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Mayhem in Midtown ManhattanCategory: (general)
Saturday, 31 March 2007
04:59:49 PM (GMT)
plz comment i want to know wat u think about it 

Mayhem in Midtown Manhattan

        My heart is pounding wildly. Olivia is an hour late. I can not believe she
would miss
this. She has been so excited since we left Thursday night. I am very worried about

even though we had a huge fight and she said she would get here by herself. I really

myself for letting her go on her own. We left Toronto on Thursday night for the most

fabulous weekend trip anyone in the world could ever have. Olivia and I are best

We got this tremendous once in a life time chance to attend the biggest fashion show

event in New York city. We could not believe our luck when we won the contest for the

chance to be at this marvelous event. The excitement built as we rode in the

which was taking us to a five-star hotel in downtown Manhattan. We were treated

like a famous celebrity. We had the most fantastic dinner and then a sight seeing
tour of 

New York City at night. I have to tell you, my friend Olivia is a wild, outrageous

who goes overboard sometimes. One may even say she is reckless and not very 

responsible. She does things without thinking. I am the opposite I am a responsible,

level – headed person. Olivia wanted to do more that evening and I disagreed which

started this whole mess. Her defiant attitude spoiled our wonderful evening. We ended

not talking to each other for the rest of the night. The next day I took the

provided, to go to the big fashion event. Olivia would not come with me in the

and decided she would get there on her own.

Hence, this is where the REAL story begins… I arrive at the fashion show and I am 

enjoying appetizers and beverages. “Touching base,” with the rich and famous. I
am now 

getting very worried and wondering where Olivia is. I call her cell phone but there

no answer. Now I begin to panic. This is our first time in New York and I know Olivia

does not know the city at all. Suddenly my cell phone rings and its Olivia. She’s
lost and very loud, and panicky

     “Where are you?” I asked and yelling at her.

     “I think I’m in the Bronx!” screamed Olivia.

      “Where?” I yelled back.

      “There are shots being fired!” screeched Olivia.

       “Olivia what did you get yourself into!” I replied.

       “I don’t know!” she said crying. 

        “Are you sure your in the Bronx?” I asked wildly.

        “Umm…..i really can’t tell!” “Remember it’s my first time
here!” “I’m so scared 


         “Help me please!” screamed Olivia.

         “Well how can I help you if you don’t know where you are and I don’t
know where 

you are!” I replied.

          “I don’t know!” “I’m really terrified I think I’m going to
die!” shrieked Olivia.

          “No you’re not going to die!” I said angrily. “Don’t say things
like that.”

          “But I think I really am!” she shouted “I’m in some place and I
don’t know what to do.”

          “Well then how can I help you?” “Fine just tell me what it looks
like.” I say to her 


          “What?” “What do you mean?” she said puzzled.

          “I mean where you are what does it look like!” I told her.

          “Oh!” “Well there is lots of people and houses.” “People with
GUNS!’ she yells.

          “Are you away from the guns like far enough so that you are not going to
be hit?” I 


           “No I can’t move they will try shooting at me!” “HELP!” she

           “Ok well stay down.” I advised her. “And don’t move.” 

           “Well duh of course I know that.” “I can’t move anyway because
they will start 

shooting at me.” She seemed a bit calmer.

            “Ok.” I said annoyed.

There was total silence in the background and all I heard was “BANG!” I heard the

drop and people yelling in the background.

             “Olivia!” I screamed loudly. “Are you there? Answer me!”

No one answered and the phone cut off……

Panicking I looked desperately around for someone to help me. I did not know what to

and did not know what happened to her. I feared for Olivia’s life and hoped that

would be alright. I no longer cared for the fashion show or to be here at this
moment. All 

I wanted to do was to get help and find her.
Last edited: 5 April 2007

Bwunny says:   9 May 2007   638262  
kagra says:   9 May 2007   354611  
lol i know im gonna put up the sec part now if u wanna read u can
anushkik asks:   20 May 2007   645364  
What will it be called?!?This is freaky I wanna read it
kagra says :   21 May 2007   126572  
Mayhem in Midtown Manhattan 2


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