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Friday, 19 October 2007
06:41:00 PM (GMT)
I keep seeing all these usernames like "i_am_emo_" or "emo__xx" or whatever. So I
thought, just HOW many people call themselves emo on Kupika? o.O

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Holy. O-o;;
I fear for the future of kids today... I really do. o_o;
They're labelling THEMSELVES.

I'm going to go vomit now D:

edit : If you call yourself "emo" and would like to leave a "omg!1one u got a problem
w/me:?!/11one i am emo u hav no problems lik i do!1one"-type comment, please save
yourself some time and don't bother WRITING IT HERE. I don't care how "hawt" you
think you are, how it's "not a trend!o1n1e" or whatever. Please don't vandalize my
diary with your illiterate ramblings. I will delete your comment. 

If you want to say something and voice your opinion, please do so in a mature way,
and type so that I can understand you. Remember to think before you say something,
too. Also, please understand that this is MY diary and I have a right to my own
Last edited: 21 October 2007

Mewmewkitten says:   19 October 2007   983777  
They will soon become extinct like the "Goths"
I got 7 blacklists!
Labels are for soup.
And if you label yourself, YOU'RE A CAMBELL'S CHIIIRCKEN NOODLE
I got that from Rei-chan(Who has quit Kupika)
sugartastic says:   19 October 2007   268432  
Yeah, but there's a huge army of them now XD
It'll take a while... but pretty soon it'll be an embarrassing past
time, much like the bellbottoms and hated big hair of the 80s!
-shudders- O_o;
Top Ramen :9 Mmm ghetto D:
Camilleh says:   19 October 2007   614885  
I think that it's mean to make fun of them, and they don't get what
they deserve..
But that's just me.
I'm not going to black list you.
And I'm not even emo.
Mewmewkitten says:   19 October 2007   385917  
Camilleh: They're stupid. "Emo" is a freaking label. They think they
have the worst problems in the universe. Most of them don't ever know
the meaning of the word "depressed"
Nicole, that is so true XD There is like
300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of them now. You can eat them you know
donut107 says:   19 October 2007   516913  
Damn emos there are atleast 9 of them in my math class i think 13 in
my english which really pisses me off cause if someones haveing
trouble in class they'll be like  "lawl my problems worse..." i wish i
could eat them -_-0
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   19 October 2007   221634  
im emo you got a problem with that im not always sad or talk about my
problems im normaly a half nice person too people and i really dont
give a crap that i label myself but in some of these comments it looks
like people judge you more by your label than your personality
sugartastic says:   19 October 2007   376724  
@Camilleh: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I never made
fun of anyone. I said I'm scared for them. =_=; Do people even READ
what others write anymore?! Sheesh. o_O Plus, of course you're not
"emo", it's a label, not a real thing. People who follow trends
usually aren't too bright.
@Jasmine: Haha, you're right. :D I  need to eat them with ketchup.
@Donut: Haha! XD It's spreading so fast... everyone and their mom and
dog is "emo" now. XDD They think their problems are everything but
really, most of them don't even know what real problems are. (Also,
they obviously do well financially, they can afford all of their
little "emo" accessories...)
@love_me_or_die: Yeah, I DO got a problem with that. o_o Do you
understand that "emo" is not real? Do you understand that the only way
people classify "emo" is if you wear square glasses, part your hair to
cover up half your face or wear tight leather pants? O_o;; And don't
say it means you got problems, because there's a smarter way to say
it. Like using real words, for example. People who are depressed
usually don't tell anyone. It's insulting to people who have really
dealt with REAL problems. I have, but I don't use a shallow label like
"emo" on myself. People are more complex than that, I don't define
myself with a label. And they're not judging you by your label,
they're judging you based on the fact that you LABEL yourself. Labels
are childish and I would think that by the time you finished
elementary school, you'd grow out of it. 
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   19 October 2007   431685  
Okay okay. You "emo" people need to realize something. "Emo" is a
label. It's like a trend. It's like me saying "I'm a WAPANESE! And
proud of it! You got a problem with that?!" See? I just labeled
myself. No one should ever put a LABEL on their own self! EVER! It's
not right! It's saying that you are so SIMPLE you could actually be
categorized as person. That you are just like a certain from of
people. That's REALLY wrong! It's also conforming. I'm also concerned
about the next generation. I hope they are NOTHING like you "emo"
people! When our next generation has problems I hope they could TELL
whether or not they are REAL or nothing. For crying out loud you
people need to get over yourselves and realize your hormones are
taking over. u_u

