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Carrier House: its a stupid thing call loveCategory: Stories
Saturday, 5 October 2019
07:47:07 AM (GMT)
“Lines between master and slave became too blurry, is it just pleasure and
punishment or some kind of insane love?

(Book two: Carrier House: It’s a stupid thing call love)

“Do we have everything we need?” Ethan asked Madison. “Master why do you always
do this to yourself?” Madison asked him.  Ethan looked at her. “I just want to
make sure we have everything when we have guest over. I know it’s another month off
but I always like to prepare.” Ethan said as he looked through the cabinet.
“Woooho, Mister. This is my kitchen; don’t go through it like a hurricane.”
Madison said as she narrow her eyes at him. Ethan looked over at her, “don’t
forget your place.” Madison looked at him,”writer’s block.” Ethan stood up
and looked at her. “It’s been months now. I don’t mind us playing Master and
Slave, But…” She said as she looked away from him. “When we’re having sex
sometimes it feels like you are making love to me. I don’t mind that. But I wanted
to know where do I stand with you?” Madison said to Ethan. Ethan leans against the
counter, looking at the ceiling. “You know, when I placed the ad in the paper. All
I was looking for was a live in maid, nothing more than that.” He said as he looked
at her. Madison crossed her arms and took a breath. “But I never expected this to
happen between us. I mean it helps me on my book and the sex is well good, very
good.” Ethan said as he smiled. “OH! So I’m just some writer’s aid for you, a
house whore?” Madison said as she got upset at him. Ethan eyes widen and shook his
head, “No no, a house whore? No you are not that. You misunderstood me.” He said
as he came up to her. Madison stepped back from him, “don’t touch me.” Ethan
stood in front of her, “I never expected for anyone to come into my life such as
you. I live out here this far because I just can’t seem to trust those around me.
People always want money or some crazy thing with your time. When you have money,
some fame, people think they can get something from you. My last girlfriend just
wanted to use me for money. It’s a difficult thing to be betrayed in love. So I
keep my distance from people, trust is hard to come by in this world.” He said to
Madison. She looked at him, “I don’t want your money or am I’m pitching some
half bake ideal. You are not the only one that gets hurts when someone betrays you. I
didn’t expect for this to happen either, but it did. I just want to know where I
stand?” She asked him. Ethan placed his hands on Madison’s arms. “You are
defiantly my house whore.” He laughed jokingly. Madison pushed his hands away, and
looked that him with murder in her eyes. “No, Seriously; I didn’t expect that
heaven would send me someone in my life that I would love with such passion.”
Madison blushed and looked at him with softer eyes. “You aren’t the house whore,
or my slave, you are the love that came into my life.” Madison sniffles slightly as
Ethan came up and hugged her. “So I guess I will have to treat you like a
girlfriend now.” Ethan said to her. Madison took a breath, “I will be your slave,
as long you don’t spank me too hard. You still have to pay me to work here. Knowing
that I’m yours makes me feel better.” Ethan smiled, “Yeah I don’t like
spanking you too hard to cause it to painful. Something you should know about me. And
yes I pay my house whore.” He said laughing. She narrowed her eyes and hit him in
the chest. “I dare you to call me that once again.” Madison said as she looked at
him dead in the eyes. Ethan just laughed slightly and moved back from her, “house
whore.” Madison jumped on him and they fell to the kitchen floor. She hit him a few
times and reached down and unzipped his pants. Ethan looked at her, “what you
doing.” Madison reached in and pulled out his cock. “I’m going to bite it
off.” Ethan eyes open widely. “Hell no, you wouldn’t.” Madison lowered her
head and put Ethan cock in her mouth and bite down firmly. “Ahhhhh!!!!! Don’t do
it. STOP!” Ethan yelled at her. Madison grinded her teeth against his skin; “Ok,
Ok, you are not a house whore.” Ethan said to her. Madison bite down more, Ethan
legs twitch and he tried to pull away from her. All he could do is lay back hopping
she wouldn’t bite any more. Madison looked up at him, as her teeth grip his cock.
She started moving her head up and down as her teeth grip him. Ethan moaned and grits
his teeth as she moved her head back and forth. Madison let up slightly with her
teeth and sucks his cock slowly. Ethan groan in pleasure as Madison lick his cock and
whines when she bites. Madison continued for a few minutes and then took his cock in
her hand as she looked up at him. “You are lucky I enjoy this dick, or I would bite
it off.” She said to him. Ethan smiled at her, “Thank you.” Madison moves up to
him and lowered her pussy on him. “I’m your slave girlfriend so I won’t hurt
you.” Ethan reached up and gripped her waist, “No you are my love.” Madison
blushed, “Master please I need you.” They made passionate love all day.

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