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Killer On The Road - Chapter SixCategory: Story
Friday, 27 April 2007
12:24:48 PM (GMT)
The nightclub had a purple and blue interior. There were several tables up little
sets of stairs each side as you went in. In the middle of the room was a dancefloor,
with squares that lit up when you stepped on them. Gwen gasped in excitement as she
saw a cute boy wearing a low-cut top in the middle of the dancefloor, dancing like
crazy. All the girls were crowding round him and one, who was wearing a very exposing
top, started to cuddle up to him.
I looked away, disgustedly.
"Eww, look what she's doing!" screamed Ella, pointing at the girl, who was now
ripping her top off and making the boy stroke her huge breasts.
"Maybe we should just ignore her," I said sensibly, going over to a table facing away
from the dance floor. I looked over at Gwen, who was gazing longingly at the boy.
"Oh go on then!" I said, acting like the Mum. I shook my long silky black hair. A boy
came over to me. He was wearing a casual blue top and dark trousers.
"Hi," he said. "Wanna dance?"
I grinned at Ella and then let the boy whirl me up into his arms. It felt so
"My name's Matt," said the boy, as he spun me round and round in his arms.
"The name's Nikki," I answered him, gazing up at his face. "Where ya live?"
"I live in the West," he said. "You sound like you come from England. Do you?"
"Huh? Oh yeah!"
Matt leaned me back and I let all my weight on my heels. I swayed a bit but Matt
didn't let me go. He suddenly pulled me up and started cuddling me. I giggled and
glanced over at Ella who was still sitting at our table. Then I saw Gwen still
standing anzxiously by the group of girls desperate to get near that other boy.
Suddenly my mind was taken off those two as Matt started snogging me. I snogged him
back. Then I saw Ella. She was glaring at me!
I broke apart from Matt, said "Excuse me!" and rushed over to her.
"What are you doing!" Ella exclaimed. "Snogging a stranger in public!"
"He's not a stranger," I tried to defend myself weakly. It had felt so lovely to be
snogging Matt.
"Oh yeah, so what's his last name? Phh!"
I turned on my heels and went back over to Matt.
"Sorry for the interupption," I smiled, kissing his hand.
"It's OK, as long as you came back," replied Matt, kissing me on the cheek.
He started snogging me again. It was the best night of my life....


rubytuesday says :   12 May 2007   441822  
Not that short! It's fine!!


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