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emo peopleCategory: i dont know
Saturday, 4 August 2007
04:49:50 AM (GMT)
dont you hate it when an old friend comes up to you and says why did you turn emo on
me and they think that is soooooooooooooooo funny but not to the emo person then they
go awayand talk about you behind your backand they say that emo girl over there is
wiered i cant belive she was our friend no one likes her but thats where they are
wrong i have other friends that are just like me they are emo people.you know its
like they are saying that emos arnt people well just because their life is not perfic
dose not mean they are not people am i rigt so leave a comment

bunniNANGEL says:   4 August 2007   349565  
bunniNANGEL <3
bunniNANGEL says:   4 August 2007   872676  
OMFG why almost everyone talking about emos i really dont like emos XP
emo_person_1 says:   4 August 2007   615377  
hey i am an emo you big meany i hate you god
StarriSkye says:   23 September 2007   725379  
sheesh what's with all these pink-loving people!!!?
There's nothing wrong with being emo!!!!
Camilleh says:   12 October 2007   124615  
I agree starriskye! I love non-conformists. I am one.
StrangeLover says:   21 May 2008   377683  
i think that emos can sometimes look scary, but they are ppl too! I
have a friend, Justin (Dirtbiker_boy) whos just the sweetest!
XxthetruthhurtsxX says:   21 May 2008   222516  
Emos are people....get over it
even if they do dress diferently doesnt mean people shud treat them
im apparently emo cuz i have bangs and have 'scary' mates
Sweagen says:   28 May 2008   637746  
Emos. 0_0
black_heart676 whispers:   28 May 2008   871489  
If there's nothing wrong with preps, then there's nothing wrong with
emos.  Yet we're the ones shunned by society even though we're people
too.  We're the ones that get tormented, get laughed at, get asked if
we cut ourselves or not.  Why are we the only ones to suffer this
torment, then?  If there are so many people in our schools...then why
are we the subjects of misery?
sasukesemogirl says:   29 June 2008   536571  
why the hell are u talking about emos what did they do to u
ThatEmoMona says:   18 July 2008   927148  
i'm emo so shut the heck up about emos!emos rock and will rule the
world one day!
emo_person_1 says:   6 September 2008   338117  
you know what you need to shut up i am emo and i was not sayin
anything bad about emos so dont even start judging people until you
know them
pinkypincessz says:   15 October 2008   831147  
I Lyk pink... ders nuffin rong wi me... ♥
xxlifesucksxx says:   15 October 2008   167889  
gothprincess says:   18 October 2008   481735  
there are no normal people, only sheep

and just because you like pink doesnt mean anything either. im an emo
pink loving person and im just fine thanks

i know how that feels. its the strange looks that make it worth it tho
emo_person_1 says:   19 October 2008   913564  
i like pink too but only a certain shade of it but thankyou for your
‹you_kill_me_well› says:   24 October 2008   412797  
u r right
emo_person_1 says:   25 October 2008   473375  
yeah i mean seriously
‹//xx♥insane_cookie♥xx//› says:   13 November 2008   312992  
i hates posh ppl i adore emos end of story xD
‹fuck_off_im_a_bitch_so_what_muthafuka› says:   28 November 2008   845259  
omg emo is not something to make fun of wtf is happening with all
those emo haters?! omg they are so stupid! why do they have to hate
emo? fucking shit!!
Yoshi_Fukuhara says:   8 December 2008   287893  
i know
emo is awesome
‹Nessa_is_here_smile› says:   5 February 2009   769845  
I eMo if people got a problem with eMo's then they need to shove
there faces up there ass
Emo_Luvz says:   22 February 2009   478744  
yes ur right, that happened to me =/ stupid mofo'z -.-" emo's ftw
‹&It's Just LOVE.♥› says:   26 April 2009   552265  
im apparently emo cuz i have bangs and have 'scary' mates
Just because you're "emo", or seem to be, there are no controversial necessities such as needing bangs or quite intimidating friends just to seem to have the fashion sense you wish to have.
EmoTigrGrl says:   4 June 2009   774613  
I agree,if you want some support on emo's visit Emowolfgurl's diary
entries,I think you emo's might like them.
‹Emma Bear› says:   24 June 2009   816229  
The thing with emo is a person is depress she or he don't have to cut
just ot be emo like me I'm broken and depress and I dress emo and will
be emo forever and I am sudicidal
‹Mahalia♥TheWebsWeWeave› says:   15 July 2009   664838  
your right (:
tiggerlemon101 says:   20 July 2009   328682  