I suppose some people are just so simple they could actually label
them selves. How sad.
sugartastic says:   19 October 2007   173439  
I agree Doo XD
They're so simple, they conform to standards set by a trend and label
themselves as such. That isn't emotional. That's shallow. You're
putting yourself underneath a category set by SOMEONE ELSE.

Also, people:
Even if you DO have problems, cut the whining. o_O; DO something about
it then, besides crying that you're so emo right now and that your mom
took your 40GB iPod and now you have to use the nano.
Boo-freaking hoo.
Rwarr says:   19 October 2007   685915  
Jeez, I know what you guys are saying. k, they're two types of
The people who have they're problems that make them depressed. But,
instead of complaining to the world about it saying,"Im emo!" , they
do something about it! Like, talking to someone, cheering themselfs
up, or asking help from a close friend. The other people just complain
about everything, whine all then time, and just annoy other people.

Jut go look on help.com! all these friggin people whine about being
its like the same question all the time, and people are nice to
"oh, its okay, where here for you, cheer up, tommorows a new day!"
why dont the just go google search "HOW TO BECOME NON EMO"
arghh.. I, myself, have though about suicide, i hate my life, but i
smile all the time, i keep my head up when my thoughts bring me down.
some people should learn to do the same. ;-;

p.s. why did i even post that?! argh,, im just half asleep anyway ^^
Mewmewkitten says:   19 October 2007   698448  
You don't eat Top Ramen with Ketchup!
Here's to the "emo" people
Go cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it! :O
Oh and another thing to "emo" people
Want some fries with that whine? :P

Whining all day and doing nothing to cheer you up.
I can't wait till you become extinct!
Like the goths.
Atleast the goths didn't whine all day they just dressed in black and
stupid junk like that.
xExotic says:   20 October 2007   544766  
emos are stupid.
sugar_snowflake says:   20 October 2007   381622  
It's not that ''emos'' are ''stupid'', it's that they label themselfs
as freaks. Seriously. They do.
sugartastic says:   20 October 2007   454517  
@Spaghetti: You just contradicted yourself :DD! Hahaha. I'm not even
gonna bother with someone like you. And stop capitalizing every single
word. It's very, VERY annoying.

Baleeted! :D
-deletes- ^-^ 
sugartastic says:   20 October 2007   714752  
I knew this would happen.
There's almost 1000 of you here on Kupika. I knew someone would whine
about this. :P

Save yourself the time.
Don't whine at me. Seriously. Don't.
Don't argue with me, especially if your grammar is that of a
You won't win.
‹Puppeh.› says:   20 October 2007   362359  
I am not against emo people but they act like they have the worst
life ever.
It is just a label.
sugartastic says:   20 October 2007   985174  
Yeah XD
I'm not against them or whatever, just... against the fact that they
think they're depressed and that they think the label is a
"lifestyle". -eyetwitch-

Yeah. :3
Labels suck.
Camilleh says:   20 October 2007   978745  
KK. So yes, emo, is a label.
I'm not  defending those people who are like "I am emo. I am sooooo
sad. Emo, emo me."
But take note that their are people who dress "emo" with real
&& yes, they may be prone to whining.
But it doesn't make them a perosn to be "scared of".
bluejay29 says:   20 October 2007   139216  
Lyncheh says:   21 October 2007   326959  
I love this diary entry.

