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Sunday, 30 December 2007
11:40:59 PM (GMT)
Yo everyone in the Kupika world! I'm currently writing a novel thingy so check it
out! Comment about it...etc.

Chapter 1


	Oh my god… the adrenalin rush- I loved it. The wind blowing through my hair
actually kept me cool in the sticky summer day. Skateboarding was always a thrill…
even when I knew the destination wasn’t so great. I was going to math class. Yes,
math class during summer vacation. No, I was not going to summer school, it was a
summer class in Earningston middle school. And no, my parent didn’t force me to go,
I chose to go.
	My parents have always been on my case with grades. That means if I get a C on a
test, my parents will spazz out and forbid me to go outside for a month. Last year,
my final grade in Algebra 1 was a B- and my parents are still shooting icy daggers at
me with their eyes. I figure if I take an Algebra 2 course in the summer, next year,
I’ll already know everything and I’ll have no choice but to receive an A. Bam! No
more icy daggers! 
	I skated onto school grounds and jumped off the board, grabbed it and walked towards
the school entrance. As I walked in, I pulled my schedule out of my tote bag.
“Hmmm…let’s see… Room 213…” I said to myself. As I tried to find it, I
passed other classes like writing classes and science classes. Finally, I stopped at
Room 213. As I walked in, I was happy to see my old math teacher was teaching the
course. “Hey Mr. D!” I called, smile on my face.  
	“Well, well, well, what brings you to my Algebra 2 class, Melody Winters?” as
Mr. D stood up to high five me. 
	“Y’know, just making sure I don’t fail next year…” I say as we high five,
I put my skateboard in the supply closet, and sit down. I start neatly putting my
pencil and journal on my desk. I look around. Nerds that just love math are sitting
in the front, blondes that were too preoccupied with lip gloss to pass math sat in
the middle but towards the back, and boys who didn’t even care about their grades
sat in the last row. 
	I eye a cute skater that is sitting casually in the last row. He’s fiddling with
his pencil. He has the most amazing eyes… a mix of blue and green. I’m just
staring into his wonderful eyes until I realize that he is definitely not the type
for me. He’s probably a jerk that doesn’t care for girls or his grades. I feel
disgusted at myself as I start doodling on my notebook.

Brrinnggg the bell rings. 

Mr. D suddenly stands up and says “Welcome to Algebra 2! Many of your parents made
you come, some of you chose to come here but we are all here for one reason- to learn
and have fun! Yah!” Many people look suddenly scared of Mr. D. He’s cool and all
but sometimes he gets carried away with his speeches. “Ok, some ground rules-
don’t get up unless you ask me, keep your eyes on me, and your peers.” He takes a
breath and claps his hands. “Now, I want you to say your name and name your role
model and fave thing to do when your bored… go!” Mr. D pointed to a nerd in the
first row. 
	The nerd stands up and announces “My name is Edward,” much, much too loudly
while pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose. “My role model is Albert
Einstein and I really like to watch my collection of Star Trek when I’m bored.”
He lifted his hand in the classic V-shaped nerd greeting, giggled nasally, and sat
down. The first row was all like that and I wondered how nerdy it could get… One
kid actually said his role model was Luke Skywalker. I had to roll my eyes at that.
Finally, second row- that was me. I stood up and glanced around the room.
	“I’m Melody Winters, my role model is my dad,” The hot skater was still
fiddling with his pencil. “In my free time, I sing,” His head was still down.
“...or skateboard.” His head suddenly snapped up to see which girl skateboarded.
His gorgeous eyes landed on me and his mouth opened a little in shock. So cute. I
flashed a small smile and sat down. Row after row, his eyes were still boggling. He
studied me with an expression on his face that said, “Is this girl telling the
truth or making it all up?” Finally, it was time for the back row.
	“, skater boy,” Mr. D said while pointing to the dude with the gorgeous
	“Oh, right,” he said as his thoughts were interrupted. He stood up. “I’m
Aaron, my role model is Gerard Way from MCR and skateboard in my
freetime.” He said, staring right at me. Then, a few other people went and we were
done with everyone.
	“OK,” Mr. D clapped. “We are going to start with trigometric ratios...” Bla
bla bla. Trig ratios- sop easy. Nevertheless, I took a few notes. Then a worksheet.
Again, so easy. I finished it in 5 minutes. Everybody except the nerds (and me) were
struggling with their worksheets and Mr. D was noticing. He stood up and said.
	“If you are having trouble, then find a partner that has finished the
worksheet.” The skater carefully eyed me as if to see if I would bite, got up, and
walked up to me. He placed his paper on my desk.
	“But you’re a girl...” he said all confused and stupid.
	“Good job, and you’re a boy!” I say. Sarcastic comment #1. He found himself
dumbstruck, then surprised by my harsh words.
	“What I meant to say was, girls don’t skate.” He found himself to say finally.
My eyes narrowed. I hate when people claim that girls don’t skate.
	“Well then, I must be a boy because girls are such wimps and too worried about
dumb stuff like chipping a nail to skateboard.” Sarcastic comment #2. He seemed
clearly amused by my attitude. He smiled.
	“Ok, ok, I get it. Girls can skate. I’d like to see what you can do... want to
go skating at recess?” he smirked as if he knew that I was going to say yes. I
narrowed my eyes evily and looked down at his paper. “Aaron Prezzioso” was
scrawled at the top.
	“Oh yeah, because I really want to go skating with a jerk like you.” Sarcastic
comment #3- 3 strikes, you’re out! Just then, a prep came up to us.
	“Aarooooon, can you help me with this worksheet? I don’t get it at all.” She
said in a whiny voice, sticking out her lower lip covered with lip gloss. Aaron
looked disappointed, as though he didn’t want to leave me. He looked back and forth
at me and the prep. “Pleeeeeeeeaase?” the prep whined again, while trying to
smile as sweetly as she could. Aaron sighed. 
	“OH! Well, who are you?” the prep said, just noticing me. 
	“Melody...” I said raising my eyebrow.
	“Oh, well I’m Emma!” She giggled very girlishly. “K, lets go Aaron!” She
took him by the arm and basically dragged him to her desk. I smiled in mock of

