classroom and heard someone yell an enter and she opened the door. She
walked in and Professor Snape was grading a bunch of papers that he didn’t seem to
pleased about.

“Hello Professor Snape.” Cecelia said as he looked at her with a still

“What is it Ms. Rose?” He asked and she looked at his desk and saw her Herbology

“I left my Herbology book down here.” She said and he looked at her then gestured
the book.

“Need an invitation?” He asked crudely and she walked over and picked up the
book. She noticed the massive amounts of papers he had to grade and put the book down
at her side.

“I could help you if you want.. I have study hall right now.” She told him and he
looked up and shook his head.

“That’s fine Ms. Rose.” He told her and she frowned and felt kind of bad for
him. The stack of papers were at least a foot tall.

“Ok Professor. But if you do need any help, I’ll help you.” She told him as she
turned around and began walking to the doors. She paused one last time and looked
back at him. “Final offer.” She said with a smile that made him smirk ever so

“You must really hate study hall.” He said and grabbed a small portion of the
pile. She skipped over and picked it up and he handed her the key. “Don’t think
this goes for any extra credit.” Snape said randomly and looked up and saw her
taking a much bigger pile. 

“I know.” She said and smiled at him. “I like to help.” She said and he
noticed that the small pile he gave her was graded already.

“Your fast.” He told her and she looked up with a slight smirk.

“It’s been like 5 minutes. They’re one sided papers.” She said with a giggle
and started grading the other ones. 

After about 20 minutes she gave her Potions teacher the other pile and picked up her
Herbology book, taking note that Snape only had about 4 more to grade.

“Well Professor, I’m going to go back to study hall.” Cecelia said and walked
towards the door and he called her name.

“Ms. Rose.” He said and she looked at him.

“Yup?” She asked and he smirked slightly.

“10 points to Slytherin.” He told her and she smiled and walked out of the

“By god gally, where were you?” Fred whispered harshly.

“I had to help him grade papers.” She said with a laugh and he perked up.

“You have me a 100 right?” He asked and she rolled her eyes.

“No, I didn’t get your paper.” She admitted truthfully and he pouted.

“Damn..” He mumbled and Cecelia giggled and Fred looked at her in thought.

“What?” Cecelia asked and he examined her.

“We need to find you a nickname..” He told her and she laughed.

“Lets all have color nicknames.” She told him with a smile and he grinned at

”Perfect! I want to be.. Yellow.” He finished and she giggled. “Don’t laugh
at yellow, your periwinkle.” He told her and she smacked him playfully.

“What’s gonna be George’s?” She asked and he shrugged.

“Orange.” He said and he looked up at the ceiling. “What about Cyan..” He
said and she looked at him blankly.

“Sweetie, Cyan IS a color.” She told him and he turned to her slowly with a

“Really?” He asked and she nodded.

“Awesome!” He yelled at the Study hall teacher yelled again. “Oh, I forgot to
tell you..” 

“What is it Fred?” Cecelia whispered and Fred tried to keep himself from

“Well, in Hogwarts this year, we’ll have a Musical. And the students are allowed
to nominate 1 teacher to perform in the play.. Lets nominate Professor Snape.” He
whispered and Cecelia bit her lip as her eyes widened and started to tear up, trying
not to laugh. Both of them just busted and roared with laughter and the study hall
teacher stood up and pointed.

“Get out of my classroom!” She yelled and they nodded and ran out laughing.

“Oh my god, that’s bloody brilliant!” Cecelia said and Fred nodded his head

“Lets tell all of the students and try to get him a main role!” Fred offered and
Cecelia covered her mouth chocking on her laughs.

“God Fred I love you.” She said while laughing.

“I know, I’m amazing.” He told her with a smug grin. The study hall teacher
walked out writing something down then giving them both paper.

“Detention, each of you.” She hissed and they nodded, pretending to be sad but
turned around and almost died laughing.


“Cecelia, why are you so giggly?” Cyan asked as she poked at her turkey.

“Me and Fred are retarded.” She told Cyan, and Cyan’s eyebrow raised in
curiosity. “Hogwarts apparently is having a musical.” Cyan nodded. “And we’re
allowed to nominate a teacher..” Another nod. “Lets nominate Professor Snape.”
Cyan bust out laughing and Cecelia heard a deep voice behind her.

“Nominate me for what?” Snape asked, his deep voice sending chills up her spine.

“For.. The most amazing and handsome teacher!” She said looking like she was
making it up as she went along. “Seriously Professor, you should have been a
model.” Cyan was now putting her head on the table crying she was laughing so hard
and Professor Snape just looked at Cecelia oddly and walked away with an eyebrow

“OH MY GOD!!” Cyan yelled taking in a deep breath cracking up. “THAT WAS
AMAZING!” She hollered with laughter getting a lot of attention. Draco snickered as
he heard the whole thing and laughed at Cecelia, hitting on a 30 year old teacher.
“I. CAN’T. BREATH.” Cyan gasped for breath and Cecelia blushed sort of and
giggled too.

Cecelia and Cyan got up and ran to the other side at the Gryffindor table and sat
next to Fred and George.

“What was that all about?” Fred asked and George nodded.

“We heard her laughing loud and clear from over this way.” George added and Cyan
just started cracking up again.

“Well you see..” Cecelia started but Cyan cut her off.

“She totally hit on Snape!” She cried out laughing and Cecelia laughed and turned
pink a bit.

“May I ask WHY?” Fred questioned and Cecelia turned to them both but getting a
lot of peoples attention.

“Well you know the musical thing and nominating Snape to sing?” With that alone
everyone roared with laughter. “Well.. Snape overheard. So walked over and he’s
like.” Cecelia tried to impersonate Snape’s voice. “Nominate me for what?”
Cecelia is now using a small innocent voice. “For .. Being the most amazing and
handsome teacher ever! You should have been a model!” Everyone stayed quiet then
the whole Gryffindor table began laughing really hard and really loud.

“Wow!! You said that to Snape!?” Fred and George choked out and Cecelia blushed
with a nod.

“Yeah.. Kind of embarrassing..” She said with her cheeks flushing.

“Yes but it was amazing.” Cyan added with a giggle and clutched her sides.

[Nigh time]

“G’night Cyan.” Cecelia said drowsily as she laid on her bed and Cyan swatted
her hand. She was much to tired to speak.

Cecelia looked up at the ceiling and remembered all of today, and how fun it was. She
smiled to herself softly and thought, maybe she could actually truly be happy here.
Was it impossible? Probably not. Everyone was so nice to her here.. But she
couldn’t help shake.. Snape’s dark eyes gazing into hers like he knew something.
Cecelia’s eyes shimmered red until she dozed off into a soundless slumber.
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