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They're no more weird than YOU are!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 3 October 2007
07:14:54 AM (GMT)
Yesterday at lunch I heard a girl talking, saying repeatedly, "Goths are SOOOO

I couldn't disagree more. I am not a goth, but I don't think they're weird. They
happen to have a style that's different than everyone else's. Is there a crime in
that?? Why does everyone want everyone to conform??

_Sumi_ says:   3 October 2007   474634  
*shrugs* your kinda right everyone has there one style
angelgoth_15 says:   3 October 2007   279459  
well ur correct about that....and besides goths are not bad,cause
maybe im one of them...
Bwunny says:   3 October 2007   643377  
yea goths are cool in a different way.
donteatglue says:   1 November 2007   215472  
true i agree people do that to ME 0.e im just special
‹HyperStrawberries!› says:   10 November 2007   354699  
It's not like everyone has to be a certain style. They just don't
know that.
love_swimming_girl says:   11 December 2007   868177  
i like goths and emo... actually i hve been labled and is labled both
of these i'm labled goth and emo.... and abnormal and inhuman...
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   22 December 2007   182453  
We  outcasts  don't fit in and i don't fit in because of the
i like vampires etc. I'm not going to give up what i like to be in the
rainydays says:   4 January 2008   776591  
You know what's even weirder??? The fact that girly girls think goths
are weird, but all the while the goths are thinking the girly girls
are weird! Think about it....
‹**Mina-Chan**› says:   11 February 2008   552588  
I'm kinda popular and i love goth and emo people they seem to help u
wit ur problems....they understand...
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   5 April 2008   539982  
I agree. In they're eyes, everyone else might be the weird ones.
6viper6king6 says:   19 July 2008   117888  
bwunnys rite and i should kno im a goth
Sweagen says:   9 August 2008   615383  
‹<3 Her lips taste like a loaded gun</3› says:   5 October 2008   147494  
only posers lable themselves...i am me.  im not emo, goth, whatever. 
kimpossable says:   4 January 2009   149377  
my best friend is an emo
‹<3•BringJanaMarieTheHorizon•<3› says:   18 January 2009   573174  
i agree.....goths are cool....they see beauty in stuff most ppl
don't...i'm not straight up goth anymore (i learned to not label
myself and that if u label yourself....other ppl think u give them
permission too) but i still think like them sometimes.....i think it's
a good trait to have....
sneakyvampire says :   13 March 2009   199593  
hey wtf u aint goth 6 viper6king u dont act like it and when u text
it down ur not one of them at all sow same as people who keep texting
it down dont bother i know whos goth or not just by looking at them
and there act


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