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Emo people are SOMETIMES weirdCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 21 February 2007
12:20:43 PM (GMT)
I am not putting down emo and gothic people but some of them are just weird. I go
through some of their profiles and they are just weird. They say things like if you
don't like me, F*** you. You can say if you don't like me go away, but I don't think
you should do that. But then on the other hand, some are okay and they act fine, they
just dress in black. I am okay with people dressing in black, I just don't like it
when they are sort of crazy. Can you emo people respect that? don't be mean to me or
anything, i am just trying to make a point here.
                            Muahhhhh     ~Hill
                            P.S: I AM NOT A PREP NOR POPULAR SO BE MY FRIEND IF YOU

omglolyeah says:   10 March 2007   232713  
OMG!! How dare you put down teh goffic pplz! D: jk, jk

and, i think you're just going through the poseurs' profiles.. or
maybe they're just jokin', d00d.
CutiePieGirl95 says:   12 March 2007   846982  
yea pretty much
‹❀Mandah❀› says:   15 April 2007   288455  
CutiePieGirl95 says:   19 April 2007   927468  
man ur mean
Fire_raina says:   6 May 2007   525681  
whats ur prob. And u seriously think we'll believe your not a prep
when u said Muwaaaaahh
lil_azngrl says:   7 June 2007   881494  
Whata HEll MAn DnT FriEken Say tHat Cux i Would Frieken Say Fuck u if
u dnt frieken lyk me
Camilleh says:   12 October 2007   289846  
Eccentrics are most interesting of people, hun. But I think you're
talking about the poser kid's pages. Just ignore them. c:
fall_out_gurl says:   15 June 2008   113374  
Yeah, poseurs...

But why do you care what they have on their pages?
Like Jesus, move on with your life.

I could care less what they have written.
Yeah, it may or may not be better.

But if they like it, then why do you feel as it is your duty to go
write a Kupika diary page about it?

MassDestruction says:   31 July 2008   586622  
Whut is this?
Emos, Scene, Preps, whutever.
Ringo says:   5 August 2008   915126  
may b its a self defence thing-omm-bob
pinkypincessz says:   17 September 2008   245246  
Piss off! U cnt tell ppl wot 2 do yh?
‹<3 Her lips taste like a loaded gun</3› says:   5 October 2008   964111  
I agree.  some people are.....weird.  But you shouldnt lable them
goth or emo just cuz they are weird
‹<3•BringJanaMarieTheHorizon•<3› says:   18 January 2009   864272  
i agree with <pretty> (wow ur name is a pain in
the butt to right...lol)......u don't have to be emo or gothic to be
weird....it's almost like saying u have to be emo to be gay or
lez....not true....i know a preppy guy who i think is gay (no more
details...too embarrasing)....it sounds like my mom....if they're not
a prep...she says they're weird even if they're just normal....let's
just say i'm weird in her eyes....
‹<3•BringJanaMarieTheHorizon•<3› says:   18 January 2009   289915  
hey...wth?!....i went to type that username...and my computer didn't
type it all.....that's not cool...so sorry to u that i completely
screwed the username up....
‹♪Just Daisy♪› says:   16 May 2009   725182  
 u shouldnt say their wierd cuz they are just who they are  u
cant change them by calling them "wierd"  okay? an i agree with
Insaniity says:   6 June 2009   628154  
Wierdness = Not mainstream, not exactally EMO, or GOTH persay, what
you are reading is Offensive, which happens alot. 

Good point though (:
LeiahBlamesTurrets says:   7 May 2010   138792  

I just died from how many people typed "wierd"

Its "weird" darlings.
‹How_Could_You_Be_So_Heartless?› says:   11 June 2011   800954  
WTF! I'm emo and I am not weird.WTF is wrong with you.You don't know
emos and you never will.
tiffany98 says :   10 November 2011   881617  
everyones weird in there own way soo pshh..!!


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