You sound cool, because *le gasp* I can read what you've written! =)
sugartastic says:   21 October 2007   636338  
@Bluejay: Yeah, I keep seeing people telling others that they're emo.
So annoying. @-@; It's *ALWAYS* thirteen-year-olds. Ugh...
@Camilleh: If you read my entry -- I said I fear FOR the kids of the
future. NOT "I have a fear OF them" (though they are disturbingly
annoying at times). Also, of COURSE there's people in this label that
have real problems. There's people under EVERY label who have
problems, yet people seem to be more defensive for the "emos" and are
more open to mocking others they don't like such as "preps", and
despite what they think, these "preps" have real problems, too. People
just enjoy mocking them more without a problem. And I never made fun
of people with problems. If people will listen and get my point here
-- I am annoyed by those who are shallow enough to label themselves
under a trend that consists merely of having certain accessories (hair
style, tight pants, glasses etc) and listening to certain types of
music (Fall Out Boy, anyone?). It's a very materialistic trend and you
will be classified under "emo", not for your attitude, but only things
that are skin-deep. ("You like Fall Out Boy! Oomgggmg, you're sooo
emo!") Everyone and there mom and their dog and their mom's dog is
"emo" nowadays. It gets really tiring to see this, and it's like a
mass disease where everyone is conforming to fit themselves under a
label. It's disturbing. People who follow trends mindlessly are very
prone to succumbing to influences -- this includes negative ones, too.
They can easily be influenced into doing anything -- dangerous, too --
without thinking first. I'm not claiming all of them will do this, but
the majority of society's teenagers that happen to be following this
trend at the moment did it without thinking. If I were talking about a
trend from a long time ago, there wouldn't be as much anger direction
towards me as there is right now because this trend I happen to be
talking about is very common these days, especially around this web
site, and is probably at its all-time high. Voicing an opinion on it,
as I expected with the amount of those into it at the moment, DID and
probably WILL lead to more anger. I was not making fun of them, just
stating that I'm afraid for them because they ARE likely to follow
another trend in the future, be it good or bad. So yes, that's all I
was saying.
@Lyncheh: Thank you.  
Jamgirl0808 says:   21 October 2007   934129  
Oh my Goodness.. FINALLY!!! -Bows at your feet- Somebody who
understands my pain! Yes, I just signed up yesterday and already
realized this sick fact. You know more then haft those emo's are under
the age of eleven? Seriously, a lot of them don't even know what emo
truly is. Most of them are saying that to get sympathetic feedback on
their bad days. Some of them mean it. And some are just sayng that to
test responses. But I don't think a lot of people on here are actually

You want to know why else I might love you. O.O Because you are one of
the only few literate people on here! Which makes me conclude that
this site is for kids, although I did find a porno club, so perverted
kids? O.o
kiwily says:   21 October 2007   371126  
I lable myself...-drumroll- Asian -is a purely racist Asian-

XD but some gangsters "azns" just make me boil up acting like some
asian gang. NUU we're supposed to be smart but pretty!! XD -is REALLY
my friend's account is I_am_not_emo. 

why do people label themselves anyways? it confunds me. XD
Jamgirl0808 says:   21 October 2007   961476  
Because nobody else will, and sometimes they want to seem
interesting, and like if you are a aspiring singer. You try and give
yourself a nickname, and spread it around, so that maybe somebody will
find you, and that will enventually be your name.
sugartastic says:   21 October 2007   711945  
@Jamgirl: Why thank you. X3 I'm glad to see that someone agrees! :D I
thought I was the only one who felt this way. There's just so many of
them here that it's hard to get a point across. There's like, an army
of them or something. And thank you for the complimet! :D Heh, there
are tons of people here who are more literate than me. ^///^ But thank
you for understand, really. <3 It means a lot. :D You gave me the best
comment, seriously. X3 And hahaha, so true, everyone here is always
talking really... XD Well, you know. "omg i need a girl 2 tlk to me...
if u kno wat i mean lol!11one". Ther's many sick kids here. XD
@Kiwily: Haha. XD You're not racist. 8D And I've seen you around here,
and you are indeed smart. =^_^= And hehe, I don't understand that too
much. That's what I'm trying to figure out. :O

And again @Jamgirl: Wow! :O Interesting~ You have a really, really
good point there. That sounds like a reason why someone would do
something like label themselves, it makes sense! O.O Why else would
you label yourself? Because nobody else will. -nods- You're totally
awesome, I really agree with you on that, I wish there were more
people like you here. ^_^ 
sugartastic says:   21 October 2007   837962  
Argh! @-@;

