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Sunday, 9 December 2007
02:48:46 AM (GMT)
My Newest Story

Ok Its About This Priestess and Her name is Miku 
She was 7 When her Family was Killed
Lost with Grief she Become An Avenger ( Sounds like someone Eh? 
and 5 Years Later she ends Up at the Hidden Leaf Village
Were she meets Naruto,Sakura and a Devilishly Handsome Sasuke Uchiha
What Happens When Sasuke and Miku Find they Have Alot In Commen?

Story Contains:
Love/Romance/and Fighting

Story Startss Now!

"Tell me sister , Tell me a story of-" little miku was cut of by her older sisters
student. "Lady Matsuo! Outsiders are attcking the village!!" Miku's older sister
frowned and got up from Miku's bed. "Emi use the technines i showed you to fend them
off" with that Emi was gone."Sister i'll help you!"Miku got up and tugged at her
sister's black haori."No miku!"and with that Matsuo left.Miku wondered why her
sister dicided to be a priestess.

Mabey it was her natural born talent at it....she has always been able to
sense,kill,and purfiy evil. Miku  also had this abilty...

"Miku!!"Screamed Matsuo snapping her out of her thoughts
Miku ran outside not exspecting the site before her.Matsuo was being held by an
unknown person and a blade sliceing through her torseo."Matsuo!!" miku screamed as
her sister fell to the ground.
"Sister..."miku wispered as she knelt next to Matsuo.Everyone In the
village....Emi...and her family...she was..alone.
Miku looked up her eyes were from anger.
"Sharigan.."her sister's murderd gasped.Miku Stared long and hard."for a seven year
old you have an enormus power."the person said. Muki quickly knew the person was a
woman, Muki eyes burned..with....anger,saddness, she wanted revenge....
"Who are you?" asked the raven haired child. 
"My name is Kurokawa...and i was sent to murder your family for the powers you
have."she spoke in a low voice.She had a black spandex jumper and a black mask that
covered her mouth and large sword.Miku got up miku wasn't a threat to kurokawa and
walked over to pick up Matsuo's bow and arrows."But young children can't-"kurokawa
was cut of by an arrow sliceing her cheek, and cutting a bit of her off."When i was
born, my purifing powers came early..i knew this and trained with my sister, and now
i will have her revenge!!"Miku's arrow and blue evil and good power was
shown on the arrow.It flew quickly and hit Kurokawa in the chest."But why...the
master told me you weren't a threat.."she said as she fell to the floor."Tell me whos
your master" Miku said as she placed a foot on kurokawa's chest."his name" she fell silent and cold. "I promiss sister i will avenged you" with
that she slowly buried her sister..and Emi almost her only family and burned
everything..and left to find those who killed her sister...

5 years later...
Miku walked down a dirty path, her feet grew tierd and she sat on a rock next to a
sparkly stream.Miku looked at herslef in the water,her eyes were sleepy and black
with purple specks in them.She had silky black hair that reached her shoulders,but
that she kept up in a spikey bun/pony tail thing at the top of her head and had long
bangs that framed her face and some of her bangs were cut just under her eyebrows to
give her and innocent look.
She was now 12 years old and was traveling to a village she has heard a lot about.
The Hidden Leaf village
Miku was looking for any murderous attacks on families and there was one there...the
murder of the Uchiha Clan..with two ramaining survivors: Uchiha Sasuke..and his older
brother Uchiha Itachi (note Muki has never seen them and she doesnt know the Itachi
murderd everyone) Miku got up and found herself at the main gate, she entered and
walked up to an old man "Um exsuse me sir? can you tell me where i can find the
Hokage?" the old man turned around nd smiled " Well child...I am The Hokage". Miku
blushed at her stupiness (is that a word?) "Forgive Me Sir"Miku bowed, The 3rd
Hokage noticed her clothes, A black Haroi with white long baggy pants, and her bow
and arrows she carried on her back"Young child are you?...a priestess?but your so
young.." Miku nodded and followed the 3rd Hokage to his Office."So child What your
Miku looked up and smirked (She's not capable of smileing) "My name is Miku
Fugiwara ,I am a priestess."She looked at the old man." I see...and what brings you
to Our village" Miku looked up and frowned a bit."Im Looking for
Last edited: 9 December 2007

aartee_sharma says:   9 December 2007   825678  
Oh wow!
SilentPriestess says :   9 December 2007   162873  
Thank you....


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