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Blood&&Lipgloss Ch.3Category: blood&&lipgloss
Tuesday, 17 April 2007
05:06:49 AM (GMT)
Again, VERY mature content. if you cannot handle do not read, and do not post
'eww thats like gross'. for unedited, comment

 Ashii panted as Jazz licked his stomach, She took a deep breath and paused. "Where
are these cuts from?"
   "No where." He mumbled, turning so Jazz was on the bottom.
   "Ashii, what have you been doing?" She gently slid her fingernail over a cut on
his abs. It bled.
   "I just fell that's all..." Jazz snapped, "Shut up. Don't lie to me!" She held him
and licked the blood away. He bit at her lip and held her close.


  Hikari strolled down the alley, hiding her face underneath hair. She knew something
bad was goin to happen, her dreams were always right. She heard a noise. A soft thud,
like a single raindrop hitting a rooftop. She was grabbed from behind. She screamed,
realizing no sound came out.
  "Shh." Some one pulled her away. They ended up in a car. A girl with black hair
drove in the front. A black screen now seperated her from the boy with a blindfold,
next to Hikari.
  "Who are you?" She whispered, still staring at him.
  "Aro. I'm sorry, but we have to do this." He did not move his head, just stared
  "Do what?" They arrived at a building. Jazz opened the black screen.
  "I'm going somewhere. You take her inside." They slid out of the seat, and Jazz
drove off into the darkness.
  "Who was that? Where are we going? What do you want from me?" Hikari was somewhat
dragged, running to keep up with Aro. He was a few inches taller than her. "How old
are you?"
  "I'm seventeen." He brought her up the stairs into a cellar. "This is where you
will stay." He led her in, and sat her on the chair. He turned around and walked
towards the door.
  "I'm sixteen. Are- are you blind?" She asked sheepishly.
  "Yes." He left. Thoughts ran through Hikari's mind. Had she just been kidnapped by
the man of her dreams? Obviously he's bad. She can't fall for him... it's just
forbidden. Maybe she could keep it secret. She stopped, and stood up. Something
controlled her. Something was pulling her away and out of the room. The door opened
for her. A faint light came from the end of the hallway. She followed it, and landed
up in Aro's room.
  "Aro." She spoke the words with a whisper. This wasn't her. She would never do
something like this... He turned around in his chair. She unbuttoned her shirt,
throwing it to the ground. She sat on his lap, legs spread apart. It was so distant,
not the real her, but a part of her she never explored before.
  It was only minutes before only lingerie seperated her from him. They were on the
ground. She breathed heavily. He ran his hand up her stomach into her bra, making her
nipples erect. She stuck her tongue in his mouth. Not knowing what to do with her
hands, she grabbed his hands. She pushed them onto herself while sucking at his
  "You new at this?" He said. He ripped off her bra and his boxers.
Last edited: 17 April 2007

‹<3+Gumdrop_Queen+<3› says:   17 April 2007   181533  
wow this is really good!
quackquack says :   21 April 2007   399152  
i agree. my friend is really good at these kind of stories her name
is sex_stories_author. no, i am straight. i think this is really good!


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