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Too Much Pressure!!!Category: Can someone give me advice?
Saturday, 22 September 2007
02:29:56 PM (GMT)
Too Much Pressure!!!

          This is me normally --> . This is me latley --> . I'm going insane and
it is all because of the large amount of pressure that everyone is suddenly putting
on me! 
           I started grade seven at a brand new school so now my best friends from my
old school are calling me on the phone all the time to stay in touch. I'm not much of
a phone person. I never was. I prefer talking to someone in person, but my friends
aren't like that. Anyway, I don't want to be rude to them and tell them to stop
calling because I know they miss me and if I tell them to stop calling they'll think
I don't miss them at all! I do miss them! I miss them a lot! 
           I don't just not want them to call because I'm not a phone person. I also
don't want them to call because my new teacher gives me hours of homework and I can't
do homework and talk on the phone at the same time. So by the time I hang up the
phone it's like seven o'clock p.m. and I still have three hours worth of homework to
do! Since I'm so tired as I do my homework because of how late it is I work slower
which makes me finnish my homework even later!
          So I never have time to myself. I'm either talking on the phone, thinking
of excuses to get off the phone between bits of conversation, or doing my homework.
There is absolutley no time between phone and homework for me.
          Also, I haven't yet memorized my school schedule. So I think I don't have
geography class the next so I don't do my geography homework and then it turns out I
do and I get detention for not having my work done! Then my mom finds out I got
detention and starts giving my lectures about how important it is to get your
homework done which I already got from my teacher.
          Currently I haave to finnish reading this novel for school. I am way behind
on it and it is so boring. I normally love to read, but this book is painfully dull.
I'll never finnish it in two days. My mom keeps reminding me to read so I don't get
detention and it's killing me!
          Can someone please help?

Sanyu says:   27 September 2007   759376  
Arrange dates to see your friends on the weekends and tell them you
are absolutely up to your ears in homework, and talking on the phone
isn't helping. Tell them you love them and miss them, and to write
everything down that happens so they can tell you when you catch up

If they knew they were killing your sleeping patterns, helping get
your grades down and get you detention and lectures I'm sure they
wouldn't mind stepping down a little. If they don't then they
obviously don't appreciate your well being, I'm afraid.

I know how the dull books go. In year 8 I refused to read one of the
books we had to read. My teacher was pretty awesome though so with a
little bit of stubbornness I got to read a different book. In year 10
we had to read THE boringest book with the worst proofreading, I
swear. They misspelled "shower" or something. Absolutely horrible.
It's sad, but it really does not get better along the way. I suppose
it depends on which teachers you have, how easygoing and understanding
they are, how laid back your school is, etc. I see your family isn't
very helpful in regard to understanding... That's where your friends
come in. If you do get too stressed out, take a night to call a friend
you trust to just vent, then see the school psychologist or nurse or
something the next day. If they're qualified they might be able to
excuse you from your unfinished homework, then with that diagnosis the
teacher might step back a little and give you some air.

It's really a matter of interpersonal relationships between your
teachers. If they don't know you're struggling they can't help,

Hope that helps a little. Good luck 
Mimzygirl writes:   30 September 2007   263825  
Wow...that is the longest comment I ever got. Thanks Sanyu, it did
help a little.
‹*Expired*› says:   1 October 2007   735523  
tell your friends your doing homework.if it helps,listen to music or
eat somthing while your reading.i used to hate reading,but ever since
i read graphic novels,i liked maybe you can also read stuff
you like to get you in the mood for reading and then read that boring the longest comment ive ever written..............
Mimzygirl writes:   2 October 2007   824214  
I do love to read, inuyasha_girl. The library is my haven. It's just
that this book is so dull and stupid!
wandacat88 says:   7 October 2007   853774  
it is
wandacat88 says:   7 October 2007   822449  
that that book is stupid
wandacat88 says:   7 October 2007   378169  
want to be my friend
Kirti says:   3 February 2008   697943  
easy solution: start Emailing them instead. just tell them(in a
Email) that you arnt a phone person, but youll send them tons of
Emails instead.

Emailing is faster, but your friends will still be in touch. time for
school work, social work, house work, and self time.
Kirti says:   3 February 2008   286818  
my sister wants to know if your close enough for monthly visits, that
way matbe they wont feel the need to talk for so long.
Kirti says:   3 February 2008   586448  
i dont thi8nk ive ever read a boring book.....i luuuuuv reading. my
mums a english teacher. i could barly read till i was 8 1/2, but now
even though im in 7th grade i read past a 10grd lvl.

when i couldnt really read, i noticed somthing:people who dont read
often enough think reading is boring. it just takes one great book,
and all books look better.

try reading 2 books at once. the voring one and a book you really
like. like Harry Potter, or Eragon, or Confessions of Georgia
RobinScorpio says:   3 February 2008   877868  
tell your friends about how much pressure is on you right will
be good to get it off your chest
Kirti suggests:   6 February 2008   428719  
btw, tell your friends a random biology freak they've never met says
"try Emailing, that way you can be in contact waaaaay late. 2:20am,
can't sleep, don't want to annoy Mimzy's parents by calling. Email

might help.
pinkypincessz says :   14 October 2008   539637  
Comments said it all...


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