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Wheeeeeeee back! :33Category: (general)
Wednesday, 29 August 2007
11:42:22 AM (GMT)
Lenuh ish backkkk >:DD Dun dun dundeddy dun dunnnnnn O3o

Day 1- We left and whatnot and checked into the hotel placey, unpacked, noticed our
glamours O3o. Michi fell asleep, like, five minutes after we got there xDD. Carmen
tested out the beds by jumping on them like the rabid little vermon she is, and then
we woke Michi up so we could take a bus tour of the city :333. We rode on the top of
the bus, and Michi was grabbing onto the seat the whole time while Matsu was taking
piccyatures and Carmen was screaming, "OHHHH, LOOKIT THATTT" xDDD.

Day 2- Got our hair done -__-. Snore twitch snore. I just got mine straightened and
layered it a bit more. No big change. Michi didn't wunna, so she earned ten bucks
sweeping the floor fer the hairdresser lady. Carmen just bugged the other customers.
Matsu straightened and layered hers. Mom layered and blow-dried, Matsu's mom snipped
and layered, Michi's mom straightened and highlighted. After the snore fest, we went
out to eat Shumai. Whutdaflip. It's was good, though :3. 

Day 3- Carmen begged and begged to go to the flippin' aquarium -__-.  We did, and
sometime during the sea otter show, my arms got sunburned -__-. Not badly, just
burned a bit. Then, off to the beach boardwalk. I kept tripping on the loose wood
boards xD. Carmen sneaked candy past the candy guy, the little sneak vermon thing
-__-. We didn't actually go on the beach sand, cuz we were sunblock-less and I
refused to go anywhere near the flippin' burning sand. Later, we went shopping after
having lunch at a Japanese resturant. I flirted a little with one of the Japanese
waiters >__>. But Matsu was practically sexually harassing the waiters xDDD. Poor

Day 4- More shopping, Carmen got sick, thus we had to come back home early. I
boughted a perdeh dress :333. Carmen also stole my little umbrella. Ya know those
tiny wooden umbrella thingies they give you in Japanese resturants? Well, she
snatched it from meh -__-. The train we took to come back home was full of Asians
-__-. And thus Michi struck up a convo with a few older kids, Matsu attempted
Japanlish with an hot guy (her Japanese is dreadful and she spoke half English xDD).
I fell asleep xDD. We came home, mothers had lunch and left us alone to cause
distruction back home :333.

Done xDDD. Miss meh? Nup? Mkay, whutevah xDD.

Disaster says:   29 August 2007   634252  
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   29 August 2007   725182  
That sounds like an interesting trip. I like how Matsu flirted on all
the guys. :D
LenaaRoxxXD says:   29 August 2007   961699  
Dii: DIIII -ish glompedtackledhugged to death- X__x;;;

Ashley: Matsu's a flirt >__>;;;. She'll run after anything with penis
and a heartbeat xDDD.
psychoticangel159 says :   29 August 2007   891495  
uhm... *ressurects you and then glomptacklehugsyou to death too*

Hahah. xD Man. I remember once, I went to a Korean restaurant with my
family, and the waiter kept flirting with me. o.o And my dad's face
was >=|, my mom's face was =P, my grandma's face was o.O; (she doesn't
know much of anything that goes on xD), my brother's face was :S cause
he's an idiot, and my face was -.-;;

>.>; That was long.



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