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Friday, 18 May 2007
09:08:30 PM (GMT)
lets see where i live its

MAY 18::5:51PM

wow so i guess you wont hear me talking about lychene anymore.Remeber how i told you
she was my best friend?Well not anymore.Lets see it started a few days ago when we
got this new kid deandre in my 2nd period.Well lychene likes him and my friend
vanessa gos out with this boy johnny but lychene thinks that vanessa was flirting
with deandre.Well i have venessas boyfriend in my 5th period.So i went up to him and
i was like if lychene comes up to you and tells you that shes flirting with that new
boy then its a lie.Well in 4th period today this girl deonna started well she was
trying to bag on me and we had a sub in are 4th period.So you know everyone up in
that class is instigators all they keep saying to me was ew get her sarah  or are you
gonna take that.So then me and lychene started working on are project because the sub
yelled at us.Then lychene kept rolling her eyes at me and sayin all this shit to
me.SO i called her ass out.I said look hoe you got no mutha fuckin room to talk yo
ass wear the same mutha fuckin clothes all the time and you think yo ass looks so
good when you dont yo ass thinks that everybody wanna get with you BUT THEY DONT.then
everyone was like ooooo go sarah get her sarah.Then the sub was like whats your name
i was like sarah.Then he wroye me up and told me to go to the deans office.So as i
was walking out the door all i said was bbitch get your own life and stay out of mine
trick ass hoe.Then the dean told me to go back to class well then the bell rand and i
was gonna go back in my fourth period and hit her ass but she ran into her 5th
period.Then we went to sixth period because i have p.e with her.So we went outside
because we also had a sub in that class too.We didnt have to do anything just either
walk around or somethin.So vanessa was like i heard you told johnny(her boyfriend)
that i was flirtin with deandre.I said hell no i told him that lychenes gonna go up
to him and tell him that.Then she went to go confront lychene.So i went to go talk to
my other friend.Then i went by lychene and vanesa and lychene was like i didnt say
no yo ass said that.Shes like but why would i lie.I said exactly why would i lie in
front of vanessas face.I was like look bitch you no my ass didnt even say any of that
shit and your just mad because aint nobody want ur ugly ass.All the boys were like
oooo get her sarah.Then i started yellin at her so loud my fave was red and i thought
i was gonna punch her.I was yellin i was like bitch you need to stop makein up lies
before i seriously beat your ass and all lychenes doin is sitting there rolling her
eyes and dribbleing the basketball.Then i was like bitch say something.then i kept
sayin it louder.I was like say something say something say something and she aint say
shit.Then i was like yea bitch yo ass aint sayin shit because you no my ass is tellin
the truth thats why.Then i said bitch i should beat your ass right now.Then all the
boys were like damn sarah fuck her shit up.Then the teacher called me in the p.e
locker room and talked to me and all i said was like dont worry about nothing if i
wanna fight her ill go to her house.Then i went back outside and all the boys were
like clapping and shit.Then vanessa was about to fuck her shit up but i just said nah
save that shit for me.Now i cant wait to go to mutha fuckin school on monday cuz i
got her ass 2nd,3rd,4th,and 6th period her ass is about to be dead.

Last edited: 18 May 2007

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