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Element Of Confidence Chap. 1 (You get to Judge)Category: Please tell me if I should keep writing! =3
Monday, 9 April 2007
09:19:38 PM (GMT)
Element Of Confidance
                              Chapter One- Stand Up

Hi, my name is Bionca Reisman. I haven't always been too popular. Actually,
for starters, I don't have any friends. It seems likes I'm seen, but not really cared
about. My life is like a void, getting emptier and emptier by the minute... maybe by
the seconds. The only real friend I have is my lifeless teddy bear who slouches on my
bed with its black beady eyes, brown furry skin and blue tie. I got it when I was
only 4, and guess what, I'm eleven now. I guess to me... it's the only thing that
actually.. Y'know... listens. Pretty sad, I can even say that myself. Anyway, let's
get to the story... which changed my life completely.

Bionca Reisman sat, back straight, reading 'The School Story' by Andrew Clements. To
her, this was the best book she has ever read from him in her oh so lonely life. She
closed the book which made a silent thud as she loosely dropped it too the smooth
wooden table. She had just finished it. She smiled, she thought if her life would
have a happy ending that the story did. She also wondered why such a sad but pleasent
thought be smiled at. Her smile slowly faded, she couldn't find an answer to such a
simple question... yet so hard. "Hey Bionca, you like the book? Was it good?". Bionca
turned around, the chair which she sat on made a eerie squeaking sound as it brushed
the floor underneth. There she saw the securtary, Miss. Leming, smiling at her. Which
was a surprise because she is usually always grouchy and mean to everyone. "W-well,
ac-" Bionca managed to utter befoe Miss. Leming rudely said "Well, I don't really
care. Just don't leave it on the table and don't scratch the hard-wood floor!". False
alarm. Did I forget to mention that Miss. Leming isn't just grouchy and mean, but
also very sarcastic too? Bionca's face fell. When she actually thought that someone
would be nice to her for the first time in her life, it just had to be a false alarm?
Suddenly, Bionca couldn't take it anymore. She had mixed feelings swarming inside of
her. She held her heart. She was hurt, confused, sad and espically angry. She grabbed
the book and stood up, clenching it with all her might. She stood there with tears
filling up her eyes. "What. So your just gonna stand there like a statue all day? For
the last time, PUT THE BOOK AWAY!" Miss. Leming said even more rudely then before.
Bionca couldn't stand it any longer. Miss Leming just tap danced on her last nerve.
"No." said Bionca, she turned around, glaring at Miss. Leming. "What did you just
say?" Miss Leming asked. Bionca said, "I said specificly, No.". Bionca dropped the
book which made a loud thump echoing throughout the whole library. Miss. Leming
gasped, this was the first time that someone dared to talk back to her. "I am sick
and tired of you insulting people, making them feel like trash!" Bionca said with
anger in her voice. "If you don't stop now, I swear I will call the owner of this
library and get your sorry self fired!" Bionca yelled. Miss. Leming was really angry
now. She walked infront of her desk and said "Is that a threat?". Bionca walked to
Miss. Leming, purposely stepping on the book. Her shoes made a clicking sound every
step. When she reached Miss. Leming, she put her face up to the securtary and said
loud and clearly, "No... It's a promise.".

Did you like it. Hope you did. I got some stuff off books that I have read. And what
I asked meant. So please comment who it was because I really want to make another
chapter. Here is a list that you can put on your comment.

-If it was good or not. If good or not please tell why.
-Tell me what I should improve on
Last edited: 24 April 2007

Dragonfly01 says :   9 April 2007   942712  
i think it was good 

keep writing 


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