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Ice Magic Chapter 2 continuedCategory: My Storys
Friday, 25 January 2008
06:01:22 PM (GMT)
"So Katy what do you think snow fire was doing following you ?"asked Aamber
curiously, "i duno"said Katy hugging her knees "but he only ever makes it snow when
hes really desperate" "Oh look Katy someones trying to get your attention"said Amber
playfully, Sam was trotting there way.Katy could not make a straight face and was
laughing by the time Sam reached them "Hi"said Sam brightly "What are you doing here
?"asked Amber raising her eyebrows (Which in abers body language means "Why did you
haft  to come over and disturb us!) "Nothing"He said innocently sitting down
next to Amber who shifted closer to Katy "I haven'n had a dream yet so it cant be too
serious"Said Katy sighing "Yeah but you could any moment"said Amber smiling at Sams
blank face. "What in the world are you talking about ?"asked sam curiously (youll
haft to excuse my spelling now im sooo sleepy) "Nothing to do with you" said Katy
,shaking her head at more boys that were coming her way "My arent you very popular
today"said Amber looking at the boys dissapointed faces "Shut up"said Katy scowling.
"You two know the end of the school dance is coming up soon"said Sam "I gess the boys
are trying to get good dates before there all gone"said Sam "Oh yeah, im soo glad its
not a sadi hawkins dance again like last year, i ended up going with this guy i
didn't even like "said Amber shaking the thought out of her head "Yeah i remember
that"said Katy laughing "You can laugh you ended up going with this totally cute guy
and  got a totally cute crown"said Amber frowning. "Well i didnt think it was
that hard i dont know what your problem i"Said Katy remembering how Amber scowled
when Jake kissed her on the cheak, poor boy thought she was sick !! "Whos asked you
allready ?"said Sam "Well Josh, ben ,jake,rhyan .kack ,big T ,Jake G ,Fred, Zack
shall i continue " asked Katy "Please dont "said amber flatly "Who have you asked Sam
?"said Katy "No one yet i cant decide who to go with" explained sam, his face lit up
"Katy will you go with me to the dance ?" He asked grinning "Um i duno cos i have a
b.. i mean a friend thats a boy and he might come to the dance and i was kinda hoping
he would go with me, i'll let you know on friday okay" said Katy biting her lip. Jake
T came over "Umm Amber do you wanna go to the dance with me" he asked his friends
slapped him on the back "Okay yeah"Said Amber checking him out, He did a little
victory dance and winked at Katy. the bell rang "Come on you guys Your both in the
science class with me "said Sam getting up They all walked after him. "Katy isnt your
sister back from your Auntys house yet K"asked Amber "Umm no shes back tommorow" said
Katy nervously "Dont worry about that "said Amber. Her eldest sister Abby was
a kind of goth ,and all the kid at her old school made fun of her. There was this one
girl Kirsty who ust to beat her up ,that the one whos hair she set fire to. "We
played thease silly games and she just didnt understand youve godda grow up when you
get to secondry school, but noo she didnt change she got more into it if anything
then they" Katy swallowed hard

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