How stupid of me... XD
I said "thank you for understand" instead of "thank you for
understanding", and I spelled "there's" as "ther's". Wow. XDD; -smacks
Jamgirl0808 says:   21 October 2007   482446  
xD That happens to me a lot. xP Also, thankies for the compliments.
>w< I am thinking of making my own guild, specifically for literates,
but it would probably be very dead. D:
skatrchic516 says:   21 October 2007   724686  
hey guys guess what! you guys are all being sterotypical its just
plain wrong!
sugartastic says:   21 October 2007   363445  
Hey Starchic guess what!
You need to read before you comment!

Jamgirl0808 says:   21 October 2007   614683  
Hey Skatrchic, guess what!

I found four grammatical erros in what you just said. 

You didn't spell stereotypical right. xD
Jamgirl0808 says:   21 October 2007   129914  
And I didn't spell error's right. xD

Irony is such a cruel, cruel, thing. xP
Katie_xox_Cupcake says:   22 October 2007   818733  
Grrr.. I was Afraid I'd Come Across Another Diary Entry Like This..

Look, I Have The Sense My Comment Will Be Deleted, But Heck.. I'll Put
My two sense in here anyway..

I'm not FOR emos.. What so ever.
I think it's simply a style that went COMPLETELY out of hand..
But.. If People Want To Label Themselves, I think they have every
right in the world to do so.

Like, Gangsters And Preps For Instance.

Have ANYONE ever seen a diary entry about Gangsters?

Complaining about how cool and fly and whatever they are?

Or Preps, About how popular they are?

I have NEVER seen one Diary Entry About That..
Yet here We Are.. With The 60th Diary entry i've seen talking crap
about people who like to label themselves.

All of you.. Who are totally against labels, Have AND WILL, Label
yourselves eventually.

You will disagree with me right now..  But trust me on this.. You've
probably done it a million times without realizing..

Have anyone ever heard of a "Happy Emo"??
If not.. Then You need to rethink this WHOLE diary entry.
Just because someone catogorizes themselves as emo, Doesnt mean they
are automatically unhappy.

And you, Will NEVER, Understand someone else's problems.
That's One reason I completly despise this diary entry..
Because no matter how hard you try, There is no possible way of
understanding, And feeling what someone is going through.

They could be manic depressive, Or maybe they just dont tell their
whole life story on kupika, and you automatically assume that they are
low-life labelers.


I know you will delete this.
I know you won't read this over to see that you might just be over
I know you wont even consider giving 'emo's' another chance..
So go Ahead..
I just wanted you to hear what I have to say.
sugartastic says:   22 October 2007   613374  
Katie: People DO have every right to label themselves.

Did I say they didn't?
Also, I have a right to have my own opinion, too. Everyone has a right
to do what they feel, is that what you're saying? Because basically,
you're acting like I DON'T have the right to express my thoughts on
this matter. If they have a right to label themselves, don't I have a
right to disagree with that? I have every right to.

And I don't know WHERE you saw these other diary entries, but I
haven't seen ONE on this site talking about how they hate the "emo"
trend. (Which I never said I did, yet SOME people are getting the idea
that I did. Please show me where I stated that I hate "emos", because
I don't seem to rememeber writing anything like that.)

Again: I ask you guys to please read what I write before you start
assuming you know what I'm talking about. Also, if you go on other
sites, there are PLENTY of hateful writings about preps and gangsters.
You just have to look around. Believe me, they're everywhere. And
also, I'm not only saying I don't like that people are following the
emo trend. It's not JUST that trend, it's every trend. AGAIN, if you
READ what I wrote in the comments, I said that I don't like how ANYONE
labels themselves. This includes the preps or the gangsters or
whatever you said. The main reason I mentioned "emo" here is because
that's the current big trend. It's the big trend of this site. I
haven't came across one person claiming to be a prep or a gangster,
just "emos". And believe me, they're everywhere. That doesn't mean I'm
"for" the other trends though. Quite the contrary -- I don't believe
that following trends is a very good thing. Of course, this is merely
my opinion, and you are indeed entitled to your own.