Chapter 2


	Ugh... summer class. What a drag. I’m pretending to listen while the math teacher
just goes on and on and on about something called trig ratios. Why am I here again?
Oh yah, my mom forced me to be here. Blech. I look at the window. I so wish I was out
skateboarding. I glance at that girl again. Melody. She said she skateboarded but
I’ve never met a girl that skateboarded before. Wow. She was kinda pretty but not
in the way you notice it at first. Ah, finally. The teacher is done with the long
lecture! I stretch and look right next to me. Emma Brush is sitting next to me. She
notices that I’m looking at her, smiles, and does a little wave. I swear, she is
obsessed with me. Yah, she’s pretty but she is definitely not my type- she’s too
clingy. Plus, I could never go out with a girl that wears that much pink gunk on her
	“Alright, worksheets!” the teacher says and claps like worksheets are the most
exciting thing in the world. Blech. As soon as I know it, I’m staring at a very
complicated looking worksheet. Ok, step one. Put your name on it. I write my name at
the top. Now what? I stare blankly at the paper for about 15 minutes, trying to
figure out what the heck a “Tangent” is. 
	All of a sudden, he says that we have to find a partner. I see Melody doodling in
her notebook. She must be done. It’s a wonder. Like she just heard me, she looked
at me and I eyed her. I get up and try to walk as cool as I can. No, not walking,
I’m swaggering. I slide my paper on her desk and try to figure out if she actually
skates or if she’s just making that up to impress everyone else. 
	“But you’re a girl...” I said and as soon as that came out, I realized that it
came out wrong. Oops. She looked at me like I was stupid and at that moment, I was
feeling very stupid. 
	“Good job, and you’re a boy!” she replied to my idiotic comment with extra ice
added to it. Ok, I really didn’t expect that from her. She looked really nice from
the comfort of my desk but up close, she looked like a vampire, ready to dig into my
	I stumbled a little on my words and finally came up with, “What I meant to say
was, girls don’t skate.” She looked at me like she was about to kill me and I
knew I sounded like a total sexist idiot. 
	“Well then, I must be a boy because girls are such wimps and too worried about
dumb stuff like chipping a nail to skateboard.” She shot back. I had to smile at
that... Ah, if only Emma was like this, I would totally date her. I tell Melody that
I would love to skate with her at lunch but she said “Oh yeah, because I really
want to go skating with a jerk like you.” Did I approach her all wrong? Was I
really acting like a jerk? And as if things couldn’t get worse, Emma came up to us.
She looked like a desperate, attached puppy. 
	“Pleaaaaaase help me with my worksheet Aarooooooon. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase?” she
tries to buy me with her best goo goo eyes but it’s not working. I look back at
Melody, wanting to start the whole conversation over again. She looks clearly amused
at Emma’s little act. I look at Emma again and sighed. I knew I had to give in
sooner or later. Emma suddenly perked up and noticed that Melody was there.
	“OH, hi what’s your name?” Emma asked Melody, waaay too happily. They did the
whole meet and greet thing, then Emma dragged me back to her desk. Melody smiled at
me as if to say “Oh, good luck with Emma, Aaron! Hahahaha, sucks for you”. I

Anime_Chic says :   31 December 2007   615398  
AMAZING , awesome keep writing!!


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