Maybe I'd except you for who you are if you'd just shut your trap and
try to be nice and make friends...  if you want people to like you,
oyu have to meet them halfway.
Megumi_xox says:   20 July 2009   181196  
I don't like emo's because SOME kill themselves ... hurt themselves
.. and their weak ... God didn't intend on people to do that. >: 
And it's not a just a fashion-statement, either.
emo_person_1 says:   8 November 2009   217867  
you guys need to shut up you dont even know what you are talking
about not all emos kill themselves you people discust me
DatGurl says:   13 November 2009   548161  
Wtf, all emso disgust me. U freaks think ur the only ones who hav
problems. its almost like a contest with u pll, who can hav da saddest
most depressing life. get da fuck over urselves.
emo_person_1 shouts:   15 November 2009   760050  
dat gurl you need to shut the fuck up im tired of you ppl that love
to talk shit just cuz sum people are diferent and like to talk about
how they feel
‹~+cαπ'T ι ευεƦ  βE hαρρψ?? ju$T øπc› says:   21 November 2009   437113  
~+yeaH.. i feeL like one oF tHeM.. sOmetiMes.. liFe isn't aLways wHat
we tHink it is rigHt??? sOmetiMes.. wOrLd cOuLd bE sO crueL..
gOddaMnit.. i sO hate iT wHeN i feeL like i dOn't fuckinG beLonG..
it's jusT nOt faiR.. riGht??? i meaN,, i hatE tHis way oF liFe.. i
reaLLy feeL likE sHit.. fOr thOse whO say emO's are disgustinG.. take
nOte oF tHis.. nOt aLL peOpLe geT wHat they reaLLy deserved.. anD nOt
aLL peOpLe are tHe SAME.. ok??? *inHaLe* gLaD tO leT tHis out..
happy.. ^_^
Avalon says:   27 January 2010   868531  
Emo's just a sterotype that means emotional hardcore. Not all emos
are bad and not all emos are good. They're people like everyone else.
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   13 August 2010   162049  
ah the Emo topic and the 'go slit your wrists' combacks that are
always made on them.
Emo, Scene, Goth, etc. Is just what you or others label you as. Though
some people cannot handle the fact someone is emo they'll need to
learn that if everybody was the same stereotype then it would have got
‹blue_emo› says:   24 June 2011   447526  
lol when they come up to me and ask me that i say " hey wanna look at
the cuts on my wrist* and of course they say yes then i show then i
punch them in the face ^^
jwills110 says:   8 August 2011   838516  
Emo's are cool. So are goths and punks. It's those preppy skinny ass
bitches who shop at american eagle, wear WAY to much make-up and 'love
pink' I can't stand. At least an emo,punk,or goth doesn't wear a
push-up bra just to get laid by some 'hunk' who is as much as an ass
as his father is.
allyraptor says:   2 October 2011   323591  
What is this, middle school? Butthurt, are we? Seriously?
Emo is a genre of MUSIC, okay? Nobody cares about you or your petty
problems or any of that. THAT'S what you need to understand. Put on
your big girl panties and deal with your upper-middle class life like
the rest of us have to, and don't fall into some label because you
feel like it's all you have.
I would respect you much much more if you didn't feel the need to
place yourself as an emo. I cut myself but I GOT BETTER, and I'm damn
You know why I did? I got RAPED and I felt that it was my fault and I
compensated, and it's not 'cool' or 'fun' or 'cute' and I'm sick of
people assuming this. I was never EMO. I had a problem that I fixed.
allyraptor says :   2 October 2011   904941  
Oh, yeah, and you know what's really 'cool'? My friend killed
himself. Last winter. I respect that so much, and it makes me soooo
happy that he had enough balls to hurt himself, man, I'm just so
jealous of your choice. Okay? So shut the fuck up.


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