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Sunday, 2 March 2008
02:30:31 AM (GMT)
Blizzard sat in her carrier quietly.She did this only because Josh sat next to her
cage talking quietly to her.His voice was so very soothing to her.He explained
everything to her why she had to leave and were she was going.Josh knew Blizzard
understood every word he spoke.
      He kept talking to her as the carrier was lifted from the van and set on the
lightly snow coverd ground.Ignoring the protestes of the others Josh opened the cage
and sat in front of it as Blizzard eased out of it.She stepped up to it her eyes
saying everything.She licked his cheek.
       "You'll be safe here.Just dont forget us.We will never forget you."He hugged
her white neck and kissed her furry cheek."Go now find your old pack for this is the
forest i found you in.Blizzard.Im sure your mother had anouther name for you.Take it
and embrace your postion in the pack." Josh stood up and stepped back."Go find your
futer you are a free wolf now."
      Blizzard watched as he picked up the carrier and left her in the snow coverd

     GiGi padded along beside Olin and they let Zeb and Zena talk quietly behind
them.The two were gonna be mates no dought.They had played together as pups.And would
run together as mates.GiGi shook her head and lifted it up in the wind to sniff the
air.Zena dashed off in persuit of a rabbit.She was the hunter in there patrol
group.GiGi caught anouthersent besides rabbit.Human.And Zena had gone in that
     Growling at the young wolfs foolishness she and the other three dashed after
her.They followed her pawprints in the snow.Summer was on its way and soon the ground
would be uncoverd by the white blanket.
     They saw Zena and her back hair was raised and she was growling.The others
grouped around her.
     A lone wolf stood over the body of the rabbit.She was pure white and it seemed
white eyes.She too growled at Zena but stepped back as the others arrived.She made
her fur lie flat and crouched.It was a submissive stance but she looked nothing of
it.She was a small wolf and very lovely in GiGi's opinion.But she stank of the stench
of humans.
     "What are you doing in our woods?" Growled Olin.
     "Trying to find my way.I am lost and am not familar with the life of a free
wolf."Her voice was low.Her eyes portrayed her feelings.She was scared witless.
      "What is your name?"Asked Zena her fur relaxing.
      "I have only the name the humans gave me.I was told by one the one i lived with
that he had found me in a fire in this woods three years ago."The White wolf
lowerd her eyes and sighed " I have no pack,mate,or friend here or anywere."
        The four wolves stared at her and didn't dare for a second hope that this
wolf , this small wolf could be their Alpha's lost pup.They would take no chances in
driveing her away.Zena walked to her and rubbed her muzzle to hers.
       "Come we will take you to our Alpha." She said and picked up the rabbit.The
others made a circle around the white wolf and followed her as Zena led the way back
to camp.

‹YourPersonalNightmare› says:   2 March 2008   817683  
Can wait to read more!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   2 March 2008   753794  
eeep write more pleez!


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