Athenia, The Beginning, Chapter one, Cloud. {Read prologue before you
read this chapter.}
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Athenia, The Beginning, Chapter one, Cloud. {Read prologue before you
read this chapter.}
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Wednesday, 28 March 2007
10:31:31 PM (GMT)
Cloud, a boy with curly blond hair dashed into his mother's kitchen,
following close behind him his twin  brothers, Gramble and Thorn, and his little
sister Gwin. Forgetting to duck down, his head hit the ceiling, with a thunk he
landed on the floor. His brothers burst out laughing and snorting. “What a
clutes,” Gramble stammered and then burst out laughing again. “Oh stop it,”
demanded Gwin, stomping her little foot. “It's not his fault he's bigger then all
us other trolls, he's just special, that's all!” The boys looked at her stunned,
and then again began to laugh. “Thanks anyway Gwin,” he whispered.
	“Children! Children! Come in here this minute. It's time to celebrate Cloud's
birthday.” Orlga, their mother, yelled from the dinning room. With a groan the
twins scrambled out of the kitchen.
	Gwin offered Cloud her hand. “Come on Cloud, today you officially part of our
tribe.” Slowly he got up making sure not to hit his head again. “There! Your up
now so come on!” She said with excitement. She herself couldn't wait to turn 15 and
join the clan.
	As they entered the dinning room his father Shaygar entered the hut. “Hi Cloud and
happy birthday!” he said with a smile. “Hi dad,” Cloud said stumbling over his
words as he turned red. His father almost never smiled, so he was a little surprised.
His father, feeling a little awkward, went over to the bookshelf and got from on top
of it a long wooden box. When he reached Cloud he opened the box. Inside layed the
most beautiful hunting knife he'd ever seen. “Now,” Shaygar started, “ this
knife is very old and must never be used for selfish reasons.” Cloud's heart
quickened. “Generations of trolls have had it before me, and now...” Shaygar said
leaving an air of dispense, “ I give it to you.”  And with that said he gave
Cloud the hunting knife. With trembling fingers he looked up at Shaygar. “You don't
have to say anything my son, for I know you are a troll of few words.” With a smile
he toseled Cloud's hair. “Now go to your mother so that she can do something to
that hair of yours.

                                   *   *   *   *   *

	Quietly he sat by the fire listening to his mom sing an old lullaby she used to sing
to him as a child. With nimble fingers she worked magic on his snarly, messed-up, mop
of hair. Every now and then she would add a bead with the tribe color into the maze
of braids she was conjuring up. “Mom,” Cloud whispered, “ tell me a story.”
“A story aye, um, well since your 15 I'll tell you how you really joined our
family.” With shock he spun around to look at her. A tear was rolling down her
chubby checks. “Turn back around so I can finish your hair Cloud,” She said
willing no more tears to fall from her eyes. Quietly he obeyed her. “Now, where to
begin, oh, I know. It had been a very long night, my little boy had died and your
father had stormed out of the hut on me. Being upset as I was I had sat down by the
fire and wept. All of a sudden I heard a cry. Outside not far from my door there you
layed, small, and wrapped up in that small green blanket you used to carry everywhere
with you.” Then she went quiet. Everything made since now, why he was taller than
the other trolls, why he had blond hair and skin as white as the clouds he was named
after. Everything made perfect since now. His mother leaned down and hugged him. “I
should have told you Cloud but I was afraid you'd leave me, and I love you so
much.” She was crying again, he could feel it. “It's OK mom, it's OK.” he said
turning around to comfort her.
	With a sigh she finely relaxed. “Now,” she said solemnly, “before you leave be
sure to visit old Silvertoe the dwarf, OK.” He nodded. Today he was going to leave
into the forest like every 15 year old boy did his age. Whether he ever returned
relied on his wit and courage. Sometimes it toke years for boys to come back to their
clan, others only a couple of days, but most of the time they  never returned home.

                                *    *    *    *    *

	With a halt of his feet he stopped in front of Silvertoe's cave door right on the
outskirts of the tribe village. With a creak the door opened. From the doorway an old
weathered dwarf with silver hair and eyes as gray as the rocks he lived around. “I
thought I heard you Cloud.” He said waving Cloud forward.
	As he entered the cave the crystals around him chimed a welcome. A few blue glowing
fairies floated above his head whispering to him gossip and and scattering faerie
dust around his hair and face. “That's quite enough now my fairy friends, I've some
things to give the lad.” Silvertoe said. With a flick of a hand he shooed them
away. “Now, follow me to my treasure room Cloud.
	As they entered Cloud gasped in at all the wonders around him. Golden statues,
mounds of gold and emeralds, weapons of all sorts, lay before him. “Cloud, don't
look so stunned, you should now by now dwarfs are greedy creatures and we love to
collect all sorts of treasures.” With a nod Cloud looked all around him still
amazed at what he all saw. “So what would you like to take with you?” Silvertoe
asked. “You can take anything you like, but only two things.” Scanning the room
Cloud's eyes rested on the most beautifully crafted bow he'd ever seen. He walked
over to it and picked it up. Delicate designs where engraved into the bow, and it
bended so effortlessly. “That's the King's bow, remember stealing it right from
under his nose. What a treasure it is. Crafted by the best wood elf in all
Athenia.” Silvertoe gave a small chuckle. “You may have it, what use is it to an
old dwarf who sits around all day anyway. Here's the quiver of arrows that go with
it. Inside light, shimmering, silver arrows rested. “Thank you,” Cloud stammered.
“Your welcome, now come along, I have just a couple more things to give you." 
	Soon they entered Silvertoes living room. Scurrying away Silvertoe went over to a
pot and lifted out three things. One was a necklace with a small pouch on it, the
second a small purse, and the last a small golden circlet. Silvertoe put the necklace
over Clouds neck and handed him the purse. “The necklace has fairy dust in it, so
if you ever get hurt a small pinch can heal your wound. The purse has gold coins in
it because I'm sure you won't be returning home anytime soon. Last but not least,
this.” He said handing over the small golden circlet. “It's a sign of royalty
Cloud, your mother found it on you when she found you and asked me to give it to you
on your 15th birthday, maybe your destiny lays at the castle. I don't know, but it's
time to leave now, it's getting late and soon it will be dark, off you go now.” He
said pushing Cloud toward the door. Fingering the little golden circlet he walked
toward the door.
	As he left the door he pushed the golden circlet up his right arm where it would
stay for the rest of his life. Smiling he turned around and waved bye to Silvertoe.
“Bye my friend and thank you for everything.” Cloud said. With that he headed
into the ever growing darker forest. “Good luck and safe journey!” Silvertoe
yelled after him.
Last edited: 22 April 2007

milo_gurl4229 says:   27 April 2007   539865  
I love it sam!!! sorry it took me so long to read it-Alisha
Naru912 says:   30 April 2007   655377  
Thanks, I feel so much better now.LOL
callie11 says :   14 August 2007   211837  


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