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Fly High 2 Chapter 7Category: fantasy story
Friday, 14 September 2007
01:10:40 PM (GMT)
"Come on, lets go." Monique pulled me out of the door, I grabbed Lena and she

"Alessaindria!" A girl called out in the distance she ran over to me, cameras and
paparazzi following her.
"Ermm..." I mumbled. "You are?"
"Oh stop being a silly person! It's me Robin."
"Doesn't ring a bell."
"Robin...Robin Scorpio....Lead singer of Golden Sands."
"Golden Sands.."
"Your fiance's band!" Oh. This was Robin, blue haired b***h, Scorpio. "I'm a way
better singer than you."
"Excuse me?" I asked. I moved forward, ready to pund her one. Monique held me back.
"Now girls, we're on this flight together, let's smile." She nudged me, I smiled.
Robin scowled.
"Whatever!" She tossed her short blue hair behind her and walked off. The nerve of
this girl!
"Robin! Yo girl, tickets!" A girl shouted, she had long sandy brown hair. She looked
kinda like me. The girl flicked her ear. She looked around 14-15.
"Sorry, Sam."
"Yes, mom doesn't want to hear about 'Last Night'." She frowned.
"No. Don't tell her!" The one called Sam trailed off, with Robin slumped and followed
her. I giggled. WHAT A LOSER!

We boarded the flight. Robin pushed me. "Oops, slipped."
"Yeah, well." I grabbed Justins slushie and poured it down her purple top. "Sorry, I
slipped." I left her, mouth open.
"Hey, dude, that was my slushie!" justin called, I pushed him on.
"Slipped." I moaned, sat on my seat and looked out the window, we was almost ready to

"Hey, Seth. Look." Monique pointed out the window. Seth leaned over her shoulder and
stared out.
"Antartica! Guys!" He called, avoiding my gaze. "Antartica!"
"People, we're expericeing some technical difficulties. Please fasten your seatbelt.
We have to crash land."
"CRASH!" Everyone shrieked. Before we knew it, we was hurtling down to the snow world
beneth us. We was going to die.
We crashed, flames egnited the front of the plane. We all screamed. Then everything
went pitch black.
"CHIKA!" Seths voice called.

RobinScorpio says :   23 September 2007   263842  


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