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Randomness 14.... Not even nearly finishedCategory: (general)
Sunday, 21 October 2007
12:43:21 PM (GMT)
551. Do you have a bank card? Yeah
552. If so, have you ever lost it? No
553. Have you ever had money stolen? No 
554. Have you ever stolen any money? Nah
555. Have you ever found a wallet? Yeah
556. If so did you return it? Yes
557. If not, would you return it? Yes 
558. In tact? Yes
559. What would make you steal? Dunno
560. Is there any circumstance that would make you kill someone? If they tried
to/killed someone I love (Family/friends) or tried to kill me 
561. What would it be? ^^
562. Can you speak more than one language? Kinda
563. What are they? Bit of French, less Spanish, Even less German, And a couple of
sentences inLatin
564. What else would you like to be able to speak? All of them... completely
565. Is English your first language? Yes
566. What language do you speak at home? English 
567. At school? English
568. Do you know any sign language? A bit 
569. If you do, what? Alphabet and jump xD
570. If you had to lose one of your senses but got to pick which one, which would it
be? Smell 
571. How would you function without it? Dunno
572. Have you ever played the blindfold game? Yeah
573. Has anyone ever walked you into a tree? No
574. Have you ever walked into a door? Yeah (A glass one!)
575. A signpost? No
576. Have you ever had to use crutches? No 
577. Would you like to have to use crutches? No-oooo
578. What do you think about casts? Grrr
579. Band-Aids? Sticky
580. Do you prefer beige band aids or fluorescent ones? Fluorescent
581. Are you fond of rubber duckies? Yesh
582. Have you ever heard that song? No xD
583. Who sings it? Dunnah
584. Mukluks? Dunno
585. Are you paying attention? Kinda 
586. Do you lie? Yesh
587. Are you lying now? No
588. Are you sure? Uh huh
589. Does honey go moldy? I don't know 
590. Does margarine? I don't think so
591. Do you get migraines? Sometimes
592. If so, what do you do about them? Take aspirin 
593. Do you have back pain? No
594. Back problems? No
595. Do you have any chronic diseases? No 
596. Are you sick? Kinda
597. Have you ever been to the hospital? No
598. Were you born in a hospital? Yesh
599. Have you ever had a blood test? No
600. What do you think about blood tests? Scary :o

601. Post your three favorite smileys. You can do it in one post if you like.    xD
:D ^^
602. Post your three least favorite smileys. You can also do that in one post, if you
want.       :S  V.V

603. How many questions are left? Thosandish xD
604. How long will it take you to answer them? A while
605. What questions would you like answered? Errr dunno
606. Why? Dunnah
607. If you could speak to animals for a day, what would you say? Ask them about
their lives, what they think about things...
608. Would you write a book about your experience? No
609. Would you document your experience in any way? Yesh
610. If you did, would you try to convince people that it had really happened? Record
611. Would you try to find out why it happened? No
612. What's the weather like where you are? Warmish
613. What's the weather usually like where you are? Cold
614. Would you like to be outside right now? No
615. If so, why are you inside?  ...
616. Or are you? I am 
617. What are you sitting on? A spinny chair xD 
618. What are you wearing? Black Jeans and A silver top
619. If you were to walk into a room full of people that didn't know you, what you
want the first thing they thought
about you to be? She looks nice/fun/cool
620. What's the first thing you notice about people? Their apperance
621. Is that good or bad? Badish
622. Do you like people? Yesh!
623. Do people like you? Yep
624. Is there anything you like better than people? No
625. What is it? ...
626. Could you ever be a hermit? NOooooo 
627. If you had to be, what kind of hermit would you be? A crab xD 
628. Do you want to be famous? A bit
629. What do you want to be famous for? Being meh
630. What do you want to do? Dunno yet

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