And no, I'm not going to delete your comment.
I will, though, delete comments that are just abominations of writings
-- you know, the ones where it's hard to understand what people are
saying due to major loss of vowels.
I also will delete comments that are incredibly immature.
Yours wasn't, and you didn't type like a five-year-old, which is why
I'm not deleting it. I didn't think it was something that would change
my mind or give me a new light on the situation, and you didn't say
anything that was "I never thought of it that way" provoking, however,
but I'm not going to delete it.

Label myself eventually?
How so?
sugartastic says:   22 October 2007   461216  
What do you mean by that? Do you mean a label like I'll call myself a
"prep" or "emo" one day? Like I'll succumb to this one day, because of
the how "awesomely cool" labels are? Highly unlikely. If I already
can't stand the thoughts of labels at the moment, what makes you think
that one day in the future I'll do it? I'm not just going to get
stupider as I get older, you know.

And of course I've heard of "happy emos". I've heard of every emo in
the book, they're EVERYWHERE all over every site. The people who call
themselves that may even annoy me more than the plain emos.
Contradictory much? "Emo" is a term they usually associate with being
unhappy and wearing dark clothes. If they're happy, why on earth do
they even CALL themselves emo? Also, I don't really care what kind of
"emos" there are, I'm not for ANY types of labels, no matter how they
act. PEOPLE ARE NOT CANS OF SOUP. Do you understand this? We're human
beings. We. Are. Not. Simple. Enough. For. Labels.

And what do you mean I'll never understand other's problems?
I've had friends who've called themselves emo.
Really close friends. Who told me their problems all the time. How do
you know I'll never understand people's problems? If you truly believe
that, doesn't that mean that YOU, too, can't ever understand my
problems? Do you know I have to take medication because of MY
problems? And here you're speaking to me as though you understand
everything about where I'm coming from.

Do you REALLY want to know what I'm sick of?
I'm tired of seeing people that truly don't have problems saying that
they're depressed when they're not. And yes, there ARE emos that have
NO PROBLEMS. In fact, there's plenty of them. You know how it feels to
HAVE depression then have some little twelve-year-old in your face
telling you that THEY'RE depressed when they're not, and saying that
YOU don't understand? You know how angry that makes me? Depression
isn't something you take lightly. I'm tired of this trend in
particular because it belittles a serious mental problem -- some of
them do, mind you, not all -- and turns it into some glittery little
trend. It's incredibly offensive to me. Some of these people have no
idea, none at all. Those are the type that make me want to vomit.

Another thing about your "I'll never, ever understand other's
problems" statement. So, I can never understand where others are
coming from? Doesn't this go for you, as well?
sugartastic says:   22 October 2007   864964  
Can you REALLY say you know why I'm writing this?

Hey, and here's something else!
"They could be manic depressive, Or maybe they just dont tell their
whole life story on kupika, and you automatically assume that they
low-life labelers."
Well, Katie, you've just run into someone who is depressed, and not
only that, but someone who has agoraphobia and OCD. And someone whose
life you know NOTHING about. And guess what? You're telling them off
as though they don't know what they're talking about.  Yeah, me. But
of course, people who DON'T like labels aren't that important to you,
are they?

As you said: NOT COOL.

"I know you will delete this."

"I know you won't read this over to see that you might just be over
(Also, were you trying to type "exaggerating"?)

"I know you wont even consider giving 'emo's' another chance.."
Wrong again.
"Emos"? It's an imagined label. Not real. Do you mean people that CALL
themselves this?
And what do you mean, another chance? Another chance to what? I never
said I wouldn't befriend one or I wouldn't speak to one. Actually, I
have friends like this. Did I ever say in my entry that I wasn't
giving anyone a chance? I said I'm scared for the future of our world,
that's all.

Please, people.
Read what I say. Stop assuming.

