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My life kinda SUCKS at the moment.Category: (general)
Monday, 3 December 2007
06:39:43 PM (GMT)
Yeah, like above, my life sucks. I have to study for exams, which will be in
January, and they count for like half my FREAKING grade, and theyre gonna be super
hard... I have good grades in all my classes except World Geography, which sucks. I
hate nearly all of my classes; the only ones I like are English and Ac Lab. And
that's two out of seven classes!!
And I feel like my friends are breaking me. A lot of them are either mad at me, are
starting to get pissed at me, or are having problems at home and are really upset
about it and its making me upset.
And then the problems at home!!! UGHH. I hate it. I get yelled at nearly every day
for little stuff, or things I didn't even do!! I feel like running away constantly. I
wish my life could be perfect, but it's broken and all wrong. I don't really have
"parents" anymore. I have my mom and my step dad, and I have my dad and my step mom.
And my step mom and step dad arent even THAT! They aren't married to my real mom and
dad, so they arent even related to me. And my step mom brought three whole new kids
into my life. Dan, Eric, and Chelsea. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death, its
just weird. I've been an only child all my life, and now i have a 9 year old step
brother, an 11 year old step brother, and a 15 year old cheerleader step sister. And
my half brother, who is 18 (4 years older than me), and who i havent seen since i was
like 3, apperently lives in the same town as me now -.- i want to find out where so i
can go tell him and his mother that i hate them, and theyre no family of mine, and
iare in NO WAY related to me. (if only it were true... when i was 3 my half brother
((his names joey)) hit me in the face with a metal baseball bat... i havent really
forgiven him)

anyway... maybe i should focus on good stuff.
1: im dating the most amazing guy in the universe, and ill never leave him. ever.
2: i get to meet one of my friends for the first time next weekend :]
3: i get to probably meet another one of my friends over christmas break, cuz he
lives in new york
4: my friend from PA might come down :]
5: my friend, who i havent seen in around 4 years, is coming into town and i get to
see her tomorrow
6: im having a christmas party at my house with me and my friends
7: i get a new cell phone
8: my dad spend 700 FREAKING DOLLARS on birthday presents for me
9: i go to about 5 different peoples houses on christmas :] (HELL OF A LOT OF
10: my grades are all good except in one class
11: im probably gonna learn to skateboard
12: LOST season 3 comes out on DVD December 11 xDD

‹***!BICURIOUS PURPLE!***› says:   3 December 2007   954886  
oo me too
i understand what you feel
im going through the same thing right now!!
Oroborus21 says:   3 December 2007   844558  
the "good stuff" all sounds pretty good...

not to be a downer, but youre too young to say you are goign to be
with your bf friend "forever"..sorry...

but anyways, sounds not too bad, just hang in there, you shall be fine
Kamino says:   3 December 2007   756559  
Awww... *Hugs* Don't worry love, the world will end and then we'll
have tea <3

Anyway, Just hang in there, I'll be here for you... If you need it.
xcowxkissesx says :   3 December 2007   839911  
hmm. as Paper said, hang in there. it'll all be okay :D eventually. 
WHOA. becca might come down here? *squee* *sits on you* psh, all of
our lives suck here and there. It's almost christmas, lets be happy :3


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