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Friday, 30 November 2007
05:08:23 PM (GMT)
1. Do you like your name? Its okay. I prefer to get callled by my nick names,

2. Have you ever wished to be your opposite sex? Maybe once, but only once

3. If you were to have children, what would you name them?Something along the lines
of...Hayley, Brendon, Kayla, Peter, Evangelin or Jayce (greendaylovas story rocks) Im
hoping for boys, though.

4. Do you even like kids? Loove em

5. What time do you usually go to sleep on a weekday? 9 ish

6. What's your favorite word? Awesomeness

7. Have you ever tYpED lYk dIs at some point in your life?No, its a little annoying

8. What's your dream career? Either a writer for SPIN or something, an author or In
the music business

9. If you could be any other race, what would you be? British considered
a race?

10. What are you listening to right now? Smashing Pumpkins- Tarantula

11. Grab any book by you, turn to page 69 and type out the last full sentence here:
"Pizza Hut is better than my chicken potpie, and McDonalds cheeseburger beatsw my pot
roast"- the face on the Milk Carton
12. Do you like country music? Rap? No, Kanye is awesome though

13. How would you like to die? Knowing that Im loved and cared for. Even though I
wouldnt want to die at that point, Id like to be happy

14. Do you like taking pictures (not necessarily of yourself)? 	Yes

15. Do you use ":]" a lot? No, me use ""

16. Are your neighbors annoying? Yes, theyre boring

17. Ice cream or popsicles? ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM

18. What was the last thing you drank? 	Milk

19. The last time you left your house? Last night when the power went out

20. Are you loving life? Not oving it, but enjoying it

21. Do you like the way you write? My writing style, yes

22. What's your favorite animal? Dogs

23. How many times have you used the restroom today? Twice, thanks for asking

24. Are you hungry right now? Yes, thanks for reminding me

25. Turn on your TV (unless it's already on). What's playing?Celine Dion. SAVE ME 

26. Do you like video games? I dont own any, but my friends do. So yes

27. What's your favorite Pokemon? Venusaur

28. What was the last thing you watched on YouTube? Fall Out Boy holiday greeting

29. Are you cool with bugs? Yeah, they my hommies

30. Do you like Halloween? Yes

31. What do you want for your birthday/Christmas? Money

32. Have you ever fasted? what?

33. What's going on tomorrow? Sleep

34. Are you doing well in school? yes, Im pretty much a smartass

35. Do you have online friends? Not on this site 

36. Do you think you're popular? No, but I have a fair amount of friends

37. How much money's in your wallet? About...3 quarters and 10ยข...IM RICH

38. When was the last time you laughed really hard? Tuesday, when my friend chose
this boy to join our team in gym. She said they "complete eachother". She was joking,
but my friends and I were yelled at for laughing to hard

39. What's on the cover of your science binder? A fish eating a popsicle...dont

40. Do you believe there's such thing as an non-racist person? Of Course

41. Do you pass on chain letters? When Im bored to death, and I mean death, yeah

42. What do you do for fun at home? Computer, write and read

43. Can you wiggle your ears?  no

44. Why did the chicken cross the road? He saw a 10% off sign at Old Navys

45. Do you like your voice? Not really

46. Are you good at receiving/giving compliments? Giving, yes.

47. Have you ever won a contest? Yes

48. What are you using for your messenger avatar/icon? Happy Bunny, I love that

49. Can you imitate something/someone well? Yes. Pretty much everyone.

50. What's your favorite amusement park? Parc Valcartier

51. Do you have any REAL autographs (not the cheap ones on posters!) of famous
people? YEAH!I do!One of my teachers sang back up for some band. She was in a music

52. Do you cry easily? When I was young I was a cry baby, so now when we have little
skits at school I can sry easily. Dont ask how that works

53. What's something you do at home that you don't do in public?Skip. 

54. What do you think about boyfriends/girlfriends? What About Them?

55. What's something you regret doing as a child? Ive got a whole list

56. Have you ever met a gay person? Yes

57. Where do you think wind comes from? The trees. DW said so

58. Do you like sour cream? I Guess.

59. What color are your fingernails? Black

60. Do you like animal crackers? YES

61. Can you do a split? Nope.

62. What do you smell like? Flowers, as Chloe says

63. Have you ever done anything stupid at a drive-thru? Teehee

64. Do you like to use song lyrics that relate to you? Yeah, I guess

65. Do you have a problem with odd numbers? No .

66. What's something you're proud of? Im proud of my skills

67. Do you think you'd be a cool teacher? Yeah

68. What are your pet peeves? 

69. Do you know what the number 69 represents? It represents something?

70. How do you pronounce "caramel"? ca-ra-mel

71. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you like to be? A turtle. A
ninja one.

72. Are you the jealous type? Only when people rub something in my face too much

73. Do you keep a journal/diary?Naw, I have millions of empty diaries.

74. Have you ever used Xanga? Naw

75. Do you have a made-up language/alphabet? Dumb-Dumb Yes

76. What fingers do you use to type? All Of Them.

77. Is there something you need to have/to do to be able to sleep? Think of a dream

78. What day is it tomorrow? Saturday. 

79. What time is it now? 5:07 pm

80. Do you believe humans evolved from monkeys? Only Homer Simpson

81. What's your favorite board game? Clue

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