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Requests...Category: REQUESTS!! XD
Tuesday, 17 April 2007
07:01:05 PM (GMT)
Hello Hello! I will be doing requests now!! ^^;; If you want...I'll add something! 

But if you want this you must pay!!

Regular request fully colored and all!: FREE!! 

Everything of your choice, hair color, clothes, and everhting else of the person:


Halloween!      1kp all of them!And there are going to be about seven for now If you
give me Ideas I'll take them!!
And more! 


Every peice of lineart you want will be FREE!!! ^^

Any more ideas please contact me! Thannks!

emo_amanda_23 says:   17 April 2007   978759  
oook that is kindda weird
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   17 April 2007   413136  
I know! But its an Idea I gots!
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   17 April 2007   194111  
draw an oekaki for me!!!!!!!!!
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   17 April 2007   298524  
Alrighty! Whta kind! Pick your choice!
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   17 April 2007   641487  
aiiya! o_o

can shu draw moi as a ninja :D?
‹NeverShoutAmy™› says:   17 April 2007   398264  
could you do a vampire dude slaying a preppy cheerleader???
im willing to give you 5-6 kupi points if you do!!!!!!!!!
‹NeverShoutAmy™› says:   17 April 2007   294941  
write me a letter,asap!!!!!!!
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   17 April 2007   992899  
Ok...Black rose...that would be 1kp...>.>
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   18 April 2007   251614  
OK! as soon as i get 35 kp i shall transfer some to ju! >O<
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   18 April 2007   817474  
Yush! OK! ^^;; I'll do the request anyway! But I'll put you on here
saying you need to pay! But you'll still get your request! All in good
time....All in good time...>.>
‹anastasiya's a fuck face.› says:   5 May 2007   112782  
can i request u to draw me in a vintage ball gown???
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   5 May 2007   267954  
manduhh says:   12 May 2007   267527  
Uhm. Well first, could you draw a tan boy riding a bike, pegging a
girl w/ brown hair. If not I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. But otherwise, plz
message me n let me know. N if u can, how much?
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   12 May 2007   616977  
Let me see....Hmm...I'll let you know m'kay?
‹ShutUpOrIllEatYou› says:   16 May 2007   771596  
Can you do my avatar just human :D pwease 
♥ Katia
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   16 May 2007   732396  
Alright!! ^_^
‹ShutUpOrIllEatYou› says:   17 May 2007   621547  
Thanks :D
xoFallenAngelzxo says:   18 May 2007   326636  
can you draw me just me thnx =D
Saruka_girl says:   18 June 2007   628844  
am i getting drawn for free
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   19 June 2007   883324  
Yes you are! ^_^
ArduusGirl says:   15 September 2007   552223  
Hmm.. could you draw my character?
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   15 September 2007   531341  
Sure! ^^
manduhh says:   8 December 2007   679742  
Well would this-
 My avvie with green and blue eyes
be Free?
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   8 December 2007   522441  
Like one eye green and the other blue?
‹medusaaaa­čŹ¬› says:   10 December 2007   175427  
=] Can I have a request of meh Avitar?
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   10 December 2007   544195  
KusuKusu says:   11 December 2007   269782  
can you draw me with a christmas hat?? pweaassseeee?! -throws
Hearts_NC says:   10 January 2008   154418  
hey rach! uh.... I was wondering,
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   10 January 2008   823274  
Sure. >.>..
Yoshiko_Saruwatari says:   25 January 2008   141892  
Plz draw mwe?
‹HANNER› says:   9 February 2008   371766  
Free requests? That is super nice of you! Can I please have one? If
yah, then can I have my avatar drawn? When you are finished can you
send me a Q&A/Message, if not, then just write my name in the
description and I'll search it!
‹HANNER› says:   9 February 2008   617145  
(By name I mean USERname)
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   10 February 2008   383979  
Sure!! ^^
‹HANNER› says:   10 February 2008   263964  
KatzRo0l says :   14 February 2009   574678  
Can I have a request for lineart? I need to practice colouring.

Anime girl with messy, short pigtails. Any pose will do.  Maybe
holding a donut or other type of sweet, if you can. Wearing a cute,
short dress and sandals. 

Thanks again in advance. If you're curious, here's my dA:

By the way, is it okay if you can letter me to reply? Also, can I
upload the lineart + my colouring on dA? I'll give you credit and


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