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Code lyoko fanfic- episode 1, part 1.Category: (general)
Sunday, 24 June 2007
10:23:08 PM (GMT)

As Ulrich leaned towards me, i only blushed and leaned a small bit closer untill i
heard Odd's annoyed voice. "Oh... How sweet." he said sarcasticly. I imediatly brok
away, rubbing my arm and blushing. "Guys, i devirtualised Aelita. Shes good now..
whats holding you guys? Did you guys trip or something?" We all stood frozen. Why
haden't we devirtualzed? "Y-yeah.. we're fine...but.. i think we need some help." I
said. "why?" Jeremy's voice was a bit self centered, i guess he didn't think we realy
weren't devirtualizing. "Well, actualy.." Odd said smiling, "We ARENT good, JEREMY.
We are INFACT NOT devirtualizing"  Aelita walked to the supercomputer. "Where are
they?" 'What the?" Odd started. Ulrich, who was getting very annoyed by odd, put his
hand over odd's mouth. "We're in lyoko.. we didn't exactly devirtualize." he said.I
turned around and got out my fans. This was stupid. I was going solo. Not like it
would be a big differance, if we couldn't devirtualize, i'd have to loose all my HP..
I didn't need help to do that. It wasn't a big deal. "Yumi!" Ukrich said, noticing me
walking away. "What?" I asked turning around. "Well, ulrich loves you and you love
him so he doesn't want you to--" Ulrich covered odd's mouth wispering "shut up!" I
shook my head angerly and kept on walking. someone i didn't recognise was in lyoko.
Her hair was brow, about to her waist. She was in a green top and pants, and a long
sword was on her back. I walked slowly up to her. She turned around and inned me to a
tree. Her mad expresion faded as she let me go. "S-sorry" She said, trning back. "Who
are you? What are you doing in lyoko? How did you get in--" The girl started crying.
It wasn't a snoobish, obnoxious  laugh i was used to. More of a sillent laugh. "Hey,
hey.." I said, getting on my knees and sitting next to her. "Whats wrong?" I asked. I
opend my eyes. Jeremy was looking at me with a worried look. "What..what happend?" I
said, sitting up. "You fainted in the hallway." Jeremy wispered. "Wheres ulrich?"  I
asked. "And odd.. wheres aelita?" "Theyre still at school." "Oh.." I said. "I managed
to get out of class." Jeremy said. I realised my backpack was at me feet, it was
unzipped. "Did you see me faint?" Jeremy shook his head. "I never leave my backpack
unzipped." I said, getting up and searching my backpack. Some of the notes i took in
class were gone. "You idiot.." I said under my breath. I ran outside and into the
hallway. "Odd, get over here!" I shouted. "Hey Yumi.." He said smiling. I pinned him
to one of the lockers. "What did you do with them?" I asked. Ulrich came over, "What
are you talking about?" Odd said. I let him go. "I does look kinda suspisious, odd.
Who else would do it?" Ulrich said. " I.don't.know!!" he said. "Yumi, give odd a
break, so what you passed out, no one saw but jere--" "Shut up." I said with my eyes
closed. Those weren't just any notes." The whole thing started to confuse me. What
happend.. it made no sence. I guess i could just go to sleep... I wasn't that tierd
though.. I could allways watch T.V. but...still.. Who would want directions to lyoko?
Could it be that one girl? Could that be why she was crying? Cause she was sorry? But
whatever. I'd go to Lyoko tonight. It would solve everything... Even if odd and
ulrich weren't there to help me.

‹GatorBoots› says :   24 June 2007   727114  
Cool! :D
KINDA confusing at some times, but still pretty good.


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