And once more, I'm not deleting your comment.
I DID hear you out. But unfortunately, I don't agree.
Kari8899 says:   15 November 2007   476844  
If i like fall out boy does that mean i'm......emo?
I don't even think the word emo is even in the dictionary..is it?
*looks up the dictionary*
sugartastic says:   15 November 2007   195656  
XD Well, by the standards these "emos" set, they think this
particular "sadness" of theirs can only exist if there's materialistic
things involved. For example, some believe that no matter how truly
depressed you are, you can't be "emo" unless you listen to a certain
band or dress in certain attire (the glasses, the tight pants etc)...

However, "emo" is only a made-up trend. :]
So no, you're not! XD Don't label yourself! :3 If you like a
particular band, that doesn't mean anything. It just means you like
that type of music and that's all. ^_^
Ciel_Kitty says:   15 November 2007   767181  
my ex best friend calls hereself an "emo".
buit im sure she lives on a rainbow =__=
sugartastic says:   15 November 2007   641314  
LOL. XD A rainbow? XDDD
Kari8899 says:   16 November 2007   984354  
Oh.....YESSS!!!!!!!!! I'm not emo...Wait a minute! I can never be
emo! I'm not even sad!!!!!! XDDDD!!!!!!!! I'm always hyper and
spaghetti101 says:   16 November 2007   753649  
Kay Wow. Who Cares If I Capitalize Every Single Word.
Doesn't Mean I'm Stupid.
Yrr Just Another Stupid Person Who Doesn't Understand How To Walk In
Someone Elses Shoes.
:P i hope yew die a slow and painfull death by someone murdering yew
and i will pull yrr eyes out with spoons and throw yew off a cliff.

Have A Wonderful Day :D
spaghetti101 says:   16 November 2007   163238  
oh and by the way "emo" isn't made up
it stands frr emotional.
and "emos" Are Emotional
If Yew Had Any Brains 
Yew Might Have Known That
sugartastic says:   16 November 2007   246622  
Emo is made up, little girl. Go away and quit commenting on this
And you ARE stupid. Period. You're 13 and you think you know
everything. At least I KNOW I don't know everything. You pretend you
do. You're 13, you have NO IDEA. About anything. Get over it. The only
thing you care about is webcam pics and music, apparently. Grow up. I
hope on day you learn something. Read a book. Write. Do something
productive, just become smarter before you decide to start something
with me.

Don't take arguing with me lightly. You have no idea who you're
dealing with. I don't play around with kids like you.

Please do the world a favor, and shut up.
sugartastic says:   16 November 2007   782239  
Oh, and it's spelled "you", by the way. Not "yew".
Your typos are driving me nuts.

"Not stupid"? Haha. Don't make me laugh.
sugartastic says:   17 November 2007   118942  
Anyone who comments on this entry again will get a rake to the face.
DesolateRoxy says:   22 December 2008   223795  
Most emos arn't sad and depressed all the time
The one you think are sad are really quiet
And don't want to be bothered
miss_harajuku says:   22 December 2008   895333  
Definition for emo - is a genre of music that originated from
hardcore punk
And the word emo comes from emo-tional.
‹NewAccount› says:   22 December 2008   615197  
Damn, thats a lot. xD
I remember when I labeled myself.
It's so stupid..
‹underage› says:   22 December 2008   643169  
Ahh, so "emo" is supposed to mean emotional, right?
Let me list a few emotions: sad, upset, angry, disappointed.. 
But, theres also: happy, joyful, and exited!
Humans are naturally emotional.
Being emotional DOES NOT mean you're depressed.
So all of you who call themselves "emo" should start thinking
positively if you have problems.
EVERYONE has problems, trust me.
Cutting yourself and crying your self to sleep are NOT going to help
those issues, in fact, they are probably going to make them worse.
So please, try to catch yourselves when you think negatively.
It will make things much better.
Please, the world has enough sad people.
KOTORgamegirl says:   23 December 2008   334266  
im a dork
exquisite says:   10 March 2010   351498  
Warriors_Fanatic_101 says :   20 March 2010   581602  
Yes!!! There is just so many emos!!! Its now a fad like skinny jean


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Bloggingpinklama: MY FIRST BLOG; YAY! :] I'm happy :]

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